All The Sexiest Things To Text A Guy To Make Him Want You More

Last updated on June 10, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Who said that only men could flirt through text to show that they want you? You could do the same thing, too. In fact, it's one of the most Powerful Ways to Make Your Relationship Incredible, when he knows that you want him too. Some men even find it sexy to know you seduce him through text. Don't wait for him to make the first move and take the initiative. You will be thankful that you did, since it makes him look pervert when he is the one who seduce you all the time, doesn't it?

This way works the most when your relationship is little flat and boring, which makes you wonder the Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Doesn't Want to Sleep with You. Spice things up by turning him on. Even when you haven't dated him yet, you can try to flirt with him in an extreme way like this. Since the Ways to Say Goodnight to a Guy Friend seems to be too old, this one is definitely fresh.

If he don't come to you after receiving those messages, then there must be something wrong. Even he won't be able to resist. So what are the things to text a guy to make him want you more? Check them out.

Sexiest Things To Text A Guy

sexiest things to text a guy
  1. "I want you now and I can't help it."
  2. "It would be nice if we can be together right now."
  3. "Can you guess what color of panties I wear right now? You can check the answer later."
  4. "Don't get yourself too tired. I have prepared plenty of work to do tonight."
  5. "The night is cold. Would you heat it up for me?"
  6. "I can't wait to see you."
  7. "Come home fast. I'll be wearing the locket you give me the other day. Just the locket.
  8. "I miss your arms."
  9. "I think about you the whole day and night."
  10. "Get yourself ready and let's have a great night."
  11. "I'm just done having shower. A very wet shower."
  12. "I want you between my legs."
  13. "My bed is too big for me to sleep alone."
  14. "I love it when you touch me. And I want it right now."
  15. "I'm thirsty for your love."
  16. "I'm bored. I need to to have some fun."
  17. "I can't sleep. I think I need a company."
  18. "If I say I want you, would you want me back?"
  19. "Don't be late for tonight. I have a special dinner on the bed ready."
  20. "I'm too lazy to take a shower because I want to do it together with you."
  21. "I'm preparing the best gift for you tonight."
  22. "I want you to unleash my wild side."
  23. "I need you to hug me right now."
  24. "I love you and now I want you."
  25. "Let's heat up the things tonight."
  26. "I'm lucky that I have you but somehow I want more."
  27. "Don't spend too much time at work. I don't want to spend the night alone."
  28. "I want to meet you right now. Well, the truth is I want you."
  29. "Being away from you makes me crazy."
  30. "I'm thinking about you right now. I think I miss you so bad."

Signs He Wants You (Magic Works!)

signs he wants you (magic works)

He might never told you but one of the Things Your Boyfriend Secretly Wants from You is for you become a little naughty. To verify whether you have succeed in after sending things to text a guy to make him want you, here are all the signs that he wants you. Make sure they are all shown in him.

1. He Clinging Onto You

Don't take this as something annoying. Not that he wants to bother you but it shows how much he wants you. He just can't get away from you and since you are the first one playing with the fire, keep up with it. But in this situation, you might as well play hard to get, to make him want you more. It drives men crazy when they have to wait for something they longed for.

2. He Texts and Calls You Many Times

If it's you who always send the Sweetest Things to Text Your Boyfriend to Make Him Smile, now it's his turn to do that to you. So he starts to got attached to you. He can't wait to meet you and that is why he showered you with texts and calls. Not so like his usual self but it's what you want, right? 

3. He Becomes Touchy

Men becomes touchy when they want you. It's how they show his desire and he doesn't hold it back. He probably couldn't help it. He kisses you, hugs you, and can't take his hands off of you. Enough said, he wants you so badly. Just enjoy it but don't forget to add a little game.

4. He Takes You to a Fancy Date

Candle right dinner, romantic gestures, and all the sweet talks. He indeed loves you but he is trying to show that he wants you through those things. It's not bad, right? Not bad at all.

5. His Eyes Tell Everything

his eyes tell everything

There are sparks in his eyes that you have never seen before. Well, you can see it through his eyes whether he really wants you or not. Seems like the whole things to text a guy to make him want you did work after all.

It's actually not hard to make a guy want you since they are simple beings who are not hard to please. When they are happy, everything could happen. Make sure you are clear with your intention and there is no way the will reject it. They want it all the time as well. Probably it's just you who doesn't aware of it.

Does it feel like pulling teeth getting him to say how he feels about you?
Some men can be very guarded and closed when it comes to expressing how they feel - it can almost feel like they are pulling away from you and leaves you wondering whether he's actually into you.

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