Creative Ways How to Tell Your Husband You're Pregnant with Baby No. 4

Last updated on May 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Every baby is special for parents. While the first one giving the thrilling sensation on the prospect of becoming mom and dad for the first time, the second, third, and even fourth one wouldn’t be less special. In fact, the older kids are excited to welcome another sibling into the family.

In modern days, having many children is not very common. Parents tend to have three children at the most, as the living cost is increasing by the day. But if one day you find out that you’re having your number 4, it’s something to be thankful. The more kids you have, the more fun you will get.

But the things is, how to tell your husband you’re pregnant with number 4? Sure thing he would be as excited as you are, but you should make the announcement special. Runs out of ideas? Don’t worry, here are the some ideas to announce your fourth pregnancy in a very unusual ways.

  1. Baby Food Tasting

Some surprises can get really obvious if it involves the blindfold. Yes, it’s what we’re going to do to your husband. Ask him to play a food tasting game with eyes blinded. You may tell him you want to know how much he loves you to differentiate your cooking. Also read Lovely Ways to Announce Pregnancy Around Valentine's Day

Prepare some foods for him to taste, but save the baby food for the last. But don’t take one of your kids’ food. Make a real baby food, the one that only babies under a year old eat. He’d be really surprised when he taste the last one, and, yes, you did it!

  1. Brand-New Family Tees

Family tees is something everyone should have. But you have to keep updating the sizes and design as your family grow. Now that you have Mommy, Daddy, No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 tees, shouldn’t your pregnancy be the right time to make an addition?

You can go by telling your husband it’s time to make a new family tees. And this time, you guys should make 6 of them. Good thing when he asks why 6? Then you can say, “Because baby no.4 is coming.”

  1. Instead of Saying It, Wear It

Surprising him by making him feels annoyed is a brilliant ideas. Is your husband the types who frown his head when he finds out you’re buying a new clothes? If he is, send a text to him when he’s in the office to tell him you’ve just bought a new dress and you want him to see it when he gets home later. But make sure the day is not a stressful one for him.

If he seemed to forget about the dress, remind him. Wear it in front of him and ask what does he think about it. For this one, he would absolutely scream himself out because “I’m pregnant” is written on it. Also read How to Tell Your Mother in Law That You are Pregnant

  1. Put It Inside a Fortune Cookie

Babies are fortune. It’s the greatest blessing from the heaven, so the baby’s arrival should be welcomed in a spectacular way. You can go obvious by buying a fortune cookie with custom filling.

You write down words like “We’re so blessed”, “I have an important announcement”, and “We’re having another baby”. It will be a fun games between you and the whole family to crack open the cookie one by one. Just make sure that there not too many cookies to be opened.

  1. Make Surprise for Yourself, Then Surprise Him

While you were thinking about how to tell your husband you’re pregnant with number 4, don’t you remember that you’re surprised too when you found out about the previous pregnancies. As you were the first person to figure it out, nobody knew how surprised you are. Also read Signs of Good Husband Material to Marry

Now it’s time to share your joy with the world. When you feel like you’re pregnant and about to do a test, make a video of yourself waiting for the result. Make sure your expression was captured perfectly on camera and voila! Let your husband know that you’re surprised yourself!

  1. Morning Coffee + Baby = Perfect Combination

Surprise him from early in the morning by announcing your pregnancy through a cup of coffee! Write down the “We’re pregnant” words at the bottom of the cup with a food-friendly markers. Wait until he bottoms up his cup and see how he reacts when he sees it!

Nothing better than starting the day so energized, finding out that he’s going to be a daddy for the fourth time!

  1. No, Not Puppy But Another Baby!

After three kids, your husband wouldn’t be likely to expect another one. It’s like attacking your enemy when he lets his guard down. Instead of baby, tell him you want to adopt a puppy. But instead of the real puppy, write down on your stomach “The puppy is inside.” He’ll be delighted to find out! Also read Tips to Keep Your Man Happy in A Relationship

  1. Download a Pregnancy App in His Phone

Another way to surprise your husband upon the arrival of baby no 4. Install a pregnancy app on your husband’s phone and turn on the daily notification. Wait for him until he notice it, or give hints to him so that he could notice it sooner.

It’s also a good way to involve your husband in your pregnancy, so that he can keep updating the baby’s development through the app.

  1. Slip a Note in His Bag

You might have done this one traditional way of announcement for your previous pregnancies, but this one will never fail to surprise him. Write a notes and slip it in your husband’s bag.

Much to his surprise when he open it later in the office. Make sure your phone is on that day so you won’t miss his call. Also read Ways to be a Good Wife to Your Husband

  1. A Family Photo Shoot

Just like the family tees that need to be regularly updated, so does family picture. Now that your kids get bigger, you definitely need a new photo. Plan the photo shoot and prepare a board with “Baby no. 4 is on the way” written on it. He’ll be confuse at first, but he’ll find out what does it mean eventually.

Just because you already have 3 children, don’t take the fourth one for granted. That’s why you need to think about the creative ways how to tell your husband you’re pregnant with baby number 4.

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