33 Surefire Signs He Likes You And Trying To Make You Jealous

Last updated on July 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Is your crush sending you mixed signals? 

Is he showing signs he likes you one minute, only to apparently be with someone else soon after?

Would you like to find out if he likes you and is just trying to make you jealous?  

The article below reveals 30 clearcut signs that this is exactly what he’s doing. 

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Is He Trying To Make Me Jealous?

If you have a man in your life who you care about, there are many signs he likes you; trying to make you jealous is another issue altogether, though, especially if he’s your boyfriend or ex-boyfriend. 

If your boyfriend is trying to make you jealous, you may need to reevaluate your relationship. If it’s your ex-boyfriend doing this, you could easily cut ties with him or ignore his behavior. I know that’s not always that easy, but he’s probably suffering from low self-esteem or something if he’s trying to make you jealous. 

For me, when guys have tried to make me jealous, I find it very annoying. I don’t necessarily get jealous over their behavior because I know they are just trying to make me jealous, but I get frustrated they aren’t paying attention to me. I’m the one they are spending time with, so they need to stop attempting to make me jealous by talking about other girls in front of me!

If you can empathize, this article is made for you. Let’s put an end to guys making you jealous by coming up with a new mindset, one that cannot be easily shattered by someone making you jealous. 

Top Signs He’s Trying To Make You Jealous

1. He tells you he’s hanging out with other girls

Really, why would he tell you this? It’s not exactly something that comes up in everyday conversation. He’s trying to show you he’s popular with other women to make you feel jealous. You don’t have to let him make you feel any real way. 

It’s your choice how you feel about this particular issue, not his. Ignoring his behavior would be my recommendation.

2. He flirts with others in front of you

This can be especially annoying, especially if you are stuck in a classroom or on the school bus. He knows what he’s doing by acting this way in front of you, and unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it since you are stuck in a small space. 

If you can’t distract yourself with your phone, you might try daydreaming about anything other than what’s going on around you. Try talking to someone unrelated to the scene in front of you for a nice distraction.

3. He posts pictures on social media of him with other girls

he posts pictures on social media of him with other girls

Kind of a funny option here, but if he’s doing this, he’s desperately trying to make you feel a certain way. You don’t have to put up with it, though. If you think he’s doing this for your benefit only and it annoys you, take him off your Facebook or Instagram accounts. Then, you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

4. He constantly talks about his dating life

He’s trying to keep the focus on himself and someone else in his life in an effort to make you want him more. Don’t fall for this trick! It’s a sucker’s game, and you don’t want to be the sucker. Instead, try changing the subject or ending your time with him if he refuses to stop talking about other people. Usually, you can control who you spend time with. 

If he doesn’t shut up about his dating life, find someone better to hang out with, someone who can listen to you talk about different subjects and who will talk about something other than himself!

5. He pretends to be busy when you know he’s not

Does he always say he has a date or a call from a girl when you know he does not? This is a stupid lie, and you shouldn’t feel jealous about this. He’s just trying to make you want him by getting under your skin. He only will succeed if you let him! Choose not to allow him to bother you by the lies you know he’s telling you!

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6. He touches other girls in front of you

If you are in a relationship with him, this is unacceptable. He may have been a flirty guy even before you were in a serious relationship with him, but this is not something you should have to put up with as a girlfriend. Either make him your new ex-boyfriend or tell him he is crossing a line with you by this behavior, and make sure he changes this!

7. He brings other girls around you

If you have a guy friend doing this, he may be trying to make you jealous in the hope of getting out of the friendzone. If you suspect this, you may want to decide if you would consider dating him or not. If not, you may want to move on or make it clear that you don’t see him as more than a friend. This may put an end to this behavior.

8. He flirts with other girls, but they don’t flirt back

A guy who tries to prove he’s a Casanova but can’t get other girls to flirt back is actually kind of funny! Here, he tries to make you jealous by flirting with other girls, and they won’t even allow it! What a laugh! You know that this behavior is ridiculous, so you should pay no mind to it.

