How to Tell Your Brother and Sister in Law You Are Pregnant Surprisingly

by Michelle Devani

Finish college, get a job, meet someone, get married, then the next goal is having a baby, at least for most people. Imagine having someone who looks just like you or your spouse, but in a tiny version. It’s literally the greatest good news a married couple could get.

However, this news is not just good for the couple, but the whole family. Parents would be so proud and excited, waiting for their grandchildren to born. Siblings would also be happy, expecting cute nephews and nieces.

This kind of news, should not be wasted as it only comes few times in life. First of all, of course you also need to think of how to tell your husband you're pregnant with baby no. 4, even if it feels normal already. Aside from that, you need to tell the world, baby. Then, how to tell your brother and sister in law you are pregnant?

It would be such a waste to let it slide in a very plain way, even if it’s just to the aunt or uncle of your future baby. Give some spices on your pregnancy announcement and let the whole family rejoice in these few creative ways :

  1. Send some food

As in laws who live not so far from one and another, you may use this idea to announce your pregnancy. Giving foods to family is something normal and usual to do.

However, you can use this normal and conventional way and make it into a surprising announcement. Prepare the best dish that you know your in laws enjoy a lot. Make sure you pack it properly and prettily, then here comes the spice.

If you put the food in a food container, you can put on a tiny sticky notes on the top. Take out your markers and childhood art skills, and pour it on the sticky notes or tiny piece of paper. Write things as creative as you could, such as;

 “ Auntie, enjoy the mac n cheese. Wait till i’ll be born and grown up enough to deliver this on my own to your house! Now, im’ma let my mom to send this to you herself. Lots of love from the tummy.”

  1. Champagne or wine?

If you’re the in laws of western people, or those who live within western culture, drink would be a good idea to celebrate the news. Choose your in laws favourite drink, it can be wine or champagne, or any other alcoholic drink you had in mind.

For sure, it shouldn’t stop here. Invite them for a dinner! Serve the champagne or wine after the meal, with a special message stick on the bottle. Sticky notes, plain paper, you can choose whatever you prefer and write down your announcement on it creatively.

 “Cheers for the baby! Baby coming soon on February 2020.”

Custom few of the writing and it can also be the answer to how to tell your mother in law that you are pregnant in an unforgettable way.

  1. Hand out some perfume or body care

For sister in law, this is a perfect way. You can both give some gifts to your sister in law while telling her the big news at once. It would be better if you know her style and preferences of fragrance, though,

However, you can choose any that you think will suit her and print out a paper that will be sticked on the bottle of the products. Use fancy font, find the background to make it more colorful, and the most important part is about how to tell your brother or sister in law you are pregnant by writing it down.

  1. Play guess

Don’t feel like cooking or buying anything to give? All you need is paper and marker or pen here. You can prepare few pieces of paper in any color you desire.

Write down some clue and let your in laws feel confused and curious enough to find out what you’re trying to say. You may use some clue in the most creative way you had ever think of and make sure to leave the answer on the very last page of paper.

Guess what? You should be expecting a sudden call as soon as you drive home from your in laws’ house. This can also be a fun ways to tell your brother that you are pregnant.

  1. Tag them on Instagram!

You live far away from your in laws? 3 hours or a day apart? It would be bothersome and pricey for you to give out things. You can use technology, Instagram, or any social media you both have.

Edit the photographs of your test pack or photos of a baby and post on your stories, make sure you also tag them.

“ Happy Auntie and Uncle! @yourinlaws “

Sometimes, little surprises in life can spice up the life of a family. Yes, of course it shouldn't be how to tell your boyfriend you're pregnant with someone else's baby which will be way more than just a spice. Simple occasions turn into a great way of getting to know and care for each other, is truly not impossible to happen.

It’s just a pregnancy announcement! Yes, but it can be the perfect way to mend the bond between you and your spouse’s family. Not just the parents should be in joy, but also the siblings.

While siblings then get the part of thinking what to say to someone 9 months pregnant, which is you for sure. How to tell your brother and sister in law you are pregnant? Any kind of creative ways can be fun to bring out the happy news.


Michelle Devani
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