How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Wants You Back Through Text - How to Respond

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After a long, tiring series of break up drama you finally call it quit with her. Whether you or her who was at fault, the break up must be hard on both of you. Earlier stage of break up is especially the hardest for her and she is trying her best not to reach you. Some times have passed and she text you all of a sudden. It makes you think what on Earth are the Reasons Why Your Ex Texting You.

How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Wants You Back Through Text

At the first time she texted, you have suspicions since you think that maybe she really has something. But if she doesn't text you and even become more intense, you start to compare her with the signs that a girl likes you through texting. Could it be that she wants to get back again? Here are all the ways how to tell if your ex girlfriend wants you back through text.

1. She Texts You First

When she text you first for the first time, no suspicion arise. You missed this little details who are the little piece of a bigger picture. That small thing start everything and it's her who do it smoothly that you never know she is testing the water to get you back through text.

2. And She Texts a Lot

After the first, she never stop to text you. Guys are usually slow witted so you just notice after she text you for quite some time. You know how girls are and there is no way she text you without any intention. She has something in her for sure.

3. She Recalls Old Memories Through Text

Your suspicion arise when she constantly recalls old memories with you. Say that she eats at your favorite place in the past and sends you a picture of it. It's enough as the Signs That Your Ex Girlfriend Misses You and wants you back. She is trying to tell you she still loves you.

4. She Texts You in the Middle of the Night

It's very unusual, especially for an ex to text at midnight. But she did. She sent you random text at midnight, trying to show that she is troubled to sleep. She try to have your attention by doing this, seeing whether you still care or not.

5. She Never Miss to Text at Certain Times

As if she wants to show how she never get you out of her head, she never miss to text you good morning and good night. She wants to make sure you start and end the day in remembrance of her. It's not your fault that you don't feel like reply it, it's her who need to learn about How to Get a Guy to Text You Back without Being Annoying.

6. She Reply in Seconds

You can't believe how fast her finger typed seeing that she reply your text right away within the same minutes! And she does this all the time like she never make you wait. On top of that, she seems to be overusing the emoticons. There's more emoticon than words in her texts.

7. She Notice When You Don't Text

Try not reply her text and she will recall about it or she will bombed you with even more text. She is sending the signals that you are important for her that she notices how you missed her text. She will never runs out of reasons even when you start to feel annoyed.

8. She Text You on Special Occasions

The ultimate Signs That Your Ex Still Cares and signaling that she wants you back through text is when she sends one on special occasions. She texts you on your birthday, on your first day at work, on your promotion, even she text you on your mother's birthday! She really works hard on this.

9. She Compliments You

You are happy when somebody compliments at you but it becomes unusual if your ex is the one who do it. Like, what do you mean? If her compliments are proper and moderate, maybe she sincerely do it for you. But if she overdo her compliments it means...

How to Deal with This

You can't ignore her even when you feel annoyed. If you don't know how to respond, ask yourself first do you want her back or not. So...

If You Want Her Back

  • Respond it kindly. Of course it's a green light she gives! Respond her in the kindest way possible. It's really good that she takes the initiative.
  • Test the water. You don't want thing to go fast so test the water first. Does she really want to get back with you or she text you out of boredom or what. You don't want to fall into the same hole twice.
  • Win her again. After you are sure about all, win her heart once more. At this rate, doing the Ways to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Fall in Love with You Again won't be that hard.

And If You Don't

  • Don't sound enthusiastic. Be kind even though you don't want to get back. No need to fly her hopes high by enthusiastically respond to her.
  • Reply when it's necessary. You don't have to reply all the text she sent. Such as the good morning and good night ones. Respond if it's really necessary.
  • Tell her you have moved on. If she looks like haven't got the picture yet, tell her fairly and kindly that you have let go all of the past.

Dealing with an ex girlfriend is tough when you have moved on or when you had a bad relationship with her. But if you haven't done with her, it's actually a good sign after all.

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