How to Know When Your Aries Man Misses You So Bad

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When we are in love with someone, sometime we feel like we have doubts within ourselves. We are wondering whether that person that we love also loves us back or not. And driven by that feeling, we start to find a way to figure it out whether he loves us back or not. And a simple thing that we can do is seeing whether our crush miss us back when he haven’t heard any news from us. So, to erase the doubts within your heart, here are some ways I can give on how to know when your aries man misses you.

Signs that an aries man miss you

There are some sign on how to know when your aries man misses you. Here are some.

1. Will not tell you that he misses you

When you tell a guy you miss him and he doesn’t say it back please don’t go panic. This is a usual thing that an aries man do to his crush or partner. He is that type of person who is quite shy to directly express their feelings. When you realize that he is not telling you that he misses you, he actually does miss you. And because he is shy, he will try to look as a strong man and maybe has a tendency to ignore you.

2. Spend more time with you when you are around

The second sign that you can see is when you are seeing him, he will spend more time with you. During this time he will allocate his time as much as possible only to see you and knowing your condition after you are apart from him for a while. You surely understand how much he wants to spend more time with you when you and him were apart for a several periods of time.

3. Checking up your friends

Lastly, you may receive some information from your friends that your crush is currently asking some question about you. He wants to know about you by asking some question to your friends. Because he is too shy to ask it directly from you so he will look up for another way to get some information about you. Aside from that, since he want to make you to be his partner, he will start to get closer to your friends.

How to make he misses you

So, after you know the signs that he misses you. You need to know more on how to make him miss you to make sure whether he is really into you or not.

1. Ignore him for a while

Ignoring him for a while can be one from so many tips to keep your man happy in a relationship. An aries man is a type of guy who is attracted to mystery. He loves to get to know a mysterious woman because he feels that it is challenging to get to know her better. Try not to replying every text and ignore him for a while. He wants to fight to get you, let him do a fight but don’t make it any easier.

2. Have more quality time

Second thing you can do to make him misses you is by having your own quality time. Take more time for yourself. Spend your time with your friends and family, make yourself to feel happy. Remember that when you are feeling happy and generate positivity, your positivity will attract more people to get to know you better. And, knowing that you are distracted will all the activities you do, he will start wonder why you don’t miss him and will try to create a communication to you.

3. Create something special

If you really want to get him and make him as your partner you need to do something that other girls never done. Try to create a moment or give him something special that he will not forget. This will be a mark for you to him that you are special and unforgettable. You can actually start small by giving the things to say to your boyfriend to make him feel special over text. By then you can continuously learning how to create a special moment or special gift for your loved ones.

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