What Is The Best Way to Tell My Parents I'm Pregnant at 14?

Last updated on May 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Nowadays, we can get easier access in pretty much anything. This all made possible because of the technology development that can be seen as bad or good to expand our knowledge. But this also made a promiscuity issues become bigger since the only boundary between us and others is just distance.

Many girls are pregnant and not knowing what they should do. If you happened to be one, here are some tips on what is the best way to tell my parents I'm pregnant at 14?

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  • Communicate the problem indirectly

I know that it must has been so hard to find ourselves pregnant in such a young and early age. There are a lot of pressure and we surely need the encouraging words for break ups while pregnant to calm ourselves down.

Both mental pressure and physical pain are giving us the burden that makes it harder to think clearly. If you are planning to tell your parents and you should, you better tell them that currently you really need their support on a problem that you can face yourself.

  • Stay calm and ask for their forgiveness

The way you tell your parents that you are pregnant surely different from the way how to tell your ex boyfriend you're pregnant with his baby. Once you decided to tell them you need to lower your pride and ask for their forgiveness.

Because, all of this time your parents just want to protect you as their little girl. The key is to make sure that you will walk and talk to them calmly and ask for their forgiveness for your mistake.

  • Be prepared for their reaction

You know that in the end every action can have its own consequences. To decide to tell your parents that you are pregnant also means that you need to be ready to accept whatever reaction from your parents to you.

  • Make sure you prepared yourself logically and mentally

Before you decided to tell your parents about your pregnancy condition you might want to tell other people that you trust within the family and ask for their support to. You can start by knowing how to tell your brother and sister in law you are pregnant and tell them about your condition.

At least by talking to them, you are preparing yourself mentally and logically before you face your parents. What I meant by preparing yourself logically is to accept your parents decision and and beeing cooperative with it.

Tips to have a better mental state

It is hard to know what is the best way to tell my parents I'm pregnant at 14 and actually implementing it. It is hard because you know that you feel guilty and still depending to your parents.

To help you not to repeat the mistake that you might regret, then here are some tips to help you to have a better mental state.

  • Stop comparing your standard with the society's

What makes it harder today to be ourselves is because we see other people's standard so often whether it is on tv or on our social media. The kind of standard that society has is somehow affecting our own being.

We tend to use their standard as our own whether it is for our relationship or appearance.This need to stop, you do you. Society is not the one who will be paying your bills. As far as you concern about your mental state, know more on benefits of being alone for your physical and mental health.

  • Know your worth, love yourself, put yourself first

Second, you need to start knowing yourself better, know your worth, and start loving yourself for who you are. Because if you feel like you keep comparing yourself to others, it won't change a thing.

Every single person has their own insecurity about something. If other people look better than you, it's not your fault anyway because they work hard to be where they are today. So better know more ways to love yourself and be happy with the world.

Whether it is a problem regarding what is the best way to tell my parents I'm pregnant at 14 or not knowing the ways to tell your parents that your girlfriend is pregnant at sixteen, what is important is not to repeat the same mistake that you will regret. And it all started by loving yourself and be aware of which one is good and which one is bad for you.

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