True Reasons Taylor Swift Seems to Be The Perfect Girlfriend You Can't Deny

Last updated on June 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Having a crush on your classmate? Colleagues? Those things are very common, but what about having a crush on celebrity? Well, nowadays, due to the globalization, many teenagers are so in love with their favourite singer or actor. Prove? People are dying to know how to get Brendon Urie to notice you 100% works.

One of the singer that every people would dream of dating is Taylor Swift. An American singer and songwriter who has produced a lot of albums that people love. It’s considerable, though. We, girls, might be able to list down reasons why we want to marry Ed Sheeran, so of course, guys can do so to Taylor.

There truly are reasons Taylor Swift seems to be the perfect girlfriend that you’ll can’t help but admit. Here are few of them :

  1. She’s pretty and cute

Even at a glance, people would know that this singer is absolutely pretty. She has that cute yet feminine look that will make man’s heart melts. With that plump lips and grey-bluish eyes of her, who wouldn’t swoon over her? Her Barbie like face seems so matched with her silky hair.

However, she has fair skin and soft smile that makes her look cute yet mature. Every man wouldn’t resist having someone like her as his girlfriend, of course.

  1. Super talented

She’s not just pretty, but she has that writing and musical skill that’s proven on her songs. She has that unique traits that shows people that this is her song. She writes songs from what she’s ever experienced, or even if it’s made up, people can truly understand the message and feeling that she wanted to deliver.

  1. Angelic voice

Taylor Swift’s voice is not rasp y, nor heavy, yet so lightweight and soft. When she sings? No one could ever deny that she got that angelic voice. However, even when she talks, she could amuse everyone and become addictive to those around her.

Can’t sleep in the middle of the night? Just ask her to sing softly on your ear and you’ll drift to sleep, having a sweet dream. Wanna try? You might not be her boyfriend now, but just put on your headset and you’ll find out yourself.  How to tell your boyfriend you love him with a song? Taylor wouldn't even need to learn any of those tips.

  1. Hardworking

From a very young age,13, until now when she’s almost 30, she keeps on working on what she loves passionately. The proves? Her albums and singles, every awards and popularity that’s sticking on her until now.

For almost 15 years she’s still in the entertainment industry, producing songs that accompany a lot of people around the world. Hardworking, could also be one of the reasons Taylor Swift seems to be a perfect girlfriend.

  1. Kind and compassionate

Taylor is one of the singer who do things such as charity for those in needs.  She’s involved in UNESCO, PETA, and Red Cross’ charity movement. A girl who’s not just beautiful by her looks, but also by her heart is everyone’s dream, right?

Beautiful heart complete someone's beautiful looks perfectly well. It's great to have a pretty girl by your side. But, no one can resist someone who's beautiful inside and outside.

  1. Romantic

Try listening to one of Taylor’s song, and you’ll find out how passionate and romantic she is when it comes to love. Well, if she can be that romantic and deep in all of her songs, then can you imagine how would she be as a girlfriend?

Oh boy, just admit that you love romantic and cheesy things even when you’re a guy and not a girl. Make sure you can be romantic yourself, though. You wouldn’t expect to just accept affection, would you?

Taylor Swift is like a complete bundle of every guy’s dream. We can’t help but admit to the reasons Taylor Swift seems to be a perfect girlfriend, since those reasons are truly as it is.

However, even if you live somewhere far away from Taylor, at least few qualities of her can be your guidelines when you’re looking for a girlfriend. But, well, who knows. You might try on how to get Taylor Swift to notice you on Instagram (Swifties Only) or how to get Taylor Swift to notice you on Tumblr Swifties should know. Who knows suddenly you got the chance not to just look at her on screen but right in front of you?

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