21 Sneaky Tips On How To Impress A Girl With Chatting

Last updated on April 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering how to impress a girl with your conversation skills?

Do your conversations with the opposite sex tend to lead nowhere, until she gets bored and leaves?

Would you prefer if you could talk to her in a way that makes her want to get to know you better?

If so, you're in the right place. This guide features 21 actions you can take to impress a girl during a conversation. 

But, before we start, I want to start to reveal the #1 mistake that men make during conversations with women they're attracted to. 

That mistake is COMING ON TOO STRONG.

When you make it too obvious that you're attracted to a woman, it makes it difficult for her to give you what you want. 

Firstly, that's because she doesn't want you or anyone else to see her as a promiscuous woman.

On top of that, it also ruins the thrill of the chase. There's no excitement left in the seduction for her. 

The problem is: if you don't make enough of a move, you're not going to get anywhere with her either. 

So what is the solution???

Well, it's tough for me to succinctly explain it here, but I can recommend you this detailed story explaining how to easily find the sweet spot when it comes to showing your intent with women. 

It teaches you how to flirt with women 'under the radar' in a way that excites her without making her feel sleazy.

With that said, let's explore my other tips for impressing a woman during a conversation.


Impressing Someone Through Chat Apps

Can you count how many times you’ve wooed a girl in person? What did it feel like every time a girl said yes to you? Pretty amazing right? How about the first time you started a conversation via chat to get to know her?

It must have either been awkward or intriguing!

With the world growing smaller in terms of communication and people becoming closer through chat apps, you have access to a wide variety of people who you find interesting. However, girls are naturally suspicious of guys they don’t know that much and so, starting a chat conversation with a new girl can be a bit tricky.

If you like the girl so much that you want to be more than her friend, there are ways you can impress her without looking like a stalker or a jobless guy. It is safe to say she would be watching out for certain signs that suggest you’re either looking for a booty call, a friend to talk or someone to harmlessly flirt with.

If you succeed and the girl likes you back, the “I want to impress you" signs won’t put her off in any way.

This article will be giving you the ‘how to impress a girl in chat conversation’ pointers that should help you catch and hold the interest of the girl you like through chat conversations. 

21 Ways To Impress A Girl In Chat Conversation

1. Be the one to always start the chat conversation

Be the one to always start the chat conversation

As a guy who is out to impress a girl you like, you should be the one to mostly initiate the conversation. Send her messages regularly, and if she isn’t put out by your advances, she’ll be looking forward to your texts. 

Also, your conversation starters matter a lot. If your opening texts are lame, sweet or downright disgusting, she will either ignore or block you. Girls feel good when a guy is trying to impress but that doesn’t mean they have to be okay with the way he does it.

2. Be patient with her even when she doesn’t give you much attention

If you’re after something that you want so badly, you’ll be patient even when it’s obvious that thing is resisting you. Similarly, as her ardent admirer, you need to take your time to work on establishing communication, whether she’s aware that’s what you’re trying to do or not.

Your patience will reflect in times when she leaves your messages unread and still, you continue texting until she replies to you. Here’s the thing, leaving more than one message would make you look desperate, so don’t send more than one.

The best way to handle a situation like this is to text something like, “Hey, I haven’t heard from you in a while, I’m sure you’re pretty busy but I thought I should check on you to make sure you’re fine.” 

3. Give her the impression that you’re sincere with her

How to impress a girl in chat conversation isn’t about giving her lies that might surface later. If you truly like her so much and want to move from online dating to physical meetups, you will do your best not to lie to her.

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She might not take your word for it until you prove yourself worthy but, rest assured that she will be watching out for telltale signs that may indicate sincerity or deception from you.

4. Don’t put pressure on her to talk about herself

As much as you’re deeply interested and want to know all about her, you should avoid pressuring her into divulging information she’s not ready to share. Intrusive and insensitive people will consistently ask questions about memories that are too painful to remember or personal information that’s not their business.

If you notice she’s avoiding a particular question, be sensitive enough to leave it well alone until she’s fully ready to talk about it.

5. Make efforts to know about her at her own pace

As a guy who is so into this girl, don’t make the mistake of only talking about yourself. Instead, you should try to know more about her. As a good guy, you shouldn’t force the girl to open up to you too soon but, you can still urge her to share things she’s comfortable about sharing with you.

6. Say things that will make her feel relaxed and safe with you

It is not enough to try impressing a girl, you should also be impressive. An impressive guy will make her feel safe, comfortable and completely at home, even from miles away. 

What do you say to her? Do you use words like “you can trust me to keep your secrets safe"? Do you have empathy for her experiences? Can you relate to her goals and dreams? These are things that will be obvious in your chat conversations with her.

7. Your words should sometimes surprise her

Predictable people are very boring but a guy out to impress a girl shouldn’t be. There are times you should surprise her with phone calls in the middle of work, text her something funnily inappropriate, or send her flowers even though you haven’t met her before.

Of course, these surprises should be occasional, especially if you haven’t made any commitment to each other. If she returns your affection, she probably likes the surprises too.

8. Be vulnerable by opening up to her too

Be vulnerable by opening up to her too

Guys hardly open up to women they don’t fancy deeply. However, you like your chat buddy a whole lot, so you should be able to share things about yourself with her. Sometimes, make a fool of yourself just to make her laugh and, with the help of emoticons, you can back up your feelings and willingness to be completely open.

You should also let her know that she’s not obligated to share anything deep in return. Opening up is just your way of telling her you care for her and you’re confident in your vulnerability with her. With time, she will share something equally deep with you too.

9. Discuss important stuff only a few people know about you

There must be something special about this girl before you think about sharing important stuff with her. Beyond trying to talk to her in a chat conversation, you must ascertain she's the kind of girl worth the vital details you’ll reveal to her. 

