Ways To Make Your Best Friends Feel Better When They're Down

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Life happens. Which means that bad things happen almost every time. When a circle of negativity is making you stuck in your life, it is usually hard to go out for that circle. This will lead that person to make self destructive choices. What if your best friend is going through one of these phases? How can you help?

Best friends usually share feelings together and that includes feeling of pain and sadness. That is why you need to help your best friend to get out of the negative head-space and back to her/his life. There are some fool proof ways to make your best friend feel better. Here they are:


1. Let Them Cry

It is not a good thing for negative feelings to be held inside. It will build up and suffocate us which will make us more miserable for a long time. So you need to let your best friend cry on your shoulder to let it all out.

2. Listen To Them

A person to talk to about their burden will soothe them the most. So really listen to them without trying to reply or make judgements. Simply listening to them works the best.

3. Get Into A Creative Activity

Another way to get the negativity out of your best friend’s body is by doing something creative. You can write, sing, make messy drawings, anything. This will make them process their feelings better by making something tangible.

4. Distract Them

distract them

Try to distract their mind from the negativity by doing something you know they will like.You can take them to the movie or cook something with them. This is a quick and easy ways to make your best friend feel better.

5. Validate Their Feelings

People often feel guilty or confused about the feelings they are experiencing which makes them stuck in that position longer. Remind them to just feel what is felt now and to let go of the grip to make things to flow faster.

6. Make Them Laugh

Since you are his/her best friend, you share the same humor together. So why not try to make her laugh? Laughing is said to be the best cure to sadness.

7. Tell Them That You Are There For Them

Being in the negative headspace can feel lonely and your best friend will feel like a burden so he/she will not reach out to you. You should calm them by saying that you are always there for them, because that is what best friends do. This is a great Send These Comforting Messages for A Friend Who Is Sad.

8. Take Them Outside

Being outside in a good weather is proven to increase a person’s well being. Because your best friend is sad, he/ she will want to stay home to be continually sad. Don’t let them do that by taking them outside for a fun activity.

9. Remind Them Of Who They Are

To be able to be back to a happy state, they need to find strength. More often than not, the strength is already within them. So, remind them of the positive things that is within them to lift their spirits back up. 

10. Offer Help

Offering help is the best ways to make your best friend feel better. Sometimes, things can feel unbearable when in a negative mindset. By doing this you are making their burden lighter and making them feel happier.

11. Send Them Positive Quotes

This is a quick way to make someone a bit happier. Send them positive quotes that you find in the internet for them to read and contemplate on. Doing this will convey the message that you are thoughtful and they will feel that you care for them.

12. Bring Them Gifts

Little thoughtful gifts will always make someone way happier. These gifts can be little positive letters, their favorite snack, a handpicked self care starter pack and more.

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13. Be There With Them

The presence of someone we love can actually make us happier. So what you need to do is simply being there to assist her/him and his/ her day will be better.

14. Hug Your Best Friend

A long, tight hug is proven to be a great way to boost someone’s mood. It will lower down the heart rate which causes them to be more relaxed. So hug them for a long time until they are better. This is a great Things to Say to Help Someone Who Is Stressed Out.

More Tips On Ways To Cheer Your Best Friends

1. Do Not Try To Solve The Problem 

The worst thing you can do is actually trying to solve the problem. This makes you seem judgmental.

2. Do A Self Care Routine 

do a self care routine

Self care routine can be an at home spa day or a movie marathon. As long as it makes your best friend happy.

3. Sweat It Out 

Exercising boost endorphin into your system and make us happier. Be your best friend’s workout buddy to make them happier.

4. Have Adventures 

Have little adventures to a small city or even just circling the block. Doing this will make it fun and interesting.

Signs That Your Best Friend Is Happier

1. They Do Not Say Negative Things 

They do not whine about the problem or say bad things about themselves. Negativity is out of their vocabulary.

2. They Initiate New Activities Together 

When they have the strength to make new, exciting plans in the future, it means that your best friend is back on their feet.

3. They Move On 

They simply move on from the problem they were facing and doesn’t struggle with it anymore.

4. They Have New Lessons 

From the experience, they actually take out one or two lessons which means that your best friend have healed from the traumatic event,

Seeing your best friend in a tough space will be an unpleasant time. That is why you need to do everything you can to make it better. Do the ways to make your best friend feel better and your best friend will start showing the signs that they are happier.

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