How To Tell Your Boyfriend You're Pregnant With Someone Else's Baby (A Shocking Truth!)

Last updated on June 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

To find out that you are pregnant is amazing, exciting, and terrifying at the same time. Now that you have another heart beating inside you, you started to be filled with hopes. How you will raise it, how you will give all your heart and soul the time baby was born. Especially for first timer, everything about pregnancy is fluttering.

You can’t get through this joyful journey alone. You’ve got to tell the baby daddy as soon as possible. He must want to witness every single day when the baby grows inside you. But what if he’s not the baby daddy? How to tell your boyfriend you’re pregnant with someone else’s baby?

Soon all the excitement is gone and worry take place. But don’t be. We’re going to give you some useful tips about how to tell him if he’s not the child’s father. Take a deep breath and start reading.


1. Ask Around

You’re not alone in this world. All the problem you have, you don’t have to face it by yourself. In a situation like this, it’s understandable that you can’t bring yourself to tell him. You can ask for help from others to deliver the news.

Choose someone who is close to both you. They better be either your family or best friend who genuinely willing to help without judging you.

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2. Don’t Wait For Too Long

don't wait for too long

Pregnancy is a defining moment in life. It’s good for you to think about how to tell him thoroughly and carefully, since making rushed decision do you no good. But you have to be careful not to let too many time passed before you realize about it.

The more you wait to tell him, the bigger your belly grow, and the worse things may gone for you. When your boyfriend is not the father of your unborn child, tell him sooner so there will be more time for both of you to deal with the situation.

3. Tell Him About Your Previous Relationship

You have your reasons why you think that he’s not your baby daddy. Convince him not to get it the wrong way and accuse you of cheating. If you’ve just met for couple of weeks, it’s only right to open up to him about your previous romantic involvement, be it dating or hookup. Your honesty helps him to he mentally prepared about this.

From here on you will know whether he really loves you or not. Someone who is really care for you will let the past go and facing the future instead. 

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4. Let Him Find His Own Way

After telling him about the history of your previous relationship which makes you conclude that the baby is not his, now toss the ball to him. He’s the subject of this matter, and no matter how much it’s hard for you, it’s harder for him.

Now let him find his own way. If he asks some time to think, let him be. He’ll consider the feeling he has for you and he surely give his all to find the win-win solution.

5. Figure Out With Yourself

You should do this before you try to find out how to tell your boyfriend you’re pregnant with someone else’s baby. Breaking the bad news to him is hard, so you have to figure out how you feel about this. Not that his feeling is not important, but you need this to be mentally prepared when you talk to him.

Before telling him for real, you may pick up the right words and practice in front of the mirror. Confidence helps you a lot during difficult situations. 

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6. Share With Your Friends

Your best friends will always be there through thick and thin. More than that, they can give you the support you need before you tell your boyfriend about the truth. After sharing with them, you’ll find your shoulder feels a little lighter.

And if you want to, you can bring them along to the meeting for moral support. If this is the case, bring someone who is close to both of you. 

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7. Talk To Your Family

talk to your family

While sharing with your best friends makes you feel better, telling your family gives you the best feeling. They are also get affected with your situation, so it’s wrong to keep it a secret from them. Speak to your mom, your dad, or your sibling to ease your nerves a bit. By talking to them, you might gain something you didn’t find from your friends.

Bringing along your family member to meet him is another good idea. For example, if you bring your mom, she’ll definitely help you to tell him the truth and defend you at the same time.

8. Tell Him Indirectly

To be honest, telling him in person that he’s not the baby daddy is dreadful. Too many things to risk, including your relationship. It doesn’t matter if you can’t say it directly. Technology has now very advanced you can use it for good. Make a video of your confession, talk about how you feel not to tell him directly and why you think it’s better to send him a video instead.

It has many plus value, including buy you some time to arrange the words and gives you relief that you don’t have to see his first reaction at the moment. Other alternatives is to go old fashioned by writing him a letter. 

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9. Speak To An Expert

Before everything, finding the right support system for you is the most important. It’s okay if you want to seek help from expert to help you deal with the situation. Meet with the counselor to ask for suggestion about how to break the news. You can also take your boyfriend to the counselor for that.

10. Don’t Speak At All

To resolve this matter, you only have two choices: to be honest with him or not to tell him at all. While honesty is the best, you can choose to keep it from the rest of the world. But this would cost a great consequence in the future and cause even more complicated problems.

Those are what we can offer for you who ask how to tell your boyfriends you’re pregnant with someone else. As everyone has different situation, nobody knows the best solution but you. Keep fighting!

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