This is How to Get a Hot Girl to Like You When You're Ugly - Highly Possible

Last updated on February 5, 2024 by Michelle Devani

When it comes to love, look doesn't matter. Even though you don't have a six pack, your face is far from what people called prince charming, and something like that, you still have the right to like a hot girl and trying to get her like you. In fact, there are more than just look for a girl to like a boy. Look decrease with age but personality, charm, and intelligent last for a long time. It's the way how to get a hot girl to like you when you're ugly.

No need to feel inferior when you're not considered handsome. There are bunch of average-looking or even ugly boys that date a hot girl. And here's what you should do:

  1. Smile at Her

People say smile is the best make up anyone can wear. And it’s true. Smile make people appear happier, thus they appear more attractive. When you smile, your body releases many positive hormones that make you happy. Be sincere when you give her your smile and she will automatically smile too. Also read Reasons You Should Date A Nerd

  1. Be a Selfless Person

You shouldn’t look down on yourself, but if you feel like you’re ugly you have to stressed to her that there’s more than just look. Show the best side of you by putting others first. Join a volunteering community to show her your selflessness. She definitely will be impressed by your deed.

  1. Be More Confidence

In fact, confidence matters more than look. You may have the best look in town but if you don’t have any confidence people won’t find you attractive at all. Build your confidence by listing your strength, achievements, and all positive aspects you have. Show more of it to others. One example that you are a confident person is instead of saying “I’m ugly”, you say “I’m very grateful that I can live happily with this body.” Also read Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World

  1. Be Humorous

Just like how saying goes “If you’re not handsome, at least be funny”. And nothing is truer than that. Crack a joke in front of her. It makes you more relax and confident at the same time. You can create some self-deprecating jokes to break the ice so it will be comfortable for both of you.

Make jokes that literally funny, to which she laughs her heart out of it. And do you know that people fall in love easier when they feel happy?

  1. Take a Good Care of Yourself

Even though you’re ugly doesn’t mean you let go of yourself. Take a good care by maintaining sharp look, keeping the hygiene, and wear decent clothes. Make sure to wash your hair regularly, clipping your nails and spray some perfume when you’re out. Also read How to Get Your Crush to Notice You for Guys

You don’t have to follow how others dress themselves since everyone has their own style. Make sure the clothes you wear is one suits you most and you feel comfortable in it.

  1. Extend Your Social Circle

Nobody told you to feel ugly. But if you feel so, it’s not a reason to isolate yourself and putting distance with the world. Go out and make some friends. Be sociable since no one judge only by outer appearance. If you have many friends, you have more access to her and more people to help you deliver your crush to the hot girl.

Join a new club or community, hang out with new friends so that you really live your life and not being dependence on someone else.

  1. Find Out More About Her

Another way how to get a hot girl to like you when you’re ugly is to show that you care for her. Find more about her. Her favorite things, activities and little details that may be useful for you in getting her to like you. Also read  How to Get a Hot Girl in High School to Like You

As she is a hot girl herself, there must be a bunch of cool guys waiting for her. Be unique and use different approach for her. Show her that you like not only based by her looks but for who she really is.

  1. Be Intelligent

If you don’t have look to offer, use your brain to catch her attention. Smart is the new sexy anyway. Look may change but intelligent will not. Work your brain to look smart in front of her.  Make the most of every moment where you can display your cleverness: open discussion, presentation, or even small talk between friends. But don’t be so cocky know-it-all and make her annoyed instead

  1. Don’t be Afraid to Show Yourself

People who think themselves ugly usually has a low self esteem. When they have crush to a hot girl they won’t be confidence on their own. In the end they look at somebody who they think cooler than them and copy their style. Also read Reasons You Should Know and Love Yourself Before You Love Someone Else

This is wrong. Instead of looking at other people, it’s better to show the real you. For example when you’re a nerd, don’t be afraid to find your nerdy side. Many girls are attracted by nerdy boys though.

  1. Have Courage to Talk to Her

If you like someone, things won’t work unless you talk to her. Well, you don’t have to tell her you like her from the start but at least have a light conversation with her. Talk about common things or cracking jokes will do. Don’t make the situation too awkward for both of you.

  1. Stand Out Among Others

A hot girl will not turn her head to you if you are an ordinary boy like the rest. Be stand out it the crowd so that you are easier to notice. Well, stand out doesn’t mean you have to wear fancy clothes. Be number in everything you do. That’s what stand out is.

Okay, there are more ways how to get a hot girl to like you when you're ugly. One sure thing that you have to be confidence with everything you have. Bear in mind that look is not everything. Maybe you're not handsome but you are full of charm.

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