Unusual Ways to Say Happy Valentine's Day in Different Languages

Last updated on April 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Valentine’s Day is for everyone. Whether you are dating, single, or getting through it just like any other day. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t care about it, you will definitely hear “Happy Valentine’s Day” on the 14th.

When you are going into a store, you will be welcomed with the words. When you walk along the streets, all you see is hearts and roses all along. Well, like it or not the hype of Valentine’s Day is real that you might get sick of it.

But people won’t stop greeting you just because you’re sick. So why don’t you just confuse them by finding ways to say Happy Valentine’s Day in different languages that they wonder what does it mean? So without more sayings, here are the Valentine’s Day greetings around the world.

  1. Joyeux Saint-Valentin – French

People say French is the sexiest language from how it is pronounced. French celebrates Valentine’s Day just like the rest of the world. It’s full of hearts, flowers, and chocolate. But only couples celebrate the day. Little kids or singles doesn’t say Happy Valentine to their family and friends. Also read Sweet Ways to Say Be My Valentine

Wealthy people showered their loved one with expensive gifts like jewelry and spend the night dining at a fancy restaurant. For them who is tight in budget, they will celebrate it in their own way.

  1. Alles Gute zum Valentins Tag – German

Germans are quite romantic and Valentine celebration is a must in the country. It has made a ritual for young man to gift their woman with rose bouquet, chocolate etc. Valentine’s Day is a celebration for adult who is in a relationship. Those who are single and little don’t care about Valentine’s Day.

  1. Feliz Dia De San Valentin – Spanish

You don’t have to wait for romantic moments until Valentine’s Day in Spain. Spanish is romantic the whole time and the country itself is already romantic. Also read How to Propose Your Crush on Valentine's Day?

But in the particular day of February 14th, spectacular festivities are held across the country. Cadiz, Canary Island, and Sitgis are among must visit cities in V-Day.

  1. Feliz Dia dos Namorados – Portugese

Portugal is the most romantic place you can find to celebrate V-Day. There are many things to try such as enjoying the view of Lisbon from inside the helicopter, skydiving, visiting wine cellar,  and many more. Other than that, it’s pretty much the same with balloons, flowers, and chocolate.

  1. Gelukkige Valentijnsdag – Dutch

Dutch are far for romantic and lovey dovey things. Most of them considered the day as commercial things so everybody’s not really celebrating. Overdoing the Valentine’s Day by buying expensive gifts for your lover only makes things awkward. But they do appreciate cheap and low budgeted gifts. Also read Ways to Announce Pregnancy Around Valentine's Day

  1. Valentines dydd yn hapus – Welsh

Welsh is a good alternative for you who are looking for ways to say Happy Valentine’s Day in different language. Unlike other country, Welsh celebrate the day of love on January 25th. Couples traditionally exchanged wooden carved spoons as gift to each other.

  1. Masaya Araw ng mga Puso – Filipino

In Philippine, Valentine’s Day become a national celebration. Thousands of couple tie the knot on the day. The government often sponsors as a part of public service. Also read How to Propose Him on Valentine's Day

  1. Jeul-go-un bal-len-ta-in de-i doe-se-yo – Korean

In fact, South Korean has many celebration when it comes to love. Dating couples celebrate White Day, where they spend it with their loved one. Whereas singles across Korean celebrate the Black Day in April by eating black bean noodles to symbolize it.

  1. Feliz día de San Valentín – Argentina

Argentinian and Spanish words for Valentine’s Day is the same, but they celebrate it different way. Not only for a day, Argentinian set aside the whole week called “Sweetness Week” during July where they exchange kisses for sweet treats.

  1. Честит Свети Валентин (Chestit Sveti Valentin)

February 14th also known and celebrated as Winemakers Day in Bulgaria. So it’s common for couples to drink one of two glass of the country’s finest wine on that day. Also read Things You Need to Know Before You Date a Sarcastic Girl

  1. gelukkige Valentynsdag – Africans

In Ghana, Feb 14th also known as Chocolate Day. The country is one of biggest cocoa producer in the world so celebration is to attract tourism. So it will be full of chocolate. You will find chocolate-themed menu, exhibitions and festivals across the country.

  1. Shiawasena barentaindē – Japan

Japanese might have the most particular way of celebrating Valentine’s Day. When women all around the world are spoilt with gifts and flowers, in Japan the men receive the gifts and chocolates. In return, men can reciprocate to the women in March 14th. Also read Why You Should Date a Japanese Girl

  1. buon San Valentino – Italy

Italians celebrate Valentine’s Day with flowers, chocolates, and balloons like other countries. Special event is held in Verona, city where Romeo and Juliet met. A four day celebration makes you feel full of love.

  1. ευτυχισμένη ημέρα του Αγίου Βαλεντίνου (eftychisméni iméra tou Agíou Valentínou) – Greece

Greek passionately celebrates Valentine’s Day. As years had passed, many ancient traditions has left behind. But young people propose, confess, and get married in this particular day

  1. Hyvää ystävänpäivää – Finland

Finnish has their own unique interpretation in celebrating the Valentine’s Day. It’s called Friend Day. Finnish decide to include everyone to celebrate it. Not only lovers but families, friends, and children can all enjoy the festivities of Valentine’s Day.

More “Happy Valentine’s Day” in Different Languages

  1. Valentines sásta lá – Irish
  2. Kekasih hari gembira – Malay
  3. Selamat hari kasih sayang – Indonesian
  4. Valentines oaoa ra – Maori
  5. lycklig Alla hjärtans dag – Swedish

There are many more ways to say Happy Valentine’s Day, and turns out every country has their own traditions. So instead of being sulky in Valentine’s Day, why don’t you just enjoy the feast?

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