30 Real Signs He Likes You and Trying to Make You Jealous

Sometimes love is weird. One moment someone likes you, the next moment they are with someone else. But what if he is doing both?

Often times, a guy is so in love with you so that he wants you to chase him back. The real petty way to do that is by making you feel jealous by the action he does. Here are the signs he likes you so he is trying to make you jealous:

  1. He Act Clumsy Around You

First, you need to know that he likes you. The way to know the Signs That A Boy Has A Crush On You is that he acts clumsy around you.

  1. He Smiles At You A Lot

What’s the signs he likes you and trying to make you jealous? The motive to making you jealous could be love when he seems genuinely happy to see you which is a sign of romantic attraction.

  1. Still Trying To Make You Happy

Although he makes you jealous, he still likes you. This is shown by his effort to make you happy.

  1. Always Demanding Your Attention

The signs that he is making you jealous because he wants you to chase him is that he always demand attention more than anyone else.

  1. Claiming That He Is Hanging Out With Other Girls

He blatantly claims that he is hanging out with other girl and often repeatedly. Proven by this action, you can deduce that he is desperate.

  1. Posting Random Photos With Other Girls

He start posting random photos with random girls just because he knows that it will make you absolutely jealous.

  1. Fakes His Busy State

He fakes being busy. The real reason he does this is because he is doing the (ways crush notice)

  1. Talking Louder When He Is Around You

It is actually proven that when we are with someone we love, we talk louder and with a higher pitch. Maybe he is unconciously showing you that sign.

  1. Faking His Confidence Around You

The only reason why he does this is because of his insecurity. But he will try to messily cover his insecurity by being fake confident.

  1. Conducting Physical Closeness To Numerous Girls

He shows his closeness to numerous girls just to make you jealous.

  1. There Is No Reply Action From The Girls

Just because he seems close with other girls doesn’t mean that it’s two sided. If the girls doesn’t seem to respond to him, then there is nothing.

  1. No One Is Rumoring That He Is With Someone Else

No rumor spread about him and someone else because there is nothing happening at all.

  1. He Wants To Make Sure That You See His Social Media Post

Social media is the place where he can make you jealous the most. Because of this reason, he desperately wants you to see it.

  1. Talking About Other Girls With You

He shamelessly talk about other girls with you so that you can start to show the  Signs She is Into Me

  1. Not Making Sure Of The Status Of Him And The Girl

When you ask about his status with the girl, he gets really flustered or just making it unspecified. 

  1. Paying Close Attention To How You React

He wants to know if you react like he wants to when he is trying to make you jealous. What he is looking for is anger and sadness.

  1. His Action Seems Hasty And Not Serious

All his effort to be close to someone seems hasty and not serious at all, just a game to make you jealous.

  1. Angry When You Are Not Jealous

If you don’t show the signs that you are jealous, he gets absolutely mad.

  1. Fake Calling Other Girls

He starts fake calling other girls in front of you to make you want to protect you.

  1. Fake Texting Other Girls

Texts to other girls are shown to you. He knows it is the thing that girls hate. That’s all the signs he likes you and trying to make you jealous.

Ways to know that he is just playing a game

Don’t be furious when he is doing crazy things. Does he just want to make you jealous? Here are the ways to know:

  1. Not Wanting You To Leave

Although he does all this things, he doesn’t want you to leave. Because what he is showing is the Signs That a Man Loves You Unconditionally

  1. Sulking When Things Do Not Go As Planned

Not talking and being mad will be done when you don’t seem jealous.

  1. Not Stopping Until You Beg Him Too

He won’t stop his desperate effort unless you beg him to be with you. 

  1. Faking Being ‘The Life Of The Party’

He fakes being happy and energetic so that you are more drawn to him.

  1. Giving You Too Much Information That Will Make You Jealous

Information that makes you jealous will be given almost too frequently.

  1. Asking You An Opinion That Makes You Jealous

Even though he knows that asking this will make you jealous, he still do it.

Tips On How To Handle The Immature Action To Make You Jealous

You might be furious right now. But what you actually need to do is to cool down and do these steps:

  1. Stay Calm And Don’t React

Reacting will just give him the pleasure that he wants. Instead, what you need to do is to stay calm and don’t react.

  1. Make Sure Of Your Feelings

If you feel a romantic attraction towards him, just be honest and show it to him.

  1. Talk To Him About It

Talk to him about the problem that you think exist for a more peaceful resolution.

When your crush that you know likes you suddenly do crazy things that makes you feel jealous, he is probably just showing the signs he likes you so he is trying to make you jealous. Because of that forgive him and don’t react. Any situation will be resolved as long as there is love at heart.