This is How to Tell Your Parents You're Pansexual

Last updated on June 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

LGBTQ remains a hot issue in all over the world. Number of countries who made them legal part of the nation keeps growing, encourage the LGBTQ members to come out even more. But for LGBTQ themselves, coming out is never easy. Whether it’s to public or to their inner circle.

Pansexual is a part of them. If you are a pansexual, you’ll understand that you can be attracted to literally anyone, regardless of their gender and sex identity. Also read How to Tell Your Parents Your LGBTQ?

Once you realize about it, you must want to tell your parents even though when you have no reasons to. It’s about you and your identity, and how much you want others to see your real self so you don’t have to pretend.

But how to tell your parents you’re pansexual? How to make them understand what is a pansexual? What if they can’t accept my choice?

If you are currently in such doubts, you have come to the right place. Here we are going to tell you all the way how to break the news to your parents. Let’s get down to the list. Also read How to Tell Your Parents You are Bisexual

  1. Figure Out Why and Be Prepared

If you are already pass the legal age, you don’t have to tell your parents. But if you want to, better figure out why. Why do you want them to know?

And while thinking about it, also think about the value they hold in life. Especially when they are religious, it would be harder for them to accept it. Prepare yourself for the worst that might happen.

They might say something very hurtful to you too. Remember that this is something they don’t expect so they are struggling to absorb the news.

  1. Prepare an Explanation about Pansexual

The term pansexual is less familiar than homosexuals, gay, or lesbian. You parents might not understand what did you say, so prepare a lot of information about it. Open up and tell them in detail about what is pansexual.

When they ask endless question about it, answer each of them calmly. Explain what pansexual is, why did you define yourself as one, and when did you realize about it. Don’t leave any story hole as much as possible. Also read What Do You Say to ‘That’s So Gay’ and Other Anti-LGBTQ Comments?

  1. Offer Help to Them

When you are thinking about how to tell your parents you’re pansexual, never consider yourself as the only one who is struggling. Your parents also have a very hard time dealing with it. It’s probably the first time they have ever heard about pansexual, not to mention you told them you’re one of them.

There are many support group for LGBTQ family which offers support for parents and families who are dealing with their coming out. You might want to suggest your parents to join the community.

  1. Practice Your Speech

You feel like you’re all set and ready to tell your parents, but once you sit with them you become hesitate. So it’s about now or never and if you don’t grab the chance, you might lost the best timing. Also read Things You Should Know Before Dating A Transgender Guy

To prevent it from happen, practice your speech several times before you talk to your parents for real. Make an outline of the speech, just like when you’re about doing a presentation. If you sounded assuring and speak it clearly, it might be better for them to understand.

  1. Be Aware Your Parents Might Doubt It

You can be sure about your identity all you want, but something totally unexpected could come out as your parents’ reaction. They will neither accept nor reject, they are understanding instead. Understanding that you being a pansexual is just a phase from adolescence.

If this happens, you can’t change their beliefs in an instance. But over time they will realize your true self and hopefully they will be acceptable of it. Also read I’m Straight But I Have a Crush on a Guy

  1. Let Them Take Their Time

We’re going to skip the “pick the right time” part because timing is everything. Let’s get down to the aftermath. Your parents would need some time – maybe a lot of time to absorb the information you delivered to them.

Maybe they don’t know how to react or they can’t react because they are petrified. In time, they will talk about it again and all you have to do is waiting.

So those are all the ways how to tell your parents you’re pansexual. We hope this information could help you and your parents. No matter who you are, embrace yourself first before you come out to others. Be sure about your identity, be sure about yourself, thus you can built a strong foundation of confidence when you face others.

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