How To Get Pregnant Without Your Boyfriend Knowing

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Pregnancy is one of the most crucial thing in life, that many people consider it over and over again. Being pregnant means that you have a life inside you and you must take the responsibility for it until they can live on their own. Pregnancy could happen to anyone who have had sex with their boyfriend or with some other guys she just met.


How To Get Pregnant Without Your Boyfriend Knowing

It is uncommon for a woman who willingly getting pregnant with their boyfriend's child. Most of the dating couple choose safety when they have sex to avoid getting pregnant. You could be one of those uncommon woman who want to get pregnant as soon as possible that you do it without him knowing.

While this is not encouraged, you surely have your own reasons to do so. If you want to become a mother that bad, make sure you know what's the responsibility to comes along. Here are the ways how to get pregnant without your boyfriend knowing.

1. Having Sex On The Ovulation Day

having sex on the ovulation day

Keep tracks on your menstruation cycle so that you know when the ovulation days come. During the ovulation period, you body produces more eggs so that the chance of getting pregnant is highest at the time. The sexual intercourse should be done right in time so you will successfully conceive a baby.

Ovulation period may last two days but fertile windows are quite short. Eggs can only survive for 12 to 24 hours inside you body, so don't waste the time when your ovulation period is coming.

2. Do Not Take The Pills

Some couple doesn't mind having sex while they are dating. But these type of couple usually avoid having babies. So they opted for safety by using condoms or contraception. Ask your boyfriend to change the form of safety you use. If you have been using condoms all along, tell him it makes you uncomfortable and you want to take the pills instead.

Of course you are the one who takes the control. He will not know whether you really take the pills or not, and you can skip it if you want to conceive a baby. But you have to make sure of this before you do so, because all is in you. You're the one who's going the carry the baby for 9 months and it's not easy for you.

Why You Should Not Get Pregnant Without Marriage

Getting pregnant is not a game so you must think about it carefully. Especially when you are still young, pregnancy is the last thing you want. Think about the future you may have. Having child at such a young age only add the responsibility in your list while you haven't settled in life yet. Rather than wanting to get pregnant, live your life while you're young.

You have to think about your boyfriend as well. What kind of person he is that you want to carry his child. Does he has all the husband material signs in him? Seeing that you try to get pregnant without him knowing, it is safe to assume that he doesn't want a baby. Are sure he want to take the responsibility after finding out that you are unexpectedly pregnant? All the best ways to tell your boyfriend you're unexpectedly pregnant may not go well given how surprise he might be.

But again, you have your own reasons why you want to get pregnant. It could be that you have been dating for a long time and you want some change in your relationship. Maybe you want to make the child as an excuse to marry you soon because the signs that your boyfriend is going to propose soon is nowhere to be found.

It's not a wise decision however, since pregnancy should be planned by both parties. You can't decide that you want to get pregnant on your own.

How To Avoid Early Pregnancy

how to avoid early pregnancy

In the name financial efficiency, young couples move in together and live in the same place. While it does good for your money, it also increase the risk of getting pregnant. While you are still young, being pregnant would likely destroy your future since you have to take the responsibility to your child.

There are many reasons why you should not live together before marriage beside the chance of getting pregnant. While living together doesn't guaranteed that you will get married someday, pregnancy is the same. The fact that you're pregnant doesn't make him want to marry you right away. Why? Because he might doesn't want to have a baby just yet.

If you are dating, try to date in a normal way without having sex. But if it's not possible, you have to make sure of the safety before doing sex. Remember that all is in you. You are the one who will carry the child, giving birth, and taking care of the child until they are big enough. Your boyfriend could walk away very easily if he wants to and he doesn't have to take the kids with you.

Thin about how much pregnancy costs you, so that you better not wanting to get pregnant unless you are sure about the marriage in the future. Talk about this matter with your boyfriend and if he wants to take the responsibility when the child born, it may safe for you to do so.

But then again, don't do it if you're still too young. Instead of thinking how to get pregnant without your boyfriend knowing, you better finding out the ways how to lead a happy and peaceful life in a simple way. However, life is something to be enjoyed while you still can.

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