How Do You Make Your Sister Shut Up in A Polite Way? Finally Get Her to Leave You Alone

Last updated on June 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Some siblings just talk too much. But how do you make your sister shut up in a polite way? These are some effective tricks to try:

1. Ask Her to Be Quiet

Just ask your sister to be quiet. Say, “Hey I need you to tone it down a bit, please”. Repeat until you get her to finally shut it.

2. Spare Some Time with Her

A talkative sister means that she wants some of your attention. Spare some of your time to hang out with her. Steal some tips from How Teens Hang Out and Stay in Touch With Their Closest Friends.

3. Keep Her Busy

Keep your sister busy so she won’t even have the time to talk! Maybe you can ask for some help on some errands. Get her to draw something nice for you.

4. Pretend to Be On the Phone

As soon as your sister starts to speak, pick up your phone. Pretend you’re talking to your teacher or someone older.

Make it sound like a serious conversation. Your sister will get the hint and shut up instantly.

5. Bribe Her

Politely bribe her with something that she will like. You can even ask her what she wants. Tell her that you want her to keep it down as an exchange for the gift.

6. Act Like You’re Sick

Act like you’re sick around your sister. Hold your head as if you’re having a painful headache. Grab your stomach and lie down on your bed.

Once your sister sees that you’re sick, she won’t dare to make a sound.

7. Say You’re Studying for an Exam

Your sister must understand that an exam is really important. So let her know that you’re studying and would appreciate it if she can shut up for a while.

8. Give Her Food

How do you make your sister shut up in a polite way? Cook her some food or bring home a favorite meal. She’ll gobble it up and won’t think twice about chatting with you.

9. Keep Yourself Shut in Your Bedroom

As soon as you get home, go straight to your bedroom. Lock your door. Keep yourself shut until her bed time. It's one of the nicest Ways to Ignore Someone without Hurting Their Feelings.

10. Pretend to Sleep

If you can’t run away from your sister, pretend to sleep. Put your head on a table or snooze on a couch. Look tired and add some snoring. She’ll get bored and find someone else to talk with.

11. Ask Your Parents for Help

Try to ask your parents for help. They can keep your sister quiet if she’s really annoying you. Here's also How to Tell Your Parents You Got Kicked Out of College that might be handy.

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12. Put On Your Headphones

Headphones or your ear buds are truly your saviors. Put them on when your sister starts talking. She’ll walk away when she sees that you’re busy ‘listening’ to music.

13. Pretend to Read

You can also pretend to read something important. Don’t look at your sister at all.

She’ll be blabbing but she won’t get any of your attention. She’d eventually shut up because you’re ignoring her.

14. Rush Out the Door

Get ready to rush out the door when your sister approaches. Don’t give her the chance to talk to you.

15. Listen and Respond

Feeling nice today? Listen to what your sister has to say until she’s done. Give her a response and tell her to go away.

Get Her to Leave You Alone

Any other ways on how do you make your sister shut up in a polite way? Here are some more and get her to leave you alone quickly:

1. Give the Cold Shoulder

Don’t make eye contact. Don’t flinch. Don’t even try to interact. Give your sister the cold shoulder. She won’t bother talking to you.

2. Annoy Her Back

Annoy her back by chatting so much when it looks like she’s busy. Give her a taste of her own medicine. Use this How to Tell Your Brother to Stop Annoying You as well.

3. Do Her a Favour

Ask her why you can do for her. Once you help her with a problem then she will happily shut up and leave you alone.

4. Beg for Some Peace

If you’re really desperate, beg for some peace. Really ask her to stop talking because it’s really annoying you.

5. Treat Her Nicely

Play nice and treat your sister like a princess. Spoil her a bit so she’ll be on your side. Soon enough, she’ll do anything you ask her.

Here are some Sweet Things to Say to A Best Friend on Their Birthday to Make Them Happy that you can also say to your sister.

So found a favorite tips on how do you make your sister shut up in a polite way? Try it right now and feel peaceful again.

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