The 10 Second Text That Will Make Him Smile for Hours – Be That Girl

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Have you ever thought to make someone smile? If you ever did, then you really love that person. To make someone smile, you don’t really need to do big things such as buying things that he needs. Take a note that simple things about moments and feelings are more memorable compared to material gift.

There are some other easy ways such as the 10 second text that will make him smile for hours, that can you send to him. You will always can find a way on how to tell your boyfriend you love him so much over text, but to make it simpler, here are some recommendation.

  • I can’t stop thinking about you every single day.
  • You keep my heart since the day we met. And I hope you will still keep it forever.
  • I don’t mind to spend the time with you till our hair turns to grey. That’s also means I don’t mind to wait until the day I see you again.
  • Do you know how weird I feel anytime I think about you? I can’t stop smiling and people are seeing me like I am crazy, but they don’t know the truth.
  • Hey, I know this is random, but I just want to let you know an important thing. I am so grateful to have you as my best friend and my boyfriend.
  • I feel safe and protected once I am in your arms. Can I keep it?
  • Have a great day today and don’t forget to think about me, can you?
  • Why you always amaze me with everything you do?
  • Thank you for make me feel like I am living my dream anytime I am with you. I hope you are happy too with me.

How to Make Your Boyfriend Happy

If you can do more than the 10 second text that will make him smile for hours, why not? Doing more things that you can do in order to make your relationship getting better. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, but you can do little things.

  • Give some compliments

Have you ever received a compliment? I bet anyone has the experience to get a compliment. And of course you will feel happy and you feel like you are being noticed.

So you will know if your boyfriend never compliments you, what it means. You know how bad it is by knowing that no one care about you. And you know how happy you will feel by knowing that there’s someone who supports you. This is exactly what you need to give to your boyfriend which is compliment and give him the space that he needs to show that you are supporting him.

  • Spend time together without focusing on your phone

If you find a problem within a relationship and was questioning why does my boyfriend don’t want to spend time with me anymore, maybe you need to reflect more into you too.

You need to plan a better time to be spent together without focusing on your phone. You might didn’t realize it, but phone can be a huge distraction that can take most of your time.

  • Be supportive

Accept his imperfection and not his perfection. That’s the key to a successful relationship since no one is perfect so we will need to start accepting each other for who they are. And be with someone that you can accept his imperfection day by day by not expecting them to change to what you want them to be.

Be there for your partner during his bad and good days. Because as a couple of course both of you are supporting each other and not tearing each other down.

  • Give him the space that he needs

Giving him the time and space that he needs to be spent alone or with his friends is one of the simple things that you can do to make him happy. Your boyfriend surely has his social life aside being stick only with you.

During this time you can also try to give yourself a space for yourself knowing that there are a lot of benefits of being alone for your physical and mental health.

Those example of the 10 second text that will make him smile for hours is a start to help you to be more creative on knowing more things to be improved within your relationship.

There are more things that you can learn in order to improve the quality of your relationship such as by knowing things you should know before dating a med student.