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If you want to attract a Scorpio man, you will be faced with a huge challenge. A Scorpio man is confidence, competitive and natural born leader, so if you are hoping that you will gain his interest by showing off your knowledge and experience instead of gaining his interest he will see you as a competition not a potential lover.

If you want to Make a Scorpio Man Obsessed with You and Stick with You you need to be be mysterious and being honest about your love affection towards him. Scorpio man hates the girls who are indecisive, it is better that you are being honest and straight forward towards him. Those are only one of many things that you want to do if you want to make a Scorpio man loves you, read through this article if you want to know how to make a Scorpio man addicted to you.


1. Be Confident

If you want to get Scorpio's Man to be addicted to you, you need to be confidence, a Scorpio man loves a girl who are know what they want and sure about it. A Scorpio man himself has confidence and driven personality written all over him, it's just Natural Characteristics of A Scorpio.

So if you want to get the love and care of a Scorpio man you need to be sure of yourself, whenever he is asking a date idea or a recommendation of a place to eat you must have a straightforward answer, he hates someone who cannot make her own decision.

2. Be Honest About What You Feel

be honest about what you feel

Honesty is something that is so simple yet very important thing to have that is valued dearly in a Scorpio man's eyes. If you are being truthful the whole lot of the relationship, he will see you as a more valuable person day by day and eventually get addicted to you.

Don't ever think of lying to a Scorpio man, because of his persistent nature, whenever he sees an indication of you lying he will surely find a way to find out and when he find out about your lie and after that you can kiss your Scorpio man goodbye.

3. Show Him Your Wild Side 

It is not a secret that a Scorpio man is someone who is sexually active and also have a high sexual drive that can make them a fiery and passionate lover. Scorpio man loves something that can sexually aroused him, he also likes to try new things in bed so you need to be equally as passionate as him.

If he sees you as someone who is too stagnant towards her sexual life he will lose his interest towards you. One thing that you can do to make a Scorpio man addicted to is by being able to fulfill all his sexual desire, not only via physical contact but you can do it even from text messages, you should text All the Sexiest Things to Text a Guy to Make Him Want You More.

If you are not a sexually active person before you might want to study and open up to him that you are interested to be involved in new adventures under the sheets.

4. Maintain Eye Contact Whenever You Are Talking With Him

maintain eye contact whenever you are talking to him

Having an eye contact with someone whenever you are talking with him is a form of interest, honesty and shows your confidence, those three aspects is a must have when you want to make a Scorpio man to be obsessed with you. 

Whenever you are talking with a Scorpio man about pretty much anything even though it is just a casual talk about the weather make sure you always look him in the eye, if don't look him in the eye he might think that you are not interested to talk to him and he will think that he just wasting his time talking with someone who doesn't have any interest in him and when you are talking about something that is crucial and serious if you are not looking at him direct in his eyes he might think that you are not serious to deal with the issues or he might think that you are currently hiding something, even though it seems like a Scorpio man is hard to understand, it is just one of many Factual Reasons Why Scorpios Are Hard to Understand.

5. Play Hard To Get

A Scorpio man is a natural born champion, whenever he sees and want something he always get what he want. Scorpio likes to chase after something that tickle his interest and in this case it's you. You need to find the right balance between make the chase more fun and worth it or making him tire and lose interest towards you.

Tickle his curiosity to keep wanting him more and more everyday, if you are too easy to be his even though he is yours now he will quickly lose interest in you because he feels like you are not worth fighting for. 

6. Be Attractive 

be attractive

Like any other man, Scorpio man can be easily stunned by you being so attractive and irresistible. The recipe of stunning him with his looks is too look naughty or sexy, not that a Scorpio man is someone who is cheap, he deeply appreciated the beauty of a woman, including their beautiful body.

Scorpio is the kind of person who really takes care of their overall appearances and they expect their partner to do the same, it is just one of many Lovely Ways Scorpio Man Shows Love to You.

7. Be Mysterious 

Like I have said before, a Scorpio man always love the thrill of the chase, making them a strong chaser, and whenever a Scorpio man is chasing after something, he will surely gets what he wants. Scorpio hates when he got something to easy because it didn't give him any worthwhile challenges, instead being such a opened book woman that he can read easily, have a sense of mysteriousness. Well, that's how to make a Scorpio man addicted to you.

When you make him feel challenged in order to make him yours he will surely feel like he achieved something big by making you his, this will make him obsessed over you because you are a prized possession to keep.

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