Best Tips On How To Tell Your Ex Girlfriend To Stop Texting You

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One unwritten rule for exes is not contacting each other. After a break up, both will need some time off from one another to cope with the reality and move on. Keeping your ex around makes the move on process even harder than it should be. It is the Reasons Why You Should Not be Friends with Your Ex and better stay away from each other. Which also become your reasons why you want your girlfriend to not texting you anymore. She makes the ways to move on seems impossible and you feel annoyed at some point.

If you can't stand it anymore, you need to find out how to tell your ex girlfriend to stop texting you. She should know that you don't want her back.


1. Do Not Respond To Her Text

Not answering her texts is the most effective ways how to tell your ex girlfriend to stop texting you. You are telling him that you simply don’t care about her and have no intention to keep in touch with her. She will eventually stop texting you if she has pride.

2. Tell Her You're Too Busy

tell her you're too busy

As if you’re not living your own life that you have so many times to text her back. Tell her you’re too busy even to type a single character to text her back. By doing this you are showing her that she is no longer your priority. You don’t even try to spare some minutes between your activities for her.

3. Say It Clearly And Firmly

Make it clear that you don’t want her to text you again. You can say that you better stay away from each other for your own good. It’s easy How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Wants You Back Through Text and she better no that you don’t feel the same.

4. Don't Hurt Her, Though

Telling her firmly doesn’t mean you have to hurt her feeling though. You can say it nicely even though you didn’t have the nicest break up. Doing the Ways to Move on After a Bad Relationship is not easy but doesn’t mean it’s right to take revenge on her.

5. Never Text Her First No Matter What

Say it even you need her, don’t text her first no matter what. It only gives her a green light that you still care about her, and it makes her hope flying high and she will text you even more intense in the future. Won’t it be harder to stop her from texting you?

6. Give Her An Explanation

When you told her to stop texting you, it will be better with some explanation. Upon hearing that, she would want to know why do you want to cut off any contact with her. Use this opportunity to make it clear why you want her to stop texting you. In a way that she will understand and back off.

What To Do When She Texts You

what to do when she texts you

When your ex girlfriend keep texting you, how you handle the situation is very important. You don't want to look to enthusiastic and give her a false alarm, but you get itchy if you don't tell her right away not to text you anymore. Here are the things you can do when she text you.

1. Don't Think She Wants You Back

The first thing that comes into your mind when your ex girlfriend text you is, does want to get back together with me? You should get rid of this though right away. It's not always the reason why she texted you. Maybe she really has something important which has nothing to do with your past relationship.

2. Don't Send A Reply Right Away

To let her know you're not that happy upon receiving her text, take some time before sending a reply even though when you're not busy at the moment. Texting her back as soon as you get her message makes you look too enthusiastic, and if she really wants to get back, she will think you feel the same too.

3. No Need To Ask About Her

Asking how is she doing definitely not how to tell your ex girlfriend to stop texting you. It’s the ways How to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Desperately Want You Back instead. If you want or have to text her back, keep it short and simple. Save your curiosity just for yourself.

4. Ignore Her Text

Ignoring her text (if it's not important) is the best thing to do when you don't know what to do. She also knows that you not responding to her text means it's a big no to whatever she intended and you want her to stop texting you. It's a bit rude but it will works. She might never want to text you again.

5. Don't Let It Occupy Your Mind

don't let it occupy your mind

You will be very surprised when you find out your ex is texting. Don't let it distract you from whatever you're doing. As much as you want to know why she keeps texting you, you must stay calm and cool.

Doing all the ways how to tell your ex girlfriend to stop texting you won't be that easy, she could resist to back off, but you have to give it a try. Clinging ex girlfriend makes her annoyance level multiplied by a hundred, which makes the best reason why you should tell her not to text you anymore.

6. Don't Start A Conversation

What is the point of telling her not to text you if you are the one who initiate a conversation? She thinks you're still care about her and even if she initially doesn't want to get back together with you, she will. At this point, her text become intense along with many efforts she does to win you back.

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