9. He raises his voice when he talks to other girls

This is one of those obvious ways guys try to make sure you notice what they are doing in front of you. You can just ignore him, move to a different area if possible, or roll your eyes and distract yourself with something more interesting, like a game on your phone.

10. He exaggerates his stories with other girls

he exaggerates his stories with other girls

Many guys exaggerate in an effort to impress girls. They actually think you will believe what they have to say and the stories they tell. Take what they say with a grain of salt, meaning you can believe what you want; just know that there’s a good chance it’s all fabricated information

11. He brags about how another girl likes him.

Another attempt to get you to notice how important and special he is; you don’t have to fall for it. Just realize that this guy wants you to notice him and how great he thinks he is. He probably actually likes you but doesn’t know how to show it in a real way.

12. He says he has a new flame, but you haven’t heard that rumor

If no one will back up his fabrications and stories, there’s a good chance he just is making it up for your sake. He probably likes you and wants you to be in a relationship with him but doesn’t have the courage to ask you out yet. You can take the initiative and ask him out if you think he deserves it (after lying), or just ignore it until he can ask you!

13. He says that he’s busy with dates all the time

Is that all he ever talks about? He’s probably trying to build up his self-confidence. You can choose to ignore his talk or change the subject to something that interests you. There’s no reason you have to listen to him talk about his busy dating life all the time.

14. He reposts old social media stuff regarding other girls

This is a cute way to tell that he is clearly trying to get under your skin, especially if he’s an ex-boyfriend. He wants you to think this is current news, but if you look at the post closely enough, you’ll see that it’s old news - nothing to worry about.

15. He tells you too much information about his dates

Gag! Who wants to hear all the details from every single date he goes on? I know I wouldn’t like it. Quickly change the subject or tell him you are definitely not interested in hearing all of that stuff! Say, “Go talk to one of your guy friends about that!”

16. He changes his profile pictures to have ones with him and girls

Either delete or block him on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever he’s doing this. You don’t want to constantly see him changing his pictures and getting notified every time he does something like this!

17. He posts obviously fake pictures on social media

Another sign you can laugh about here! Just delete him or unfriend him if you must if this is especially annoying to you. The best action is probably to just ignore him trying to show off with other girls. 

18. He pretends to get texts from other girls in front of you

he pretends to get texts from other girls in front of you

He may really be getting text messages from other girls or not. The only way you’ll know for sure is if you confiscate his phone from him, and you don’t want him to know he’s gotten under your skin and can make you jealous by just doing a cheap tactic like a fake text message! Spend less time with him if he keeps up behavior like this.

19. He’s always bragging about his successful love life to you

Really, even if this was a girlfriend telling you this, you probably would get sick of it after a while. Ask this guy if he could talk about something other than his new relationship. Tell him you just want to talk about something else and see what he does.

20. He gets annoyed when you don’t act jealous

If he has tried to make you jealous with no success, good for you! If this frustrates him, that’s his problem, not yours! Rejoice in the fact that you didn’t let all of this get to you, and instead, you went on with your merry way! Great job!

21. He tells you all the details about every date he goes on

Again, getting TMI can really get old fast. If you don’t want to hear about it, tell him that! Say, “I am so happy for you, but I was just wondering if we could switch topics for a while.”

22. He watches how you respond to his bragging about his love life

This is a definite sign of a guy trying to figure out how jealous you really are about the things he says. If you don’t want him to know how much it all gets to you, you might want to tell him that you were wondering what’s new with him. He’ll think, “Didn’t I just tell her that? Am I not getting my point across?” Watch him squirm and enjoy every second!

23. He asks you if you are jealous

If he flat out asks you how you feel, I would not recommend saying that you are jealous, even if you are. Just let him know that you are happy he is finding love elsewhere and that you wish him the best. That way, he won’t know how much he’s annoyed you, and perhaps, he’ll quit this ridiculous behavior.

24. He pretends to be more popular than he is

If you go to school together, you probably know the true ins and outs of his love life because everyone at school gossips about everything. You don’t have to put up with his lies, though. If you want to, you can just call him out on his behavior and let him know how foolish he sounds when he makes things up.

