Advantages and Disadvantages Of International Marriage

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When we are married, we often look for similarities between you and your partner. This similarity can be in the realm of background, culture, place of birth, and more. But what if you marry someone from a whole different world?

International marriage is something that is quite common these days. But people don’t quite know what happens in that kind of marriages. Which is why we want to provide you the full information. Here are the common advantages and disadvantages of international marriage.


Reasons Why International Marriage Is A Good Option

International marriage is something that will truly alter your life and it can be altered to a good way. Here are some reasons why you should definitely marry a foreigner;

1. Be More Open Minded

When you are faced with so many adversity, you instantly become more open minded which is what anybody wants.

2. You Can Be More Modern

Being multicultural is definitely not traditional. An international marriage will make each partner more modern.

3. Opening Yourself To New Culture

opening yourself to new culture

To enrich your life, you need to open yourself up to things especially different cultures that will teach you a lot of things.

4. Grow Into A Better Person

Tolerance, open mindedness, and kindness is the traits that will come from an international marriage and help you grow. Actually, this marriage is one of the Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World.

5. Being More Tolerant Towards Life

To accept all the different things, you instantly become more tolerant. With this attitude, life will definitely be easier.

6. Your Marriage Will Never Be Boring

With the different culture there is definitely a different and exciting new How To Tell Someone You Love Them Without Saying I Love You Over Text.

7. You Can Explore More Places

Exploring each other’s hometown is an adventure on it’s own. This is why your life will become more and more rich.

8. You Can Meet New Kinds Of People

Being in a marriage means meeting the people in each other’s life. Meeting new people will clearly make your life more interesting.

9. You Can Complete Each Other With Each Other’s Values

Cultures brings values so you can find that some part of your life will be completed with your partner’s values and the other way around.

10. Your Taste Bud Will Be Challenged

New culture means new food. Who wouldn’t want to explore new tasty food that comes from each culture?

11. Compromising Is Something That Will Come Easily

Because of the difference, both of you will find meaning behind the Reasons Why You Need to Express Your Point of View in A Relationship. In the end, compromising will be easy.

12. You Are Instantly More Patient Towards Each Other

Both of you understand that there is a lot to go through.

13. You Appreciate Each Other More

Despite the difference, you are still together! That is something to be proud of.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of international marriage that you need to understand.

Why International Marriage Is Bad

why international marriage is bad

The idea of international marriage alone means that there will be a lot of work to do and those works can crack your marriage. Here are some proven reasons why international marriage is hard;

1. Not Everyone Is Tolerant

Sadly not everyone is tolerant. The people that is supposed to support you will sometimes be close minded, making it hard to make it.

2. You Will Grow Tired Of Explaining Yourself In Relation To Your Culture

We are affected by our culture and when you plunge into a different culture, people will not understand you. In the end, you will feel drained from all the explaining.

3. You Will Feel Like A Part Of You Is Missing

New culture will sometimes wipe out a part of you.

4. Your Partner Can’t Fully Understand A Big Part Of Who You Are

No matter the love, you will still feel misunderstood.

5. Your Parents Might Disagree With The Marriage

Traditional parents might want someone with a bad background, which makes it hard for the marriage to progress.

6. You Will Be Homesick

All of these new places will make you feel homesick.

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7. You Will Be Forced To Accept Values That Is Different From Yours

Different values will come and you will unfortunately be forced to accept it because of the sake of tradition.

8. The Arrangement Of Your Marriage Will Be Complicated

Which culture should the marriage bow down to? This question will make everything complicated. 

9. It Will Cost You A Lot Of Money

The travel and differences surely cost money.

10. Learning Each Other’s Language Will Be Hard

You will find it hard to communicate at times.

11. Holiday Traditions Will Be Blurry

Should you follow your holiday tradition or theirs? This will create a hollowness in your life.

12. You Will Never Be Fully Accepted By The People In Your Partner’s Life

you will never be fully accepted by the people in your partner's life

Acceptance is a myth and with all these differences, it will surely be hard.

Tips On How To Survive An International Marriage

You might be confused right now on where to step your foot. But if you really want to work things out in an international marriage, all you have to do is to do these tips on how to survive an international marriage;

1. Always Remember The Strength Of Your Love

When you hold on to the unconditional love you have, anything is possible. When things go rough, try the Ways to Bring Back Love in A Dying Relationship.

2. Be Patient With Your Progress

Never quit when you hit a trouble because there will be lots of them.

3. Communicate A Lot Even If It Is Hard

Have an honest and open communication.

4. Be Open Minded Towards Any Possibility

Open mindedness is the key to any good relationship.

International marriage is something that is so modern that sometimes we don’t know anything about it. If you are just about to dip your toe into the topic, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of international marriage first. After that, you can start to apply the tips on how to survive an international marriage. In the end, love will always come through.

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