25 Ways to Break Up in a Long Term Relationship (Heartbreak Alert)

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Being in a long term relationship is a goal for every couple. They wish their love story could last long. But it could turn around as bad dream when you have to end it. It's never easy to end a long term relationship, but you have no better choice when you see the Signs She's Not Interested in You anymore.

No matter who initiate the break u, it's equally hard for both sides. If you don't know yet about the ways to break up in a long term relationship, these tips below may help you a lot. You also need to learn the Ways to Break Up with Your Girlfriend without Hurting Her Feelings.

1. Think About it Deeply - Be sure about what you want first. Do you really want to end your relationship? Make sure that the choice you make would not cause a big harm to both of you, and that you are not losing big.

2. Get Rid of the Doubt - Never say you want a break up unless you have certain about it. Find a right and solid reasons to end your relationship so there will no regret follows.

3. Don't Let Emotion Ride Over You - Break up could just be a temporary thought due to your anger. Don't decide anything when you're angry or stress, unless you want to regret it later.

4. Choose the Right Timing - Not only you need the right timing, your partner also need to be in the right timing to tell them. If they are stressed and are having a hard time, things would not be going well for both of you.

5. Have Courage - Make a decent and mature break up. Don't do it over the phone or text, since it shows that you are disrespectful to your partner. Look them right in the eye while breaking the news. You could also confirm whether you are sure or not.

6. Talk to Your Partner First - Don't spread the news or telling your friends that you want to break up with them. You never know how fast rumors can spread, and thing will get worse if they hear it from other people before you talk to them.

7. Choose a Private Place - Make your relationship private and personal. Don't do it within the reach of people's hearing. However, if you are afraid of violence, choose a public place.

8. Stay on the Calm Side - Your partner could react in a way you never expect them to. Whatever they say or do, control your emotion and be kind. You are the one who want this after all.

9. Be Honest - They surely demand for explanation and going to ask many questions. Give honest explanation and avoid putting the blame on them. Be kind for once but keep the honesty even if its hurt.

10. Never Look Back - Even you find it hard after the break up, avoid looking back. You may feel bad for them and wondering whether they are doing well without you. They will take care of their matters, so you better do yours.

11. Pick Your Words Well - No matter how bad you want to break up with them immediately, you should consider how they might be feeling. Choose good words to tell, but your intention is delivered. Bad choice of words could trigger their emotion.

12. Don't Bring Up Old Things - You want to break up in the present, so don't bring old matters on the table. This is why you need to be sure of why you want a break up.

13. Don't Make Them Want the Break Up - There are people who don't have enough courage to tell their partners about break up, and posing filthy behaviors to make their partner sick of them. Be mature.

14. Don't Blame Them - To avoid a bad break up, never blame your partner. Even if if you have find out that they are cheating, it's still better to be calm and focused on your rightful reasoning.

15. Brace Yourself for the Aftermath - You will not be healed overnight, so won't them. Life after that will be harder and you have to deal with the break up. Just make sure that you are ready for it.


How to Make Sure Whether You Should End It or Not

It's natural to hesitate whether to end the relationship or not. As you have been with them together for a long time, it must be very hard to just let go. Especially when you are not sure about how to get through the days without them. Even though you have many Reasons Why You Should Break Up with Your Boyfriend, it's still not enough. These question will help you out whether you are sure to break up or not:

  1. If someone guarantee that everything will be okay after the break up, would you be convinced to leave?
  2. Can you get your ends meet without them in the future, even if you have to work harder?
  3. Do you sincerely love them and do you feel that they sincerely love you as well?
  4. Do you still sexually and physically attracted to them?
  5. Is there any of their behavior is too hard too keep up with? Do they show any intention to change?
  6. Do you feel more compatible with someone else?
  7. Do you respect each other in the relationship?
  8. Do they somehow important for you and becoming your support mentally and financially?
  9. Is forgiveness exist in your relationship?
  10. Do both of you share the similar dreams and goals for the future?

So those are the ways to break up in a long term relationship that may help you. Afetr going through the painful break up, now it's time to move on. Find out how are the Ways to Forget Your Loved One by doing the Ways to Make Yourself Happy After a Break Up.

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