25. He blabs on and on about his love life

It’s so annoying when people can’t talk about anything other than their love life. This is especially irritating if you are single and want to take a break from dating for a while. Try to talk to some new people who have something different to talk about.

26. He shows you pictures of the other girls he’s talking to

he shows you picture of the other girls he's talking to

I’ve had guys do this, and I’ve thought, “Why in the world would I care what the girls you are dating look like?” I usually glance out of curiosity to see if there is even a girl in the picture, and then I look away and ignore everything else they have to say.

27. He pretends to get calls from other girls in front of you

Sometimes, guys will do this as a way to make you jealous or to see your reaction. They want to see if you look annoyed or not. Don’t give him the satisfaction. Instead, just get busy doing stuff on your phone or read a book. Act as if you couldn’t care less because, in reality, do you care that much about this? That’s what I thought! Enjoy life freely!

28. He’s always trying to get your attention

This is a surefire sign that he likes you. He wants you to show him affection and offer your complete undivided attention. You can choose whether he deserves it or not and whether you want to give it to him or not. If he has tried the tricks in this article, I would hesitate before giving him the time of day.

29. He says he’s in a relationship with someone when you know better

Another tactic to get you to pay close attention to what he’s doing or saying. If you know it’s not true, don’t pay any attention to a word he says about his love life. Just move on to the next person or topic.

30. He fake laughs really loud with other girls in front of you

This is clearly a ploy to make you look over to see what he’s doing. If you fall for it, only do it once (look in his direction). You don’t want him to have too much satisfaction on your account. 

If you can, just go to another area of the schoolyard or wherever you are that you have to see him. He’s putting on a show, and you don’t have to be the audience.

31. He tries to compare his love life with yours

If you are in a dry spell or on a break from guys for the moment, change the subject right away, or tell him you don’t want to talk about that. Ask him to change the subject. If he won’t, find someone else to talk to you, someone who will talk about something new. You never know what you might experience if you make a new friend. 

32. He puts his arm around other girls

he puts his arm around other girls

This guy is doing everything he can to try to make you feel bad about the fact that the two of you are not together in a committed relationship. He’s clearly trying to make you look at what he’s doing based on him acting this way. You don’t have to give him the time of day, though. Just ignore this behavior and move on.

33. He says his dating schedule is overwhelming

Oh, poor baby! Right? You don’t have to show him any pity if he’s going overboard in complaining about being too busy because of other girls. Again, my chief recommendation is to change the subject if there is another subject he is willing to talk about. If not, you may want to reevaluate the relationship you have with him.


Do guys try to make you jealous if they like you?

Some guys think that by making you jealous, you’ll like them more. You’ll see that other girls want to be with them, which will make you jealous and want to be with them. Also, some guys need validation from girls; they need to know they are desired by women.

How do you react when he tries to make you jealous?

You can do whatever you want! My recommendation is to choose not to let it get to you! Instead of being jealous of someone else, show him you don’t care through your body language. Don’t make eye contact with him when he’s trying to get your attention.

What does it mean when a guy tries to make you jealous?

A guy may try to get your attention by flirting with other girls while having eye contact with you. That’s a surefire sign that he’s wanting to get your attention by his actions with other girls. Don’t pay attention to that nonsense; he’s stupid for thinking it’ll work like that!

What are the signs of a jealous man?

If a guy is jealous, he will probably talk about you with someone else, trying to get the full details about what’s really going on. He may also act like he’s in a very bad mood because he feels insecure and frustrated that you are giving another guy attention.

How do I make my crush jealous?

One of the best things you can do is move on with your life without letting him affect your actions. He’ll be hurt that you aren’t crushing on him anymore and may pursue you. Another option is to be around other guys in front of him.

To Sum Things Up…

If you have someone working on making you jealous, don’t give them the satisfaction! It’s ultimately up to you how you feel about another girl. No one can make you jealous without you letting them!

What are your thoughts on guys trying to make us jealous? Please comment, and share!

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