List of What to Do Before You Meet Up with Someone from Dating Apps

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In the life of dating apps nowadays, meeting one on one is an indication that you have moved one step further. However, the prospect of meeting can be very disconcerting as you will really know what kind of a person they are. Would they be like what you have been thinking who they are all these time? Do they really a good person? What if they turn out to be unmatched with you?

If you don’t know what to do before you meet up with someone from dating apps, you’ll need some useful tips below. It won’t be that different from your regular first date that filled with unknowns. Now forget about all those awkwardness to be added on the already awkward situations, your safety is priority. Well, you’ll never know what kind of a person he is, right?

Here are what to do before you meet up with someone from dating apps:

  1. Background Check

People said that doing a background check on someone before you meet him might ruin the original process of getting to know each other. But who cares when you’re about to meet someone you know from dating apps. He’s a complete stranger and you must have – at least – a general picture of what kind of a person he is. See also Best Dating App to Meet Someone Serious

Go through his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as Googling on his name. Pretending to be surprised of something you’ve heard before is better than having a real surprise of his words that are not true.

  1. Ask a lot of Questions

Well, from chatting through apps to meet in real life is a big jump and it shouldn’t be considered as nothing. A few days before the meeting take place, it’s okay to exchange some (if it’s not many) questions about each other. Just like you, he’s also being careful. The more question you asked, the easier for you to spot something off at the meeting later.

For example, he said that he’s a British but there’s no little accent in his voice. Or he said that he has certain jobs but zero knowledge about it. Those things happen many times and if you come unprepared, chances are you fall into his petty tricks. See also How Will I Know If My First Date With a Guy Went Wrong?

  1. And Verify His Answers at the Meeting

Here comes the real deal. After days of preparation, now it’s time to take an action. Get the list of questions and his answers in your head and make sure you verify it one by one. If he wasn’t telling the truth, it’s easy to notice that something isn’t right. After noticing the first lie, keep up with him for a while to find out how far he’ll go.

  1. Get Ready to Escape at Any Time

If you don’t know what to do before you meet up with someone from dating apps is that you must get ready to escape at any time. Probably he has no idea how meticulous you could be and subconsciously telling lies. You don’t want to stay any longer with him and all you need is fake excuse. Tell a story like it did happen you almost believe yourself it’s real. The next is to escape from the scene as soon as possible. See also Best Dating App for Relationship

It’s okay if you don’t want to proceed onto the second date and you want to tell him that you’re not into him. You don’t have to tell him right away. Texting him after the first date’s over is good.

  1. Ask Help from Friends

Some people are highly paranoid they feel like something bad will happen to them. For reassurance, you can tell your friend that you’re going on a date with that person (tell her name) and turn on your location tracker. You can find help faster in case of emergency happens.

  1. Enhance Your Sensitivity

When you go on a first date with someone you meet through the dating apps, you have to turn on your sense to the highest level. Spot every little things that seem off and unmatched with his prior answers. From his body language, eye contacts, and things that he said, you have to be able to spot it right away when it looks strange. Being cautious before and during the first date with him doesn’t make you paranoid and worrisome. It’s only right because you want to protect yourself. See also Signs He's Not Interested in You After First Date

And one more thing is not everyone in dating app is a decent person who genuinely looking for a serious relationship. So nothing better than being cautious and careful.

  1. Set Up the Time to the Most Convenience for You

Going on a first date with complete stranger may left you insecure and uncertain. If it’s the case, you can set up a meeting on a broad daylight. Instead of a romantic dinner, it’s better to go on a cup of coffee. On top of that, pick a crowded café so he doesn’t stand a chance to do something bad to you.

  1. Do Certain Activities

The most horrible thing on a first date is awkwardness. To avoid excessive awkward situations, you can do certain activities together according to your preference and interest. It could be doing sport, watching movie, or attending a concert. Just anything so that there’s no blank moment between you two. See also Reasons Why You Should Date a Virgin

After reading on the list above, you know a lot of things on what to do before you meet up with someone from dating apps. Don’t be sure of anything since it’s only your first meeting and you still have a long way to go. If he left a good impression, you may proceed onto the next stage. But if you found too many off things on him, you better be careful to continue the process. Stay careful is the best since you interact him online more than in real life.

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