How to Tell Your Parents Your LGBTQ? Reveal The Truth

Last updated on June 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Most people somehow are not comfortable with change and something different, because they already felt comfortable with the current condition. his can be seen through the different reaction that appear towards LGBTQ issues.

There are some people who are rejecting the people who are classified into LGBTQ group without seeing that they are still a human being with human rights. If you appear to be one and not afraid to be different, here are some steps to follow on how to tell your parents your LGBTQ.

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  • Oversee and know the right time to tell them

The first thing that you need to prepare is to make sure that you will tell your parent about your sexual orientation in the right time. The better and steady the situation between you and your parents and their own problem, the higher the chance for them to understand you.

Of course you won't be telling your parents that you are classified into LGBTQ once they got a big problem in their business for example. In the meantime, you can also learn more on how to tell someone youre gay without saying it, to smoothen the conversation later.

  • Prepare the answer of their objection

Maybe you took years to finally understand that your sexual orientation is different from most people. You were wondering can a straight guy fall in love with a gay man and started to look up for the answer until you finally understand yourself better.

In the other side, you also see that being different including the difference in sexual orientation can trigger different opinion both pro and cons. So to convince your parents better, you can prepare some answer for some possible objection that they might say to you.  

  • Keep it brief and say it in a compassion manner

Now, since you are in the other side you will need to be able to talk to people who are different from you. If most people are looking on how should you talk to a friend who’s gay, then you will need to be able to put your shoes to other people's perspective.

And to make sure that you are giving a bold and clear statement about your sexual orientation you will need to keep your conversation brief and say it in a compassionate manner.

How to know if you are classified into LGBTQ sexual orientation

Aside from knowing how to tell your parents your LGBTQ properly, what you need to understand more is yourself. You need to make sure that you are in a logical way of thinking and not under any pressure to identify your sexual orientation. So to make sure of it, here are some tips for you.

  • Get to know deeper about different sexuality

To discover more about yourself and your sexual orientation, you will need to learn more about the different types of sexuality. No, it is not the same with knowing how to pray for someone struggling with homosexuality or pray for yourself to get the answer, but you need to get into the field.

Read more books, ask question, try to discover more things that you still have doubts about. And you better be sure about the source that you refer to, make sure the sources are credible source.

  • Ask for a professional help

Just because someone has the signs of a guy being gay doesn't mean that he is gay. There just some factors and variable that need to be consider to make sure that he is gay. To simplify it take an example of a guy with a long hair, just because he has a long hair this doesn't mean that he is less a man and more into a woman.

If you feel like you are still confused with your own sexuality and feel like you can be influenced easily by other people, then you better get a professional help.

The professionals are called professional because of something, they are an expert in their field and they dedicated their work to handle people's problem in certain field.

To understand about your sexuality better is more important rather than the matter of how to tell your parents your LGBTQ.

Because when it comes to your sexual orientation and you want to be honest and open to other people, it is not something that you can just change within seconds especially if you decided to be a transgender and planning to do a surgery. Make sure that your thoughts is not a 5 seconds thoughts.

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