5 Ways to Tell Your Parents That Your Girlfriend is Pregnant at Sixteen

Last updated on June 4, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Your girlfriend told you that her period came late. Suddenly the image of last week flashes to your mind. You were too drunk to think rationally. You told your girlfriend to take the pregnancy test.

And there, the two lines. You told her to retake it, but what's there is still the two lines just like the last one. Your girlfriend is sixteen, and she is pregnant. You can feel the fear crippling inside your body. "How am I going to tell my parents?" You may ask. Here's five ways on how to tell your parents that your girlfriend is pregnant at sixteen;

1. Find the Right Tim

Although some parents may show support to keep the baby, there are some parents that will scream at you and call you as an irresponsible boyfriend. If you feel that your parents are categorized in the latter, you have to find the right timing to tell them about it. You might want to talk to them after dinner to make sure that all of your parents are there. Prepare on how they will react to the news.

2. Allow Them to Absorb the Information

Don't beat around the bush, tell them directly that you got your girlfriend pregnant. After you tell them that you got your girlfriend pregnant, do not force them to quickly give their opinion to you. Allow them to absorb the news. Allow them to think about it for awhile.

3. Let Them Talk

To some parents, this news could be shocking. You have to allow them to say what they are thinking about it. Listen to their opinions. They might say hurtful words, but you must know they said that out of shock. There could be a possibility that your parents don't like your partner, try the things to do when your parents don't like your partner.

4. Show Your Feelings

While their opinion is important, your feelings matters, too. Tell them what you feel about this matter. If you want to keep the baby, tell them that you are going to take full responsibility of the baby. Tell them that you will try to get a job in order to support your baby.

If you are not sure whether you are ready to be a dad or not, tell them about your worries. Doing this is not an easy thing to do, and it's okay if your words don't come out perfectly. The important part is to share your feelings to them.

5. Don't Let Them Make the Decision

Some parents might pressure you to keep the baby, some might tell you to do an abortion. But what you have to remember that, this is your life, therefore you are the one who got to make the decision. Don't let them pressure you to do something you don't want to do. Talk it with your partner whether you want to keep the baby or not. Raising baby is not an easy matter therefore you should take it seriously.

Whatever your decision is, you have to make sure that it is the best one. Don't let your ego takes over you and makes you chose the wrong decision. You also have to pay attention when the family members don't like you, when that happens, try ways to make your girlfriend's parents to like you.

Aside from your family, ask your girlfriend to find support from her friends. It is very important for her mental support. Here are some ways to tell her best friend that she is pregnant.

The Effect of Teen Pregnancy

Whether you want to keep the baby or not is your choice. After telling your parents that your girlfriend is pregnant, you have to think about the choice you are going to take in the future. This might be hard to do, therefore we prepared some effects of teen pregnancy for you to consider whether you are going to keep the baby or not;

1. The Mom Have to Postpone Their Study

Of course, it would be impossible for the mom to continue their study while pregnant. Not to mention that some school banned pregnant women to join the school activities. Your girlfriens might also worry about the humility she will get if she continues her education. This is something that you have to think about, since the mom is going to be the one who will educate your child.

2. There Could be Complications

The body of a teen is different from the body of an adult. There could be a chance of complications during her pregnancy because her body is not fully developed yet. Not only that it is dangerous for the mom, it could be dangerous for the baby as well.

3. It Could be Hard to Raise the Baby

A teen mom lacks of knowledge in raising a baby. Once the baby is born, there could be a chance that the mom will neglect the baby. Not only that, since the mom is still teenager, their emotional is not fully developes yet. The mom could get annoyed because of the baby and causing them stress, too.

4. The Father Might Not be Able to Financially Support the Family

Raising a baby is not cheap. You have to buy all the necessaries like the clothes, milk, foods, etc. If the father cannot financially support his own child, it might affect on the child development. Not only that, even if the father were able to find a job, it might give him stress because of the responsibility he has to carry in such a young age. Remember that marriage is not a joke, you have to be careful of signs that you'll regret marrying your partner.

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Of course there are many more consequences of teenage pregnancy. You have to consider them and think about it deeply before making the decision. Your decision could affect you and your girlfriend's life.

Now, you might still fear the outcome of telling you parents. But nevertheless you have to tell them anyway. The sooner the better, don't wait until next time. When you feel it is the right time, go talk to them with the ways to tell your parents that your girlfriend is pregnant at sixteen.

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