Painful Quotes About Caring For Someone Who Doesn't Care About You

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True love that gives and gives is a really wonderful thing. But things will go downside when you realize that the love is only one sided.

Caring about someone and not having it returned is a really melancholic thing to have in your life. You might feel it but most of the time, it’s hard to make sense of the feelings through words. Don’t look for long, look at this quotes about caring for someone who doesn't care about you;

Quotes About Caring For Someone Who Doesn't Care

quotes about caring for someone who doesn't care
  1. How Do You Stop End A Love That Hasn’t Even Begin?
  2. The More I Try To Forget About You The More It Feels Like I Am Not Living My Truth.
  3. How Do You Let Go Of Someone That Isn’t Even Yours In The First Place.
  4. I Am Protective Of Someone Who Doesn’t Even Care About Me.
  5. Please Give Me A Chance To Show You That Mutual Love Is Heaven On Earth.
  6. This Love Is Like Holding A Coal In My Hand, The More I Hold On, The More I Burn.
  7. Our Love Is Like A Cactus. The More I Try To Hug You The More You Hurt Me.
  8. What I Can Do Now Is Only To Love You From Far Away.
  9. You’re Killing Me By Making Me Love You And Then Leaving.
  10. I Want To Show You The How To Tell Someone You Love Them Without Saying I Love You But You Never Gave Me The Chance To Do That.
  11. The Cruelest Thing You Can Do To Someone Is To Make Them Fall Madly In Love With You And Then Then Go Away.
  12. Seeing You Hurts Because It Reminds Me Of All The Love I Could’ve Given You If Only You Cared.
  13. I Already Have All This Love For You, All I Am Asking You To Do For Me Is To Open Your Hands And Receive It.
  14. As Time Goes By, My Love For You Strengthens, I Wish Yours For Me Does Too.
  15. Loving You Is Tiring Me Because I Am Waiting For Something That Might Not Even Happen.
  16. Loving You Feels Like Waiting For A Storm In The Middle Of The Dessert.
  17. I’ve Perfected My Skill In Loving You Unconditionally Because You Never Returned My Love.
  18. I’m Tired Of Waiting For You To Start Caring About Me When I Already Loved You With All My Heart For A Long Time.
  19. It Hurts The Most When You Care About Someone Who Doesn’t Even Smile At You.
  20. You Managed To Make Me The Most Miserable Person With Your Lack Of Care, Yet The Happiest Person With Your Presence.
  21. I’m Stuck In The Illusion That You’re Giving Me The Signs That Someone is In Love With You Secretly Yet I Can Never See It Exist.
  22. It’s Hard To Go Back To Being Friends With You When In The First Place We Never Become More Than That.
  23. I Know I Deserve Someone Who Cares For Me But I Can’t Care About Someone More Than I Do For You.
  24. Why Don’t You Want Someone Who Loves You Even Through Any Hurdles Like Your Ignorance?

Ways To Express The Pain Of A One Sided Love

It’s never great to know that our love will not be returned. But that feeling can be expressed in beautiful and haunting short quotes which is a great way to express the pain of this kind of love;

  1. I Think I’ve Found My Soulmate In You. But Sadly, You Don’t Find Yours In Me.
  2. How Sad It Is To Know That All My Love For You Is Going To Waste
  3. To Have You In My Life Is Both A Painful And Unimaginably Wonderful Thing.
  4. I Want To Know Why You Are Always On My Mind But I Am Never In Your Heart.
  5. It Feels Like A Curse To Love Someone As Beautiful As You But Not Have That Feelings Returned.
  6. I Am Always Certain About My Love For You But Your Are Never Certain About Your Love To Me.
  7. How Funny It Is To Feel Like You’ve Found The Love Of Your Life Yet Nothing Is Going Into Plan.

Why You Should Use These Words

why you should use these words

All these words might deepen your pain but it can actually help you in your romantic endeavor too. Here is why you should use the quotes that is mentioned above;

1. To Give Some Hints To Them

Saying these things let him know how you feel to give him some hints about your feelings. 

2. Urge Them To Make A Move On You

When they already know your feeling, they will start to want to make a move on you because they already know the feelings within your heart. He’ll even start to use the Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong

3. Make Them Realize About Your Importance

Some thoughts that are put into words can make him realize how truly wonderful you are and the importance of the love that you have been giving him silently all this time. They’ll soon do the  Ways to Make Someone Feel Appreciated and Loved towards you.

4. To Get Things Off Your Mind

It’s not good to keep things in your mind because in the end it can burden you, especially with a problem this big. Take off that burden by using these quotes about caring for someone who doesn't care about you.

5. To Not Feel Alone

When you speak or simply read this quote, you’ll know that you aren’t alone in this sadness. Somebody have gone through this road and survived despite everything. A boost of positivity can be offered by this quote.

When it comes to love, no pain is greater than one with a one sided love. That is why you need to get it off your chest with this quotes about caring for someone who doesn't care about you. Then you will see that it is not merely about expressing it but using these words for your advantage.

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