Ways To Break Up With Your Girlfriend Without Hurting Her Feelings

Last updated on June 29, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Break ups are always messy, awkward, and painful. It is the single most painfully remembered thing we have ever encountered. But what if it doesn’t have to be like that?

Breaking up with your girlfriend might feel like hard work but it can be unpainful. It’s not impossible, you just need to follow these ways. Here are the great ways to break up with your girlfriend without hurting her feelings;


1. Know The Appropriate Media

Don’t text her or call her, doing that means you are not thoughtful at all. Meet her in private so you can have the appropriate media for the break up.

2. Pick The Appropriate Place

Pick a place for the meeting. Make it a private and comfortable place where there isn’t any one so you can let her express herself freely.

3. Hold Her For Comfort

hold her for comfort

Holding her might be appropriate. You can hold her hand but remember ask her if she is comfortable with that.

4. Gaze Right To Her Eyes

Gaze right to her eyes softly, she will slowly open up and soften her feelings for you.

5. Tell Her About The Happy Memories In The Relationship

Remind her of all the fun you’ve had in the relationship. Tell her the happy memories and how good they are for you.

6. Tell Her About How Impactful her Presence Is To You

Also remind her about the ways that she has changed you to the better. Saying those things will make her feel happy and content.

7. Tell Her How Amazing She Is

Self worth is important so remind her of all the things that you think are wonderful about her, something deep and personal will be best. Tell her that she have the Wife Material Signs.

8. Say Why And How Things Went Wrong

Ways to break up with your girlfriend without hurting her feelings - Tell her how things went wrong but in a non judgmental way. With a soft tone and a soft look.

9. Let Her Speak Her Share

let her speak her share

If she have the desire to speak about the situation, let her speak. It is a way for her to cope and to process the whole thing.

10. Stay For A While

Don’t leave her directly after you break her up, stay with her for a while.

11. Never Play Games With Her

Don’t show the Signs He is Player. Never try to lure her back to you just for the fun.

12. Let Her Cry

Because of the instant heartbreak, of course she will cry. Let her cry without stopping it.

13. Make Her Know The Good Possibilites Coming To Her

Remind her that she will have a beautiful life outside of the relationship because she is wonderful.

14. Help Her With Anything

If she needs help getting over the relationship, then offer your help. But try to help her with any aspect she want.

15. Follow What She Wants On The Matter Of Your Status With Her

If she want to stay friends, then do it. Don’t ask this right away, ask this after a while so she can process things first.

16. Give Her Some Space

give her some space

Remember not to suffocate her with your process. Give her some space so she could find the (ways move on) 

Tips For A Smooth Break Up

A break up is not easy to do but it can be done quite smoothly. Here are more tips for a smooth break up with your girlfriend;

1. Make Her Realize Why You Both Are Better Off

Make her realize her self worth and why you adn her shouldn’t be together.

2. Know How Long You Are In A Relationship And Adjust Accrodingly

If you are only in the relationship for a week, then you can break it off quickly. But if you have been together for months or even years, you might need to be with her for quite a long time.

3. Understand And Justify Their Emotion

Understand and accept the emotion that your girlfriend is having because it will make her feel more relaxed.

4. Be Supportive Of What They Want To Do As Long As It Is Healthy

Be supportive about what your girlfriend wants to do as long as it is healthy and not dangering herself.

5. Know The Type Of Your Relationship

If you have a relationship with someone who is playing you or abusing you, then you need to leave without doing all this nice ways. 

When You’ve Break It Off Smoothly

when you've break it off smoothly

Here are some sure signs to look for when you want to know if you have break things off smoothly with your now ex girlfriend;

1. They Accept The Situation

Accepting doesn’t mean that they are happy about the situation right away. It only means that they don’t try to find the Things to Say to Your Ex Boyfriend to Get Him Back. This is because you’ve done the ways right.

2. They Don’t Do Crazy Things To Win You Back

Doing crazy things to endanger them when they want to win your attention is not the sign of a healthy person. You know something is not right when she shows the When Your Girlfriend Is Psycho.

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3. They Try To Move On

They try to find the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship because they don’t want to be stuck on you.

4. They Are In Another Healthy Relationship

One of the sure ways that they have moved on is when they are already in a relationship. And not a relationship where they are trying to make you jealous.

When things get bad it’s probably time to get a break up with your girlfriend. But you need to make sure you are following the ways to break up with your girlfriend without hurting her feelings. That way, you can have a normal and unpainful life. Signs that you will get that is when you’ve seen the signs that your ex is doing fine again.

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