The important information could be a big project you’re working on or a problem you’ve been trying to solve for a long time. 

10. Throw in some impressive achievements that show how wonderful you are

The fact that you’re good and nice doesn’t mean you can’t show off once in a while. You want her for yourself, so it’s okay to use whatever ammunition you have to get her to say yes to you. 

As such, if you have anything impressive to share, don’t hesitate to do so. For example, if you’re both students, she will be ecstatic to know you did excellently the previous semester.

If you have won medals for sports or academics, don’t be shy to share pictures and stories surrounding the events. Of course, don’t sound full of yourself if you want her to be impressed. 

11. Share details about your family

If you’ve fallen deeply for this girl, you’ll find it easy to discuss your family with her. Also, you should see a future with her, not that you’re sharing this information just to impress her for the present only. However, don’t overload her with too much so she won’t take a step back from you.

Sometimes, wait till she asks the right questions, don’t just offer up information. Plus, you should be sure about how much you’re willing to share.

12. Make yourself scarce sometimes

No girl wants to end up with a guy who always seems to have so much time on his hands to chat. Every girl wants a guy that’s also industrious. You should avoid appearing too available all the time.

There’ll be times you can’t reply to her chats, simply apologize and tell her why you couldn’t do so. If she likes you, she won’t take offense to your occasional unavailability. 

13. Try to come up with interesting topics most people don’t talk about

An impression-driven guy should have interesting topics to talk about, else, you’ll lose your credence to sound impressive. Touch topics of mutual interest so that you’ll never run out of things to discuss with her. If she’s into sports like you, talk about just that. If she’s into politics, come up with unconventional opinions and see what she has to say too.

14. Get playful with her by using lots of emoticons, gifs, memes or stickers

Get playful with her by using lots of emoticons, gifs, memes or stickers

Chat apps have made text conversations more interesting. You no longer have to express your feelings in too many words. With the appropriate meme, gif, emoticon or sticker, you can tell a whole story.

Bring out your playful side often and impress her with how much you can make her laugh. Be sure to do this in moderation though, to avoid looking like an unserious person. 

15. Give her space

Many guys make the mistake of closing in on ladies too much and too soon. If you see a future with this girl, you won’t encroach on her privacy. Don’t assume she’s ready to stop online dating and see you in person. Respect her wishes just as much as she respects yours. 

If you start coming on too strong to her, she will ditch you before you get a real chance to impress her. Even people in a relationship give each other some personal space to regroup and reconnect with their inner selves. 

16. Hopefully, your jokes will make her laugh

Girls tend to easily fall for guys who can make them laugh. Try to impress her with jokes you picked up from somewhere or ones you made up by yourself. You can even challenge her to a joking contest just to spice up the conversation and keep her talking with you.

Even if your jokes aren’t all that great, she’ll probably focus on the intention, which is to make her laugh.

17. Do your best not to send messages that will bore her

Do your best not to send messages that will bore her

The one thing that can turn an intelligent and lively woman off is a boring conversation. Unlike physical meetings (where she may want to be polite and not just walk out on a boring guy), she can easily turn off her internet connection if a guy is boring her to death in a chat conversation.If you want to sustain her attention, create interesting ideas to share and discuss.

18. If she gives you signs that she’s not interested, don’t insist

This is the part that may crush you but your manly ego won’t allow you to pester her. Withdrawing from her might be exactly what will make her give you a chance. She’d probably realize how important you’ve become to her and finally initiate a conversation with you for the first time. 

19. Be ready to help her whenever she needs your help

How else can you prove your interest in her if not to come to her aid whenever possible? If you want to impress her, make her see you as the first person to turn to in times of need. You also need to have proven to be important to her that you’ll indeed be the first person to cross her mind when she’s in a difficult situation. 

20.  Seek her opinion on issues

You most likely respect her views and so, you should seek her out when you need an honest answer. By texting her and asking her important questions on work, family and the likes, you’re building trust and a viable connection. With time, you’ll make her see herself as a force in her life you can run to when you need advice.  

She’s not obligated to offer you an opinion, especially if she doesn’t have much to offer you at the time. Her form of help to you might include her directing you to an expert on the matter. 

21. Send her pictures and ask her to do the same

Your impressive performance isn’t complete without exchanging incredible pictures with her. If you have good looking tattoos and abs, share pictures of yourself in form-fitting t-shirts. If she’s reached a comfortable level with you, she’ll find it easy to share one or more of her’s with you too. As long as you’re not creepy about it, use your impressive body to your advantage. 


How can I impress a girl by chatting?

One way to impress a girl in chat conversation is to keep her engaged with interesting topics. You can also play an online game with her when there isn’t much to talk about. 

How can I impress a girl by texting?

Send her funny messages, sweet texts, and make sure you sound as interested in her as you truly are. Your emotions should come through even though it’s through the phone.

What should I text a girl to start a conversation?

You could ask her what’s the most interesting thing she has done in recent times. If you’re talking to her for the first time, tell her how you got her contact and what you want from her. Sometimes, the direct approach works too.

How can I chat with her?

You can chat with a girl by introducing yourself, what makes you an interesting friend she'd want to keep around, and how interested you are in getting to know her better.

How can I impress my crush?

Be sincere with the person and be true to yourself. Sincerity with your crush makes the person trust you and staying true to yourself means your sincerity will shine through even when your crush doubts your intentions. 

In A Nutshell

Impressing a girl isn’t about sending inane messages or showing off your flat board abs. During the first weeks of trying to impress a girl, you should focus on winning her with your wit and good conversational skills. If you do well, she’ll say yes to you in no time.

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