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Maybe you are living in a foreign country right now and it somehow feels like a minefield. Or you just happen to have a new Spanish female friend and have no idea how to deal with her

It really is easy to fall back on stereotypes about Spanish girl. It could be comments about lazy work habits or macho men. Either way, there are plenty of things that are better to leave unsaid. While you are at it, do not forget to check things to know before dating a Portuguese girl, too.

Spanish girls are usually a pretty open bunch and are willing to have a good grumble about almost everything. However, there are some topics that make even Spanish girls squirm. It could be a cheery football mockery or a more serious topic such as the Spanish Civil War.

It would even get worst if your Spanish girl is on period so make sure you know things you should never say to a woman on her period unless you want to start a war.

If you want to hold onto your Spanish girl so bad then I suggest you check out this list of things of what not to say to Spanish girl. These are also important to avoid ruining her day unless you really want to. So, keep on reading.

  1. Asking Whether or Not She Still Lives with Her Parents

Spanish girls are, on average, 29 years old when they decide to go solo and move out of their parents’ home. If we are to compare it with the EU (European United) average, it is above the average in northern European countries.

Take Sweden as an example, where young adults leave their parents’ home aged around 21. However, Spanish families are relatively close-knit and it is perfectly normal for young Spanish girls to remain living at their parents’ home until they go into their late 20s or early 30s.

There is actually another reason as to why such a topic is better left avoided. It is because of the country’s saddening economic crisis which saw youth unemployment shoot up to over 50%.

  1. Suggesting Paella and Sangria for Dinner

You can eat paella and sangria for dinner all you want when you are in Spain. However, the thing is that such emblematic food and drink are, more often than not, tourist favorites than foods or drinks Spanish girls would enjoy.

If you really want to try paella and sangria, come to Valencia for it is home to paella. If you are there, try the dish for lunch. If you are not in Valencia, try to look for a Valencian restaurant that is specialized in the rice dish.

Or maybe you can opt for restaurants in cities that serve sub-par paella to gullible tourists but remember to leave your Spanish girl out of your journey because she would not be interested.

  1. Telling Her That She is Lazy

Everybody knows there is a stereotype of siesta-sleeping, relaxed, Spanish girls. However, refrain yourself from judging and join the jibe bandwagon because statistics state otherwise. According to the research, Spanish girls actually spend a lot of hours at work, even more in a year than others.

In fact, many Spanish girls wish they could cut their working day and have some quality time with their family and friends. So, do not ever tell how lazy she is because such a statement is baseless and disrespectful.

There are a lot of things you can say when your partner is tired from work and it applies to both men and women.

  1. Asking Her Family’s Participation in the Civil War

Spain's bloody Civil War that sparked between the left-wing Republicans and the nationalists of Francisco Franco is a very delicate issue for not only Spanish girls but all the Spaniards and it remains so. After the death of Franco, people in Spain tried their absolute best to close the book on a dark time and forget it for good.

The people are all reluctant to talk about their not-so-old wounds; I can assure you that your Spanish girl would be reluctant too. It just does not seem right to talk about it, let alone do it with foreigners. If you insist to take this kind of topic on, then take it at your own risk.

Or maybe you can look for some other topics which are a whole lot lighter to start a conversation with her.

  1. Criticizing Her Lisp

One does not simply ask a Spanish girl about her lisp, about how the infamous 'th' sound of the letters 'z' and ‘c’, even 's' sometimes sounds weird to the ears. Before you criticize her, know that the tongue-biting accent of some country is often explained by an urban legend that all Spaniards did it to please the late king who, at that time, spoke with a lisp. It was actually an endearing story, but totally not true.

So, that is a list of things of what not to say to Spanish girl. Last but not least, learn how to impress her with your extensive lingual and cultural knowledge such as her etiquette, gestures, and speech patterns.

Try to communicate with her for longer than ten seconds without giving away that you are trying so hard not to hurt her feeling. Also, make sure you know how to say happy valentine in different languages, especially in Spanish.

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