How to Tell Your Parents You’re Gay At 12 and Make Them Understand

Last updated on April 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

The age of twelve is our formative years and it’s when we start to know our identity. Being gay is a wonderful part of your identity and you shouldn’t keep it hidden for long.

Coming out is never an easy process but it is necessary for your growth towards an authentic life. If you stay closeted for a long time, it will deny you from the life you are supposed to live and it will make you feel alone, even if you are only twelve. That is why we’ve compiled ways on how to tell your parents you’re gay at 12 :

  1. Don’t Make A Big Event Out Of It

The worst thing you can do is to make it into a big reveal because your parents might not be ready for that kind of exposure. Keep it on the down low.

  1. Have A Private Moment

What you can opt for instead of a big reveal is an intimate talk where you and your parents can freely express each other’s feelings.

  1. Have Confidence In Your Identity

The best thing to bring into this talk is confidence. You need to do Ways to Love Yourself and be confident that this is the life you are going to live even if it’s not a smooth road ahead.

  1. Rehearse What You Want To Say

This is a big talk you are going to have. This is why you might stutter and fail to get your point across if you haven’t practiced what you want to say at least once or twice.

  1. Be Prepared For How They Are Going To Reply

Not all parents are going to be supportive which is just the truth. What you need to keep in mind is you still shouldn’t stop being yourself.

  1. Simply Be Honest

You need to be honest about what you have been feeling and who you are. Even if you think they might not like it, honesty is still the key here.

  1. Find Strength From The Story Of Other People

There are many youtubers and writers that have been going through the same road as you. Look up to them as an inspiration to not be afraid to keep pushing forward.

  1. Don’t Be Defensive

You shouldn’t use high tone and be defensive. This is not an argument you are presenting but simply a statement. If they attack it, you simply need to walk away.

  1. Assure Them That It’s Not A Phase

Ask them to take it seriously and know that it’s a permanent part of you.

  1. Understand That They Need Some Time

All they need is some time to digest the fact they’ve been presented. In the mean time, practice How to Cheer Yourself Up 

Signs That You No Longer Have To Stay Closeted

Now that you have told your parents your identity by using the ways on how to tell your parents you’re gay at 12, you’ll soon see the signs of a more authentic life :

  1. Your Parents Support Your Decision

In some cases, you know it will be a bright life ahead when you know that your parents support you. This is truly a sign your man loves you unconditionally.

     2. Confident In Who You Are

You’ve known Reasons You Should Know and Love Yourself . This means even if people don’t support you, you find love inside of yourself.

  1. It Is No Longer An Intimidating Part Of Yourself

Now being gay is not something you have to worry about. It’s simply a part of yourself, you don’t think much about it, and you’re constantly building other parts of your amazing life.

  1. You Can Date Freely

Because you are not hiding anything, you can easily show Signs He Likes You  to someone you like without thinking that it will make you judged.

  1. You Have Open Conversations About It

You know you’ve lived an authentic life when you are not afraid to have conversations about being gay to other people.

  1. You Support Other People Going Through The Same Thing

Even though you’re 12, you are fearless of giving support and showing Sweet Things to Say to A Best Friend  to other people going through the same thing.

Using the ways on how to tell your parents you’re gay at 12 will make you feel relieved and renewed, as if you are experiencing life with a new pair of eyes. You will live the life you are meant to live with confidence and love. Good luck and stay true to your identity!

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