How to Tell Your Parents You Got in Trouble with The Police - Keep Yourself Calm!

Last updated on June 14, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Somehow you got yourself involved with the police. It might be because of something that you did or someone else framed you. Either way, you will have to let your parents know. Scary, right?

Here are some top tips on how to tell your parents you got in trouble with the police:

1. Write Them a Note

Feeling shaky to talk? You can write your parents a note explaining everything. Make it long or short. Just get them to know that the police are now involved.

2. Initiate a Conversation

You have to be the first one to initiate a conversation. It’s scary but the sooner the better.

You can say, “I need to tell you something really important right now”. Try it when you want to know How to Tell Your Dad You’re Pregnant at 17 ASAP.

3. Choose a Private Place

The place where you would like to tell your parents counts. Choose a private place so no one else would overhear. A private setting also allows you to speak freely.

4. Get Ready for Unexpected Reactions

Your parents are going to be upset, for sure. But also get ready for unexpected reactions.

Your parents might burst into tears. They might also be in silence because of the shock. Think about how you’re going to handle that. Here are some Things to Say to Your Mom When She's Mad at You.

5. Practice Your Words

You might need to practice your words first. This gets rid of all the jitters. Practice in front of a mirror. Plan out the things you want to say and practice them out loud.

6. Wait for the Right Time

Don’t tell your parents when they’re busy getting ready for work. Approach them when they have some time to spare.

7. Prepare a Clear Explanation

A clear explanation is a crucial part of how to tell your parents you got in trouble with the police. Prepare it.

Don’t leave any details out. Get your story straight and be honest about everything.

8. Go Straight to the Point

You also need to go straight to the point. Don’t beat around the bush. That would only confused and agitate your parents. Say why and how you got involved with the police.

9. Make Sure They Understand

Ensure that your parents understand your explanation. They will also speak to the police later on so help them avoid misunderstandings. Your parents might need to get a lawyer involved as well.

10. Tell Them You’re Sorry

Saying sorry shows that you do accept your mistakes. It’s also how to let your parents know that you feel terrible for causing a serious trouble.

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11. Provide Reasons for Your Actions

There must be a reason for why you did what you did. Was it because you needed something? Were you falsely accused by someone else? Were you bullied?

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12. Allow Them to Ask Questions

You might feel a bit defensive around your parents. Get a hold of your emotions and give them the space to ask questions.

They have the right to do that. Answer them respectfully.

Ways to Keep Yourself Calm

Keeping yourself calm is necessary for how to tell your parents you got in trouble with the police. Try these tricks before and after talking to your parents:

1. Confide in a Friend

One of the most comforting things you can do for yourself is to confide in a friend. Dealing with the police can be terrifying.

Have a friend to help you get through it. In case it's your friend who is in trouble then Send These Comforting Messages for A Friend Who Is Sad because of it.

2. Eat Properly

Nourish your body with food. You need it for energy and clear thinking. Forgetting to eat will increase your anxiety.

3. Meditate

Keep yourself calm by meditating. Watch some youtube videos on how to do it. You can keep meditating until everything has passed.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Allow your body to rest. Lack of sleep will make you feel annoyed. It will affect the way you interact with your parents. Getting enough sleep will keep you feeling okay.

5. Write Down Your Feelings

Get your pen or pencil out. Write down your feelings on a paper or a book. Write for as long as you want.

Pour all your worries down so you can feel less burdened. This also helps on How to Deal with School Drama in Elementary School.

There’s no easy way for how to tell your parents you got in trouble with the police. Just be brave and let them know. Your parents will try to help you the best they can.

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