This Is What to Say When Your Crush Asks You What's Up and How to Make The Conversation Keeps Going

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You're sitting in bed mindlessly scrolling through your phone thinking about your crush...and suddenly they text you asking what's up! A wave of panic and euphoria wash over you all at once because you're trying to think of the perfect answer. What do you say when your crush asks you what's up?

Don't. Panic. Breathe, calm down, and clear your head to formulate the perfect answer.

The Don'ts:

  1. Panic.

    Stating the obvious here, don't panic especially so much that it might get your fingers to smash the keyboard and accidentally send something to your crush that you didn't mean to. You might even want to close your phone and keep it out of reach for a bit if it's what's best for you.

  2. Do Anything Rash.

    Don't text them right away because even though it may not seem like a big deal, it's important that you wait it out before texting them back. You want them to think that you were doing something else when they texted you (you don't want them thinking you've been waiting for their text all day.)

Okay. Now that you've calmed down and the storm has passed, what do you reply? Do you reply "hey" back? Do you keep it chill? Or do you want to be witty?

Of course, it all comes down to the type of person your crush is. Even though it's just a simple "what's up", everyone can respond differently to your reply.

So, what do you say when your crush asks you what's up? Let's look at the different replies you can send them:

  1. "Hey."

    This is undoubtedly your fastest route to the Friend Zone. Of course, something else can come after this like a, "Nothing, you?" But still, it comes off as too chill and just something a friend would reply. It gets you nowhere, trust me (it might even lead to the ending of the conversation.)

  2. "The sky."

    Okay, this one's only for the witty ones with a sense of humor (no offence.) It's cliche and cheesy, but it's still a wittier reply than anything else. It can spark a conversation between you two.

  3. Tell them what you're actually doing.

    It might not be interesting, like you're probably just cleaning the house or watching Netflix. But say you're watching Netflix, it can lead them to asking what you're watching and you can tell them about it, then if they happen to not have heard about the show or movie you can tell them about it and recommend it to them... This can lead to an even longer conversation.

It's also important to remember that "what's up?" isn't necessarily a question. It's more of an informal, non-committal greeting that even though doesn't take much effort to type up or come up with, still means that they are interested in talking to you.

If they continue to talk to you after this one text and they're still interested in you, then good! If your crush is one of those boring people who even though is fun in real life but is dull when it comes to text, you can try these ways to engage them more in the conversation.

If they stop talking to you and the conversation ends abruptly just like that, then don't be disappointed just yet. It doesn't necessarily mean that he's not interested in you, but it can be helpful how to know if your crush is not into you. You can also read on what to do if your crush randomly stops texting you.

As mentioned earlier, everyone is different and can respond differently to what kind of text you send. However, these tips are vital for if you don't want to embarrass yourself which is incredibly important if you're planning to ask your crush (here's how to ask your crush out without embarrassing yourself.)

At the end of the day, the most important things when talking to your crush is:

  1. Don't Try to Flirt.

    Don't try to mess around or have fun, because where you go with the conversation can decide the outcome of your relationship. It can determine whether you'll go to the next stage or you'll just fall deeper in the Friend Zone.

  2. Be Yourself.

    Everyone probably hates this saying, but one of the most important things when talking to your crush is that you let him know who you really are. Be genuine with him and really show him who you are, what you like, what your interests are. It lets him know what he's getting into and who knows, you might even have the same interests.

Though it's just one text, it all comes down to how you respond, and if all else fails, you can always try out the ways to get your crush's attention without being obvious. Remember: don't panic! And never give up, even when things seem to be going downhill.

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