Things to Do to Stay in Touch with Him Beside Texting

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Texting has always been an issue for couples. Women tend to text their boyfriend and want him to reply as soon as possible. Even though you're not busy, it doesn't mean you text him the whole day as you wish. Especially when both of you are working. In the office, you better be focus on your job rather than busy spending your time on the phone with your boyfriend. Just so you know, he could get annoyed because of this too.

Things to Do to Stay in Touch with Him Beside Texting

Instead of texting all day, there are many alternatives you can do to stay in touch with each other other tan texting. Just like how to know he loves you even when he doesn't say it, you need to find out all the things to do to stay in touch with him. Texting can be very boring at times and finding another way would add up some new color in your relationship.

1. Write Him a Love Notes

This may old but gold. You don't have to write him full letter. Take a small post-it notes, write down about motivational quotes or simply say you love him will made his day. Put it in his agenda, backpack, laptop, or anywhere he surely look forward later.

2. List All the Things That Remind You Him for the Day

On the way to work, you may pass by his favorite restaurant, seeing his favorite game being played or listen to his favorite songs in nearby stores. Write down all the things that remind you of him during the day. You can tell him about it later.

3. Surprise Him with Your Homemade Lunch

Wake up early on the day to make him your own homemade lunch. Keep it a secret so that you can surprise him the next day! You don't have to cook him anything complicated, just his favorite meals will do. You can give it to him in the morning or get it delivered right before lunch time. This is way better than how to make a guy fall in love with you over text messages.

4. Send Him a Letter via Mailman

Who send maim via mailman today? Other than bills, people hardly receive a real mail. Go with this very traditional method to make it more romantic. This will come as a big surprise for him that you officially send a love letter to his office and on top of that, via mail.

5. Send Picture to Each Other

Make a rule to be followed by each other: stay up to date with everything you do during the day. Instead of texting, send each other a picture about what you're doing. It means a lot more than a few words. It's a good way how to make your boyfriend jealous and want you more when you send various kind of picture such as inside jokes, your smiling face, even a sexy picture!

6. Make a Call by the End of the Day

Communication is the most important thing in a relationship. Now that you're not texting each other the whole day, you should spare time to make a call before going to bed. There must be a lot to tell each other about what happen during the whole day.

7. Deliver a Lunch or Candy-Gram for Him

There are many ways how to tell a guy you miss him in a cute way. In case he will be embarrassed, send him a simple surprise to his office. It shows how much you care about him that you don't want him to skip lunch due to his busy day. All his office mate will be really jealous for this.

8. Spare Time on the Lunchtime

During lunchtime, you can spend 10 or 15 minutes to make a call. This should be enough if you have been holding your desire to text him all along. Make it more romantic by reminding him not to skip lunch no matter how busy he is. These little kind of affection speaks louder than exchanging every other minutes.

9. Having Lunch Together

If it's possible, you can have a lunch together. You are lucky enough if you work at the same building or close to each other so that you can having lunch and talk. It's simple but it's good for your relationship. If it's possible, you may show up unnoticed and surprise him at his work.

10. Commute Together If It's Possible

Quality over quantity. You can have a quality meeting with him right from start of the day. You can commute together if you happen to live in the same area or heading the same direction. You can talk on your way to work or just sit in silence. Seeing him in the morning will be enough to fill up your day and cutting down the unnecessary texting for the day.

11. Hold the Desire to Text Him

When you really have nothing to do, your hands get itchy to text him. This could reduce the quality of your relationship so hold the desire as much as possible. Texting is the best ways to make a long distance relationship works, but if you're not in one the don't.

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12. Play a Game for Distraction

If you have committed to each other not to text during the day, you better keep it. When it's become unbearable but you worry that you might disturb him, find a distraction for yourself. Download a game on your phone and play it so that you forget that you want to text him.

There are many things to do to stay in touch with him beside texting you can do. Honestly, texting is getting old now and it bothers you sometime when you're extremely busy but your phone keep ringing or vibrating. Instead of romantic, this could be annoyance to each other.

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