Tips on How to Get A Woman in Bali Indonesia

Last updated on May 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Bali is a phenomenal destination for single men who want to meet women. When you arrive, you can download some prominent best dating app to meet someone and you will be shocked by the high number of matches you will get. To be fair, there are also numerous prostitutes so be cautious.

Another incredible method to meet women in Bali is to visit bars and dance club, particularly in the event that you are staying around Kuta, Seminyak, and Ubud. Meeting the large numbers of women in Bali in the various clubs and bars is quite confronting.

There, you will be walking distance to a lot of the best nightlives in Bali, and also close to the beach. Additionally, being in the center of the tourist area will make it easier for your daily life outside of picking up women and dating.

In this article, I have rounded up some tips about how to get a woman in Bali to give you some insight and understanding. Also check reasons to date Balinese Man. Keep on reading.

Expect Less

Do not expect much on the first encounter, as many locals, especially women, are not used to getting intimate fast. Even if they are interested in you, some will likely set get distant and set some boundaries at first, especially when it comes to physical contact.

It is because Balinese women or Indonesian women in general are very conservative. Speaking of Indonesian women, also check reasons why you should marry Indonesian women.

If your initial intention is looking for more than just a prostitute or a hookup, then be prepared to invest more of your time by going on a few dates before making the next moves. Do not force it, otherwise you will risk being labeled as a sexual predator and as a result, scare your potential partner away.

Get to Know Her Family

No matter how old the woman is, most Indonesian women are pretty close with their families. In Indonesia, living with their parents at the age of 30 is not necessarily a sign of financial dependence or immaturity. It is just the way it is.

Moving out of their parents’ houses is simply not something many Indonesian women pursue, and they prefer to learn to adjust to adult life along with their parents. So, if your Balinese woman talks about you with her mom; do not feel like she takes the relationship very seriously and expects you to propose to her anytime soon.

Do not be alarmed by her closeness with her family. Instead, respect that sacred bond. Also check tips on how to get married in Bali.

Be Mindful

If you are chasing after a Balinese woman, be mindful of her ways of life. Many Balinese women are religious and no matter how modern their mindsets are, they still stick strictly to their ancient traditions such as daily prayers and offerings.

Be mindful and respect their daily routines and ancient traditions. Also, be thoughtful enough to make plans for dates accordingly. You have to understand that daily prayers and occasional rituals have been a part of her life and those are more important for her to adhere to than hanging out with a man.

Respect Her Privacy

If you find your Balinese woman glaring at your screen when you are sticking your nose on your phone, or even scrolling through your Instagram feeds, do not be quick to judge her as you would people in other cultures.

For your information, many Balinese women are raised in tight communities and privacy may be perceived differently. If you are uncomfortable with this kind of attitude, address your concern and talk directly to her. Do not hide your phone or set an 18-digit password because she will find and figure it out.

Do Not Get Deceived by Their Friendliness

Balinese women are generally friendly people. If you ever seem lost or confused in Bali, they will ask where you are heading to and offer a help. Take a note that those are not signals that they are interested in you; they are just being kind.

So, if a Balinese woman helps take you to your destination; do not interpret it as a green light to make a move or sexual advances. Instead, move on and find someone who is actually interested in you.

Physical Contact

Compared to other regions in Indonesia, Bali is relatively loose in terms of social constrictions on displaying physical contact in public. Holding hands may be frowned upon in other areas in Bali but Balinese women are used to seeing tourists hug and kiss lightly in public.

However, that is not to say that they are fine being the ones doing it. So, you have to be thoughtful enough to ask how she feels about doing physical contact such as holding hands while walking down the streets and caressing her hair, or refrain yourself from doing physical contact in public if you see any signs of uneasiness.

If it worries you, find out if it is possible to have a good relationship without physical attraction. So, that is how to get a woman in Bali. Hopefully, this article will be useful for you.

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