Lovely Ways to Announce Pregnancy Around Valentine's Day

Last updated on May 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

News of a baby’s arrival should be shared with the world. If you find out being pregnant when Valentine’s Day is around the corner, you can find some cute ideas to make the announcement a little sweeter. A celebration shouldn’t always be the expensive ones. The most important thing is your message is delivered and everyone becomes happy upon hearing it.

Pregnancy announcement is always special, whether it’s for the first time, second, or third. Your family, friends, and especially husband would be delighted upon hearing the news.

Make it a little more special by putting on some efforts and emphasizing the day of love celebration. Here are a few of Instagram-able ways to announce pregnancy around Valentine’s Day.

  1. Baby Shoes Photo Hint

Telling the world that you are expecting can be done in the cutest way possible. And nobody would post baby shoes photo if they have nothing to announce with. You can either included in the picture or posting photo of the shoes alone. Also read How to Tell Your Mother in Law That You are Pregnant

If you already know the sex of your baby, you may use certain color such as blue for boy and pink for girls. But if you don’t know yet, use white or red. Put the shoes on a baby’s crib or rocking chair.

  1. Riddle and Sonogram

This kind of announcement is classic but you can make it a bit different. Post the sonogram on your Instagram page along with the words, “Wondering why the cupid has been busy this Valentine? Apparently a baby is due.”

You may also use some riddles like, “Roses are red, violets are blue. Today we have a special announcement for you.”

  1. Modified Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine’s Day card usually full of hearts and loves. For a pregnancy announcement, you can put your sonogram instead. Not only good to be posted on Instagram, you can send out the card for real to family and friends.

Imagine how thrilled they would be. Pregnancy announcement is definitely not something they expect. Also read Best Ways to Tell Boyfriend You're Unexpectedly Pregnant

  1. Baby Themed Cookies for Gift

Make sure others feel your excitement as well by giving them cookies for Valentine’s Day. You can make number of variations to consider. Firstly, write the name of people you’re going to give the cookies to.

Add baby-ish cookies alongside it such as cookie written I’m pregnant or baby head shaped cookies. You can make series of cookies that form sentence like “We are expecting” or “We are going to have a baby”. No need for more words, they know what it exactly means.

  1. Dinner Announcement

Treating a few people for dinner on Valentine’s Day might be hard since everyone must have prior engagement. But you can take your husband to dinner to make announcement of your pregnancy. Also read Cool Ways to Tell Your Best Friend You're Pregnant

Ask the waiter to write the words “We’re having a baby” made of sauce or chocolate. If you opted for dining in your own home, you can write the plate yourself using permanent marker so you can save it as a memorable later.

  1. Spend the Valentine’s Day with Scrabble

It’s cute and totally unexpected! Who will though you’ll be telling you’re pregnant when you ask your husband to play scrabble with you. Arrange the word “Baby is on the way” or “We’re pregnant” on the scrabble board and let him scream in joy once he sees it!

  1. “I’m a Big Brother/Sister”

Every pregnancy is special, so if you are lucky to have your second baby around, you have to announce it in a special way as well. And, of course, this is totally an Instagram-worthy ways to announce pregnancy around Valentine’s Day. Also read Ways to Ask Someone to be Your Valentine Over Text

Have your first born to wear a shirt printed with “I’m going to be a big brother/sister” or “Baby no. 2 is on the way”. Who can break the news better than your first child!

  1. Bear Holding the Baby

Sending bouquet is a must on Valentine’s Day. You can announce your pregnancy this way as well, whether you’re telling your husband or your family. Give your husband a bouquet full or roses and a little bear in the middle.

The point is what the bear is holding between its feet and hands: the sonogram of your baby. It’s definitely a special bouquet that not everyone can have.

  1. The Surprise Lies at the Bottom of the Mug

Nothing can relieve fatigue after work but a sparks of joy. Serve hot tea or coffee to your husband before he goes to sleep, and ask him to drink it all.

Tell him that you save something at the bottom of the mug and, voila!, “You’re going to be a daddy” is written on it. Well, hopefully he won’t choke on the last gulp! Also read Best Ways to Tell Boyfriend You're Unexpectedly Pregnant

  1. “Next Valentine won’t be just two of us anymore.”

So you have dated for years before getting married. For a long term couple, Valentine’s Day might be not so special anymore since they have had it several times.

After spending the day of love only with the two of you, an addition wouldn’t hurt. Yes, tell your husband that starting from the next Valentine it won’t be just the two of you anymore.

Pregnancy announcement is special for every woman and you want to make sure that not only your family and friends, but the rest of the world can feel the joy as well.

It’s why you’re looking for Instagram-able ways to announce pregnancy around Valentine’s Day as it accidentally happen at the very same time. Congrats for the double joy!

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