How to Tell Your Dad You're Pregnant at 17

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Teenage pregnancies remains one of the most serious issues nowadays. Since teenagers are living a free-dating life, they have sex without knowing much about the consequences. Once they found themselves got pregnant, just then they realize how serious it is.

How does it feel when you find yourself pregnant at 17? Your world seems like ended, the future you are ready to unfolds is now scattered into pieces. As if it's not enough that your life is over, you also have to think about how to tell your dad you're pregnant at 17. Happily welcoming is definitely not how he would response.

This is the hardest thing you have to get through. Telling your boyfriend is easier than telling your dad. You won't stand the disappointment in his face and how it breaks you into pieces. But it's not the time for regret. It's happening already and now you have to sort things out. As you have done something wrong, you must be ready for all the consequences.

How to Tell Your Dad You're Pregnant at 17

Before telling your dad, you have to sort things out yourself first. You must be feeling anxious, scared, regret, and many other negativity that may trigger you to do something stupid. Now take a deep breath and don't make any decisions by yourself. You must tell your parents about your conditions no matter what.

1. Take Time But Don't Drag It Longer

It's impossible for you to run to your dad and tell him right away the moment you find out that you are pregnant. While it takes time for you to tell your boyfriend, you will need more time before you tell your dad. You may want some time but dragging it any longer only makes the situation worse. The clock is ticking and your belly will be growing up. See also How to Tell Your Mother Your Girlfriend is Pregnant

2. Go to Someone You Trust

There are possibilities that you don't have a good communication with your parents. If it's the case, then you can go to other adults you trust: your teacher, grandmother, or aunts. They will tell you how to talk to them and they will give support as well, letting you know that you are not alone.

3. Choose the Best Time to Talk

Timing is important. Make sure you choose the right time to break the news to your dad. Talking to him after a long, tiring day of work won't do any good to you. Choose the time where he's relaxed or maybe you can ask him for a date just the two of you. See also How to Tell Your Mother in Law That You are Pregnant

4. Don't Beat Around the Bush

If you are ready to talk to him, keep your speech neat and clean. You want to have some opening speech but keep out words like, "I'm going to talk about a really bad news" since it makes them scared of what you might say. Instead, the words "I'm going to talk about something difficult," will make him prepared that what's going next is something unusual. After that, you can clearly say, "Dad, I'm pregnant."

5. Be Prepared for His Reaction

This is the most important thing. Everything will be twisted in a way you never though before. The first reaction a dad would show is angry and disappointed. You can't blame him from this. Or he might not show any reaction since he hasn't fully absorb the news and unable to recover from the shock right away. You have to be mentally prepared for his reaction, even if he reacts in a hard way. See also Ways to Tell Your Parents That Your Girlfriend is Pregnant at Sixteen

6. Don't Take Personally of Anything He Said

You dad might also say something hurtful to you. He is shock and he clearly not expecting this to come. When he reacts badly, telling you unpleasant things to heard and offending your feeling in many ways, just don't take it personally. He is shock upon what he's heard and he's being reactive. Don't cut off contact with your dad because of this.

7. Admit That You're Wrong and Sorry

Don't be defensive in front of him. Knowing that what you've done is wrong, admit it and say sorry to your dad. Tell him you know you make him disappointed and that you will not defend yourself in any ways. It's better to go low than sparking fire with your dad. See also Ways to Tell Boyfriend You're Unexpectedly Pregnant

8. Don't Make Harsh Decisions

In the early shocking moment where you just told dad that you're pregnant, "abortion" and "adoption" might show up. That could be the first thing come to your mind once you find out that you're pregnant. But you must not make a harsh decisions under a stressful situation. Let it calm a bit so you can think clearly.

9. Don't be Pressured with Him

Parents have their own way and your dad might suggest you to do this and that about it. But if it makes you uncomfortable, you shouldn't have to do it. You can always take part in the decision make. If you are afraid, seek support and advice from the third party. See also How to Get Pregnant without Your Boyfriend Knowing

10. Talk It Out with Your Boyfriend If It's Possible

To make it less stressful, ask your boyfriend to come along when you're going to tell your dad. It's both of your fault after all and it's only right that you take the responsibility together. It also shows how mature you are.

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11. Think About Everything Carefully

You are the subject here. It's your body and you have all the choice along with the consequences. No matter what you decide later, make sure it's the best for everyone, especially you.

After having a hard time finding ways how to tell your dad you're pregnant at 17, you feel that things only get worse because of his unexpected reaction. You have to be more understanding about this one, that your dad hasn't been able to overcome his shock. So if he behaves to you a little bit harshly, don't take it personally but be accepting of it.

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