The Best Dating App for Relationship (Must Try!)

Last updated on June 5, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Thank God we’re now living in the internet age. Live become so much easier, including when we are looking for a lover. Some people feel stuck in finding true love in real life, so they run to the digital world instead. Meeting new people and building a serious relationship with them is nothing strange nowadays. Dating app is the answer.

But life is not a fairy tale. Do not wish that your journey to find the right one will be smooth. There are too many bad guys/girls everywhere who only take advantage out of you. Be careful in choosing best dating app for relationship if you are looking for a serious one.

Here are some that recommended for you:

  1. Tinder

This app has become the talk of the town because of its popularity. The most famous among its peers as it formed number of successful relationship that even ended up in marriage! Despite its popularity, Tinder was accused as a hooked up app.

Tinder shows basic information such as photo, name and age. And it is now optional whether to want to link it to your Facebook page or Instagram account. The only condition is that your age must be older than 18. Thus, giving you a lot more privacy if you want. See also Signs of Incompatibility in Relationship with Your Partner

  1. OkCupid

It’s pretty hard to find a dating app that doesn’t need Facebook verification, and OkCupid is one of them. You can choose whether to connect it or not. OkCupid will give you several questions about personal preference, and you can make it public if you want to.

But this app has many downsides. The interface is clunky and the user photo is small so you have to tap on it to enlarge. And it’s too large for an app. You have to pay for certain features you want to access, such as who has hit your like button, and recent visitors have viewed your profile. Yet the worst hasn’t come: anyone can send you message.

  1. Coffee Meets Bagel

Just by listening to the name already makes you interested, right? Not only cute, but Coffee Meets Bagel is for you who are looking for a specific partner. You can have your own preference in certain aspects such as religion and ethnicities. Although you can narrow down your preference to the most specific one, the app may sent your profile to the wrong person with no similar interest with you at all. See also Tips to Keep Your Man Happy in A Relationship

  1. Hinge

Another best dating app for relationship is Hinge, which is almost twin to Tinder. By interface, it’s Tinder’s sister. But by function, it’s more like Facebook where you can make as many friends as you want and connect with them. The common friends feature helps you a lot when you want to know someone more personally. You can just ask them. This feature is hardly found in most dating apps nowadays. Hinge arguably carries more dating expectation than Tinder.

  1. Raya

Raya is clearly not dating app for everyone. You have to register first, completing the application, and the most important thing is you should have a referral from a member. The process usually takes weeks to months with no guarantee of the approval. Raya’s member pays $8 per month for membership fee. See also Reasons Why You Should Never Fall in Love with A Writer

  1. is the ancestor of dating apps. It existed a long way before dating app becomes a thing. It’s very easy to use since you don’t have to connect it Facebook account. All you have to do is signing up, adding photos, providing information about gender and preferences.

  1. Happn

Probably you are still single because you are not brave enough to say hi to your crush that you meet everyday at the coffee shop? Don’t worry, it’s what Happn exist for. The apps shows the last time you bump or being nearest to each other. Chances are, you might be getting set up by someone you’ve crossed path many times. See also Things You Need to Know Before Dating the Outgoing Introvert

Tell them you like them by hitting the “Charm” button. To do so, you have to pay with the real cash. The simple app is easy to use, as you can directly connect it with your Facebook page and Instagram account.

  1. Plenty of Fish (POF)

POF is quite popular since it reaches 90 million users as in May 2017. With those many users, you might likely find partner faster than anyone. POF is an all-in-one dating app you’ve been looking for. It’s like a lite version of Tinder’s swiping features, but it has high accuracy in finding someone near you.

You have to get through chemistry test where you are asked about likings, what you need in a relationship, etc. so that you can be matched with people who has the same interest with you. And it’s completely free of charges.

  1. The League

The League is the right place for you who look for an Ivy League grad. It specialized for ambitious crowd who wants to date someone who works in finance. But joining The League is not easy. You need to connect your Facebook and LinkedIn account for verification. See also How to Propose Someone

After completing the application, your eligibility will be verified and either be accepted on the spot (which is rare). Most users are rejected and waitlisted. If you happen to be the latter, it takes several hours to months before you become a full-fledged member. But it’s not free. You have to pay subscription fee from $99 a month or $250 a year.

Finding lover and building a relationship out of dating app can be very tricky. You have to be able to read people well, whether they have a good intention or they just wanna play with you. Don’t trust them too much from the beginning before you know them quite well. Do read the user reviews when you are about downloading the best dating app for relationship. Don’t be tempted just because others find happiness out of it. No guarantee you will have the same too.

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