Are Muslim People Forbidden To Kiss Before Marriage? (7 Ways Muslims Show Love If They Cannot Kiss)

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Haram is an Arabic term that describes what is unlawful, or what many terms as sin. In Western Culture, so many things are permissible. In fact, personal choice is put above all. However, people who embrace their Islamic faith don’t have such freedoms, and for good reason.

Religion is not put in place to punish or frustrate anyone. Rather, it is the worship, obedience, and service to one’s God. if you are a Muslim, then you already know that dating the ‘western’ way is not permissible. Things like kissing or sensual touching are saved for marriage only. This means sharing a kiss, engaging in oral sex, or other forms of sexual activity are not allowed. 

In fact, sexual activities are not allowed even when the two parties are engaged. So what can two Muslim partners who are dating do? First of all, it’s important to note that Islam religion does not encourage dating without the intention of marriage. So, this question may pertain to intending couples more.

Below, I will outline some of the ways Muslim couples who are still engaged can show love without kissing.


7 Ways Muslims Show Love If They Cannot Kiss

1. Go on dates

The truth is, there are not many options for people in a relationship. In fact, the act of dating is not one that is supported by many Islam leaders. If you are a modern couple dating with the intent of marriage, it’s important to keep physical activities very limited. So, rather than tempting each other by kissing or masturbating, take some initiative and step out. 

It’s hard to do anything haram when you are out in public. That’s why it’s best to look for fun dates that won’t put you in a compromising situation. 

2. Holding hands

Kissing may not be halal for two people in a relationship. A Muslim man kissing a lady before she is married must repent immediately, and vice versa. That’s why holding hands is a safer bet, especially in this modern age. It is not frowned upon as much as before. 

Just ensure that physical contact is not stirring any sexual feelings. Any act that stirs up the desire to be intimate is considered wrong in Islam. 

3. Stare in each other's eyes

stare in each others eyes

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. And since you won’t be using your mouth for any action right now, it’s time to use other parts of your body. I am not insinuating that you should get sexually aroused by staring at each other. Giving a simple and thoughtful knowing look to your boyfriend may help you know him better. 

4. Take a walk

After proposing marriage, people will be more accepting when they see two intending couples together. Still, it’s best to be smart and wise when going out unchaperoned. Stick to public places and avoid anything that will make people think you were kissing. No one should see anything wrong with betrothed couples walking and talking. 

5. Hang out with family

When you have a reliable support system, it's hard to get tempted into a sexual relationship. Yes, I know that many of us do not like the idea of hanging out with parents. However, it’s one of the best ways to see your fiance without raising too many eyebrows. There’s no chance of kissing him around them, and the meeting will be more cordial and acceptable. 

6. Chat on social media

chat on social media

You may not be allowed to kiss, hug, or do other romantic acts before becoming a married couple. However, in that waiting period, you can get to know each other by chatting. You can chat about your day or interesting books on marriage. 

For example, there’s an interesting book by Al Albaani “The Etiquettes of Marriage and Wedding”. He explains in detail what Allah expects from a Muslim marriage, and what is allowed before and after signing your marriage contract

7. Write letters

You may not be able to say or do much with your mouth for now. However, that’s what love is about. Connecting with someone in creative and unique ways many people don’t appreciate as much. Some people don’t have the luxury of experiencing real love because they focus so much on their desire for sex.

However, your love will grow stronger when you send each other meaningful letters that explain who you are in detail and share your experiences.


Is kissing allowed in Islam?

In Islam, love is not defined by physical contact. However, a child is allowed to kiss his/her parents, and vice versa. A husband is equally allowed to kiss his wife. That’s where the line is drawn when it comes to such intimate acts. It’s not okay to engage in any intimate acts with the opposite sex. Physical intimacy is something reserved for marriage in Islamic culture. Once you are married, touching or having intercourse with your spouse is allowed. 

Is it haram for a Muslim to marry a non-Muslim?

Muslims are generally encouraged to get married to a person of the same faith. However, a Muslim man can marry a woman from another religion. It may seem biased or unfair, however, the logic is simple. A Muslim man who gets married to a woman of another faith will have authority over the relationship. 

Every husband is equally advised to respect the faith of their partner and not force them to convert. On the other hand, it is not permissible for a woman to get married outside Islam. Her spouse may want to convert her from the faith, and may not want her to continue practicing Islam. 

What is forbidden in Islam marriage?

Marriage is very sacred in Islam culture. Thankfully, Islamic law explicitly mentioned what is haram and non-mahram for married and unmarried people. Islam stresses that a marriage contract between a man and woman should start with a proposal and acceptance. 

Both have to be done at the same meeting for the marriage to be valid. A man should also not marry his mother, daughter, sister, niece, or aunt, and vice versa. A man should equally not marry two women who are close relations. Women are not permitted to marry more than one husband. 

Can I breastfeed my husband in Islam?

It is not forbidden to breastfeed one’s husband in Islam. Islamic rules state that breastfeeding one between the age of 0 to two years makes them mahram. However, once they pass the age of two, they are now considered non-mahram. As long as no one gets hurt in the process, both partners can engage in such. 

Is it haram to look at your private part?

It is a sin to uncover private parts in Islam. That is why both men and women are to dress decently and keep all private areas duly covered. Exposing or touching your intimate parts without a valid reason is considered haram. A Muslim should only expose those areas if they are bathing, going to the toilet, giving birth, and the like. 

To Conclude 

It may seem challenging to keep all the Islamic rules. However, what is more daunting is not knowing what is acceptable. If you are intentional about staying true to the Islam Faith, then it’s important to know what is haram and what is acceptable. To enjoy sex or any other type of intercourse, it’s best to wait until marriage. However, until then, there are safe and lawful ways to enjoy personal time together. 

Did you enjoy reading through this list? Then kindly leave your comments and suggestions below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with friends and family. Good luck. 

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