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How to Tell Your Parents You Are Going on Vacation with Boyfriend and Make Them Say Yes!

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You’ve dreamed about this fantastic vacation for so long. It’s all you can think about. But you also need to find a way how to tell your parents you are going on vacation with boyfriend.


Turn that frown upside down and use our tips:

1. Tell Mom or Dad First

You can choose the one who would most likely say yes. If that’s your mom, then tell her. She will then talk to your dad about it.

2. Talk Over Dinner

It’s always nice to talk over dinner. Let your parents know about your vacation when all of you are together in a nice setting.

3. Have Your Boyfriend Present

Take your boyfriend over to your house. The two of you should talk to your parents. After all, it’s you guys who are going to go on the vacation.

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4. Let Him Have a Word in This

In other words, let him talk. He can also help you tell your parents about the vacation. If he’s great at talking, then he can really convince your parents.

5. Show a Positive Attitude

Your attitude can make things go great or not-so-great. Having a positive attitude will help you feel confident talking to your parents. They will also feel that you’re really into the vacation and let you go.

6. Let Your Parents Know the Details

Where are you going to stay? How many days is the vacation going to be? Your parents must know all these details so make sure that you tell them.

7. Have Your Schedule for the Vacation Ready

Before talking to your parents, prepare a detailed schedule of your vacation. Show it to them so they know that everything is solid and they have nothing to worry about.

8. Give Them Complete Contact Information

Make sure they will have your phone number, your boyfriend’s number, the hotel number or email address. Give them every contact information as much as possible. It lessens their worries and makes it easier to get in touch with you.

9. Answer Their Questions Honestly

If they ask any questions about the vacation, answer honestly. Don’t try to trick them or even lie.

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10. Ensure a Pleasant Conversation

Ensuring a pleasant conversation is how to tell your parents you are going on vacation with boyfriend. Your parents have to be in the perfect mood for this talk.

11. Stay Away from Arguments

This is not the time to argue with them. Control your emotions and try to understand their perspective.

12. Pick the Right Moment to Talk

Early morning doesn’t seem like the perfect moment to talk. Afternoons or evenings are your safe bet because they’re more likely to listen to you.

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13. Keep Your Siblings Away for Some Time

Sometimes, siblings might make things a bit difficult. Ask them nicely to be on your side and let you have some alone time to talk with mom and dad.

14. Avoid Any PDAs with Your Boyfriend

Do not even try to attempt any PDAs at home. That would automatically cancel your vacation with your boyfriend.

15. Tell Them Why This Vacation is Important

Go ahead and tell your parents why this vacation is important. Your feelings matter too.

Ways to Make Them Say Yes

It can be quite hard to figure out the right way how to tell your parents you are going on vacation with boyfriend. Here are some tips to make them say yes:

1. Promise to Keep Them Updated

Pinky promise your parents that you will text and call them when you can. Keeping them updated means you care about their feelings.

2. Be on Your Best Behavior Weeks Beforehand

Weeks before you plan to tell your parents, be on your best behavior. Do extra chores and be super nice.

3. Show Them You’re a Responsible Person

How can you do that? Easy, just stay away from troubles.

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4. Tell Them How Badly You Want to Go

Show them your best puppy eyes. Tell them how badly you want to go and their heart would melt.

5. Be Enthusiastic About It

Your enthusiasm shows that you’re really happy about it. Parents want the best for their kids, especially if something makes them happy. Try it for How to Tell Your Parents Your LGBTQ.

Combine our tips on how to tell your parents you are going on vacation with boyfriend to get their approval. Get your dream vacation with the person you love and have fun.

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