This is What to Say to A Girl When She Says She Broke Up with Her Boyfriend

Last updated on April 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Break up means an end of an era. An era of love, intimacy, dates, and more. It can be great for some people but it can also be unimaginably heart breaking. How do you know what to say to someone that just break up then?

There are a lot of word to craft when considering what you want the girl to remember. Do you want her to remember that she deserves better or that she should fight for the relationship?

Look no further. Here are what to say to a girl when she says she broke up with her boyfriend that fits every condition :

  1. I’m So Sorry, This Must Be Really Hard For You Right Now.
  2. That Guy Is A Jerk Anyway, Why Stick With Him?
  3. I Didn’t Want To Say This When You Were In A Relationship With Him, But You Truly Deserve Better.
  4. It’s Alright To Feel Sad. That Means You’ve Been Blessed By Something So Beautiful That It Breaks Your Heart When It Leaves.
  5. Goodbyes Are Never Easy But Life Goes On.
  6. One Day, You’ll Forget This Pain And Your Life Will Be Happy Once Again.
  7. I’m Here For You. I’m Ready To Help You Get Through This.
  8. You’re Not Alone In This, Okay? I’m Going To Be Here For You.
  9. Use The Ways to Make Your Best Friends Feel Better when They're Down
  10. It Is Normal To Feel So Heart Broken. But, Remember That Everything Passes.
  11. Even The Best Thing Have To Come To An End, Right?
  12. Maybe He Is Not The One You’re Supposed To Be With. That Means You Are One Step Closer To Finding The Person You’re Meant To Be With.
  13. Right Now, Don’t Focus On Love. Focus On Healing Yourself And Making Yourself Better Alright?
  14. Remind Her Of The Benefits of Being Alone
  15. You’ll Get Used To Being Alone. You’ll Even Start To Love It.
  16. Life Will Not Be As Bad As You Think It Will Be. A Lot Of Happiness Is Waiting For You In The Future.
  17. Right Now, Cry All You Want. Cleanse Your Heart From The Sadness.
  18. Why Not Delete His Pictures? You Don’t Need A Bad Memory Like That.
  19. He Didn’t Deserve You. You Are Much Better Than This.
  20. Say the  Things to Say to Your Best Friend to Make Them Cry Happily
  21. There’s Plenty Of Fish In The Sea And You Are One Hell Of A Catch.
  22. You’ll Find Someone, I’m Sure.

Is She Ready To Move On Or Not?

Based on what you say and how she responded, you’ll get a general idea of what she wants to do with the relationship. Knowing this information makes you know how to help her better. So read these signs and the description:

  1. She Denies All The Bad Thing About The Relationship

If she doesn’t want to hear things about her deserving better or plenty of fish in the sea, that means she still shows  signs she likes you  . There’s little you can do about that.

  1. She Responds Well To Your Words

On the other hand, if she internalize your words, that means she’s ready to let go. This is apparent even if she still shows Signs Your Ex Misses You 

  1. She Asks You To Warn Her If She Ever Goes Back To Him

She will say something along this line; “I’m not in the right headspace right now, but if you see me trying to get back to him, stop me”.This really means that she is ready to move on.

  1. She Makes A Gesture To Go Back To Him

Actively trying to win his heart again by doing How to Get Back Your Ex  means that what she needs right now is your support to get back to her boyfriend.

  1. She Asks Advice On How To Make Someone Fall In Love

This is a definite sign that she is still hooked on that guy. Even if you think that guy is bad, gently warn her. But in the end, all you can do is make her learn her own lesson.

Help a heart broken friend by knowing exactly what to say to a girl when she says she broke up with her boyfriend. You’ll calm her down and lift up her spirits!

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