She Stares at Me but Has A Boyfriend, What Should I Do Next?

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In fact, do cheating is not only done by a guy. But sometimes a woman did it too, she stares at me but has a boyfriend, what should I do next? Before you are going to the next step, you should think the reasons first what women think about you when she stares at you. Let's check it out.

1. Her eyes

Look at her eyes, is there any movement? If the eyes are up and down. It might that she interested with you. However, how to know if a girl is interested in you or just being friendly, see it these signs.

2. Just look away

You are so different among the other guy. But not because you are handsome, it is the opposite. So, then she just looks away from you.

3. Stares at you 

While she stares at you with very deep and there is no movement. She is already falling in love with you with some causes.

4. Her cheeks are red

Just walk and go besides on her, is she going to be red? Look, she is shy and her cheeks are red.

5. Acting weird

You did silly things, that is why she stares at you. You are acting so weird and makes she laugh out loud.

6. Thinks about you

She stares at you but with an empty gaze. So, what is she think about? Maybe she likes your friend that sits behind you.

7. Daydream

She stares at you but she has an empty gaze. It seems she looks on another side. Oh, no she has a daydream and thinks how to stop feeling guilty about cheating on my boyfriend? Have you any idea?

8. Plays her hairs

She does flirt you while she stares at you and plays her hair. This a signal that you have to approach her immediately.

Signs she just playing around with you

Hold it and take a deep breath while she stares at you. There are many reasons behind it. Before you take one step ahead notice these signs first. Is she really likes you or she just wanna play with you? So, try now to approach her and learn who she is.

1. Spend her time alone

She is a good friend, but it almost you falling in love with her. While you spend together with her, it seems she does not like it. She prefers to spend her time alone.

2. Ever say hello or goodbye

She does not say hello or goodbye while both of you meet. Why? It because she walks with her boyfriend now. She does not want to show it.

3. Has many boyfriends

She is a single mother and she has lots of her friends (boy) like her so much. She uses this to go date or hang out with all boys. Well, there are some reasons why you should never date a single mother and marry her

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4. Calls you while she needs it

Sometimes she gives you news, but sometimes not. Okay, she only needs you when she needs it.

6. Short text message

You send a short message daily on her, but there is no response. So, what are the ways on how to make a girl fall in love with you just by texting message? Well, she has a boyfriend now, it is a low opportunity for you.

7. Talk about others boy

While she talks a lot about others boy, so it means she just uses you. She only wants to play with you and take something that she needs it.

Following these steps while she stares at you

She stares at me but has a boyfriend, what should I do next? Please, following these proper steps while she stares at you. Well, let's go what is the first step that should you do.

1. Put your smile  through

First, make a good impression with put your honest smile. Let's see if she responds you back?

2. Stares at her

After you put your smile through her. Why don't you do the same thing? You should stare at her too. Wait, and see what will she does to you.

3. Approach her

Do it slowly but sure, approach her and sit beside on her. Just act normal, do not let her see if you nervous.

4. Asking something

While you buy a drink, you could ask her too; "Do you like a red wine, Miss?" With this question, you know what is her favorite wine. Make cheers together and let's begin talking. 

5. Being her friends

Being her friends is the first step that you could do. Tells some jokes or something impress her. Do you have any word to say? This is some tips on how to make your crush fall in love with you without talking.

6. Get to know her

Let's find how is she? Is she still single or not? Get to know her by some honest questions.

7. Thinks about the good and the bad

Well, you know that she has a boyfriend. But in here, you have a little feeling on her. So, please think what the good and the bad if you choose her as your girlfriend.

8. Stick it in your answers

What is your decision? Yes, or No, stick your answer and be a  gentleman. If you want her and you ready to fight with her boyfriend. So, go on.

9. Tell her truth

Tell her the truth, if you have a crush on her. Tells here there is no reason to falling love with her. Anyways, if you shy you could try these ways on how to make a girl fall in love with you just by texting message. It always works.

10. Give up or just continue

You can give up on this unhealthy relationship if it hurts you. Just tell her how you feel now. However, you can continue, if you consider this unhealthy relationship could be beautiful in time.

Hopefully, the above on she stares at me but she has a boyfriend, what should I do next? It can be useful for you who has a dilemma whether is it possible to continue or break up with this unhealthy relationship? Well, all the decision is up to you, if you want to keep her just do it.

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