10 Reasons Why You Should Marry Indonesian Girl

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Everyone has different view about marriage. Some of them might think they don't need to marry while the rest has their own dream wedding party for their marriage. If we see the reality, marriages doesn't always about love but still it tends to be the most important thing of marrying your partner.

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Here are reasons why you should marry Indonesian girl

You obviously want to have the best partner for your life, not only by the appearance, but also with how they can make your life has more meaning and they can accompany you within the good and the bad times. It is kind of stereotype but you won't deny, because it happens to be true if Indonesian girl can meet your needs. If you want to know more about it, here are reasons why you should marry Indonesian girl.

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1. A Submissive Wife

The first of reasons why you should marry Indonesian girl is because in Indonesia there is Patriarchy system which males hold the power and more dominant. This is a culture that happens in Indonesia when after marriage the girl is going to comply to her husband in a good way. So, if you marry Indonesian girl they would be a submissive wife.

2. Family-Oriented

It happens to be a culture that an Indonesian almost spend their life with their family, even after their twenties or so they still live with their family. So, if you marry an Indonesian girl don't be surprise with how so family-oriented they are. You won't regret it!

3. Marriage is Sacred

Most of Indonesian is Moslem and on their belief marriage is one of their worship to completed it. Reasons why you should marry Indonesian girl? Because they feel marriage is sacred and you would be their perfect partner to live with them.

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4. Want Children As Soon As Possible

Some people might don't want to have children as soon as after their marriage--or even they don't even want a children. However, if you marry an Indonesian girl, they would be glad to have children as soon as possible because they mostly think a family would be perfect with children.

5. Family Come First

Reasons why you should marry Indonesian girl? One of them is because they put family over everything. An Indonesian girl even would choose to quit their job to take care of you and the family.

6. Fidelity Guarantee

It is also related to their belief. Indonesian girl would be a loyal wife and dedicated themselves to their husband. They have high possibility wouldn't cheating on you because it is one of the biggest sin.

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7. Love You Tenderly

Indonesian raise tenderly. This is one of reasons why you should marry Indonesian girl because they used to share their kindness so this future wife of yours will love you tenderly and showering you with affection everyday.

8. Have So Much Interesting Stories to Tell

Indonesian culture would definitely different with yours. So, if you marry Indonesian girl you will never get enough story because they have so much interesting stories to tell start with the romantic ones or even the scary ones.

9. Nothing Beat Their Hospitality

Indonesian is known for their hospitality and nothing can beat it. Reasons why you should marry Indonesian girl? Their kindness would make you fall in love over and over again. You won't regret marry to one.

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10. They Will Always Support You

Not going to deny that in marriage there is always bad times you should going through. With Indonesian girl as your wife, they will always support you and be at your side. With their kindness, they will try their best to put a smile so you can also catch their positive vibes.

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What Should You Do If You Want to Marry Indonesian Girl

How is reasons why you should marry Indonesian girl? If you feel that you've found out that Indonesian girl is your type, then it is worth your time to read some more. Here are what should you do if you want to marry Indonesian girl.

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1. Don't Be Too Aggressive

Remember that Indonesian culture is quite different with Western. An aggressive act to get closer to them is really a major turn off because they would just leave you or even they could assume you do some kind of sexual harassment. It is best to just takes your time.

2. Be Polite

Indonesian girl is really a polite kind of person. You need to be polite too if you want to get their attention. Do it nicely so they will nice to you too.

3. Be Romantic

Indonesian girl is kind of shy. That is why you are the one that need to do the first move. Bring them flowers or do any romantic thing to make them blush in happiness.

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4. Get Close to Their Family

Like you already know, an Indonesian girl is a family-oriented. If you want to take a serious relationship with them, you need to get close to their family as an act to ask for permission to go out with their precious daughter.

5. Show Your Worth

Every parents definitely wants their daughter to be on the right hand. You need to show your worth if you want to marry your Indonesian girl, like how capable are you to become their daughter head of family because remember Indonesian has Patriarchy system.

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More Tips Before You Decide to Marry Indonesian Girl

Indonesian girl must be sounds perfect to be your future wife. However, before you do decide to marry one, here are more tips for you.

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1. They Tend to Follow the Tradition

Indonesia has so many tradition which every region is different. If you happen to date an Indonesian girl and have plan to marry her, you need to be ready for what is coming because they tend to follow the tradition. There is also possibility that you can't be accepted on it.

2. They Usually Marry to the Same Belief As Them

In Indonesia, which is most of them is Moslem, they usually marry to a Moslem also. If your Indonesian girl now is that majority people, and you decide to marry her, your girlfriend probably wants you to have same belief as her. So, you have to think about it again.

3. Their Family Is the Key

If you decide to marry your Indonesian girl, then the next step is to have permission from their family. In Indonesia, this is important thing because if their family doesn't like you and not accepting you, your marriage would never happen.

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4. Your Family Opinion Is Also Matter

Marriage in Indonesia also means to bring up two family together to become one. So, if you decide to marry an Indonesian girl, your family opinion is also matter. Does your family accept your plan to marry her?

5. Are You Ready for the Difference of Culture?

You must be already dreaming about how wonderful your life have an Indonesian girl as your wife. However, remember that their culture is really different from the Western. So, are you ready for that?

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