The Reasons Why I Don't Want A Long Distance Relationship Anymore

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Life is unpredictable. There are a lot of things happening beyond our control and prediction. Maybe you are in a happy situation where you can be together with your boyfriend. But, you never know that he will pursue his study or career somewhere away from you.

Some people are just so strong and able to stand with the problem in their relationship. Talking about unpredictable events in our life especially in the relationship, I would like to talk more about the reasons why I don't want a long distance relationship anymore.


Why LDR is hard?

I know, maybe you already know the reasons why I don't want a long distance relationship anymore, but I will mention it again. Just to remind you how hard it is. Long distance relationship needs more than a commitment, both parties need to work and fight together in order to keep the relationship going.

1. Distance Between The Two Of You

distance between the two of you

Even though there are so many ways to make a long distance relationship work, but it can't be denied that distance becomes the reason that many people can't stand long distance relationship. When you miss him, you won't be able to see him because of the distance which separate you and him.

2. Time Difference

Time difference has also become an issue in a long distance relationship. You were sleeping at night and he was doing his work in the morning. The time difference makes you feel harder to contact or communicate with him. It will feel harder when you have more than 12 hours time difference with your boyfriend. You sent a text message in the morning and he will reply at night. Being super understanding and patient are the key.

3. Become A Third Wheeler

You are trying to give yourself more activities to do, hanging out with friends to have some fun. But, sometime your friends will go together with their boyfriends. This situation sometime will make you feel lonely and miss your boyfriend so much. It hurts you when you see your friends able to hang out with their boyfriends while you don't.

4. Love Slowly Disappears

The more communication exists, then loves is generated. Less communication and contact can make someone's feeling disappear slowly. Without a strong commitment, this case is likely to happen. This is a huge challenge that need to be solved for those who currently in a long distance relationship.

5. Become Ignorant

Because of the distance and time difference that make you and your boyfriend have less contact, you slowly become an ignorant person. The more ignorant you are, the easier for you to get attracted to another person. You see that another person is closer to you rather than your boyfriend who are away from you. 

Signs You Are Not Ready For Long Distance Relationship

1. You Have Communication Issues

you have a communication issues

There are some people who have communication issues. Communication issues can vary, starting from other people can't understand what you meant, and many more. If you have communication issues where you are better at saying something directly, then maybe you need to think twice.

Does the no contact rule work for long distance relationships? It depends on you, if you already have communication issues, this thing won't work.

2. Easy To Get Jealous

There are some signs a scorpio is jealous with you that maybe show up inside you. If you are that person who are easy to get jealous then do not ever think about having a long distance relationship. Long distance relationship will rely on both parties trust to each other. Without trust, the relationship won't work.

3. Different Expectation

There are some ways about how to tell your long distance relationship boyfriend you need more attention, this way will work for you and your boyfriend already know each other that much. Most men are that type of person who love something simple, where they do not need to text you every time to tell you that they are okay or missing you that much.

But, most women prefer to have more communication to their boyfriend, especially when they are away. When you and him have different expectation surely you will feel disappointed. This will make you feel lonely and your mind most likely will generate negative thoughts.

So those are our topic today about the reasons why I don't want a long distance relationship anymore. I hope you can get something from the article we give you. Thank you for the time given to read our article. Please find other interesting article on our website, such as how to make a scorpio man addicted to you.

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