This Is What to Say to Your Boyfriend Before A Funeral

Last updated on February 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Funerals are dark and gloomy occasions. It gives us a glimpse of the shortness of one’s life and how we shouldn’t take anything for granted in this grand life we have. Though it teaches us great lessons, it might not be so well received by everyone, especially by your boyfriend.

As a girlfriend, it should be our priority to make our boyfriend’s heart lighter in this sad event. Which is why, you need to know what to say to your boyfriend before a funeral:

  1. I’m So Sorry For Your Loss, Babe.
  2. You Need To Know That I’ll Be Here For You Anytime You Need Me.
  3. You Know That I’ll Be Here For You, Right?
  4. I Love You So Much And I Am Here To Cater For What You Need
  5. This Must Be Hard For You.
  6. Say The What to Say When Your Boyfriend's Grandma Passed Away 
  7. I Can’t Imagine How Hard This Must Be For You, I’m So Sorry.
  8. Death Really Puts Things In Perspective. In This Short Life, Know That I Love You.
  9. Don’t Worry About Me Right Now, You Need To Focus On Yourself
  10. Let Yourself Feel The Emotion Pour Through
  11. Text The Text That Will Make Him Smile
  12. Don’t Hold That Sadness In, Let Me In And Let Me Help You.
  13. It’s Okay To Cry, You Know? Just Let It All Out
  14. Say The Things to Say to Reassure Your Boyfriend You Love Him
  15. It’s Okay To Be Sad, We’ll Take It Slow From Now On
  16. I Care About You So Much And It Hurts To See You Hurting Like This.
  17. I Wish I Could Take Away Your Pain Right Now.
  18. You Don’t Have To Go Through This Alone, You Have Me.
  19. The World Is Hard On You Right Now. But Remember That Everything Passes.
  20. The Storm Will Pass, My Dear. I’m Here To Help You Get Through It.
  21. You Are Stronger Than This Emotion. Let The Sadness Wash Over You.
  22. Your Well Being Matters Right Now. Focus On You.
  23. I’m Ready To Be Of Help To You Anytime.
  24. Say The Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Love You Even More
  25. Just Tell Me If You Need Anything, Alright?
  26. Just Tell Me If You Need Some Time Alone.
  27. Life Can Be Unfair, But We Will Get Through This Together.
  28. Your Pain Is My Pain. It Physically Pains Me To See You Like This.
  29. Don’t Let Life Trample Your Spirit.
  30. You Will Be Okay Even If This Sadness Feels Unbearable Right Now.
  31. After This, We’ll Go Home And Work On Making You Feel Better, Okay?

Rules On Being His Girlfriend in A Funeral

You already know what to say to your boyfriend before a funeral, but do you know the basic rules on what to do if you accompany him to a funeral? Here are basic rules on being his girlfriend in a funeral:

  1. Dress Modestly

A formal black dress will perfectly fit the occasion. Do not show too much skin. Also, try to wear a modest make up too.

  1. Don’t Be Too Clingy

Do not show too much public display of affection. This is definitely not the time for such things.

  1. Don’t Be Too Dramatic With Your Emotion

You need to allow what you feel to pour through you but don’t be too dramatic.

  1. Pay Attention To His Needs

As someone who have the signs she is a girlfriend material , you need to always know how he is doing and catering to his needs. You can know how he feels by reading his face and body language, also by asking him regularly if he needs anything.

  1. Be Of Help To The People Grieving

You can also help the family grieving. Show your condolence and let them know that you are ready to help them anytime.

  1. Allow Him To Show Emotion

Suppressed sadness is something that needs to be avoided. Allow him to cry and process emotions in his own way.

  1. Don’t Make Yourself The Center Of Attention

Right now, the least you can do is not to make him have to take care of you. Take care of yourself and make sure he knows that he doesn’t have to worry about you.

What to say to your boyfriend before a funeral is really handy for you as a girlfriend. Funerals are hard for everyone but by paying attention to what to do and what to say as a girlfriend, you’ll soon put a smile back on your boyfriend’s face.

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