How To Get Your Brother To Stop Annoying You And Make Him Listen Right Away

Last updated on July 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

It’s fun to have a younger brother. You’ll never be alone anymore. But he can really get on your nerves sometimes. Now you’re looking for ways on how to get your brother to stop annoying you.

Here are some of the best things to do:


1. Promise To Play Later

Is your brother asking you to play but you’re too busy right now? Promise him that you will give him your time later. It's a trick from How Do You Make Your Sister Shut Up in A Polite Way that will work.

Say something like, “Just give me an hour to finish my homework” or “We’ll play at 4, be a bit patient okay?”.

2. Play For A Little While

play for a little while

In case your brother is really persistent and being too annoying, play for a little while. Either 5 or 10 minutes is fine.

Focus on playing with so he feels happy. Once that’s done, it won’t be a problem to leave him to play on his own.

3. Hide In Your Room

You know you can always hide in your room. It's an indirect way on How to Tell Your Brother to Stop Annoying You. For more privacy, lock the door.

There’s no way that he can annoy you that way. You can even make sure that he doesn’t know which room you are in.

4. Make A Challenge

Does your brother like challenges? Good, here’s one for him. Challenge him to leave you alone for some time.

You can even turn it into a bet. If he can stay quiet for more than hour then you’ll treat him with an ice cream.

5. Give Him Your Stuff

Wonder no more about how to get your brother to stop annoying you. Simply give him one or two of your stuff.

Siblings love to get their hands on their other sibling’s items. Maybe there’s a toy that he always liked. Make him promise not to break anything and to stop bothering you for now.

6. Pay Him More Attention

Brothers get really annoying and chatty when they want attention. It’s true. Just spend more time with him and he’ll stop bothering you.

Why? Because he loves you and annoying you is his way of getting your attention. These are some Things to Say to Your Older Brother on His Birthday that you can try.

7. Stay Nice

It’s really important to stay nice. Don’t show him that you’re bothered by his behavior.

Your brother will feel bad for being so annoying. He’ll move on to other activities that interest him.

8. Ignore Him

Ignoring your brother will also work. He’ll start to annoy you but won’t get any reaction at all. Bummer. Your brother will lose interest and go annoy someone else.

9. Do Something Fun Together

This can be simple. Play video games together, ride bikes or play basketball. Dedicate a day where the two of you do something fun together.

His heart will be so full. He won’t bother to annoy you anymore.

10. Get Your Mom Involved

So you’ve tried everything on how to get your brother to stop annoying you but none works. Get your mom involved. This is also How to Get Your Older Brother to Do What You Want.

Make Your Brother Listen To You

Getting your brother to listen is an important step on how to get your brother to stop annoying you. Here are the best tips:

1. Build A Strong Relationship

build a strong relationship

Create a strong relationship with your brother. He’ll be hesitant to annoy you unless it’s really necessary.

Get him involved in your life, for instance here are Fun Ways to Tell Your Brother that You are Pregnant.

2. Always Have His Back

Once he sees that you always have his back, he’ll start to see you in a different light. Your brother starts to listen. Annoying you will be crossed from his list of things to do for the day.

3. Avoid Fighting Back

Even if your brother makes your blood boils, take a deep breath and stay calm. Avoid fighting back. Arguing will not make him want to listen to you at all.

4. Reason With Him

Practice an open communication with your brother. Reason with him when he’s doing something annoying.

Make sure that you’re not condescending. Be patient and teach him to be a good listener.

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5. Stop Taking Things Personally

You need to stop taking things personally. There’s a reason why your brother is annoying you.

Listen to what that reason is. Once you do that, he’ll also want to listen to what you have to say.

Patiently deal with your brother annoying habits. You might one day look back and laugh at the funny memories the two of you have.

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