How To Make A Boring Relationship Fun Again (Do This!)

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You’re in a wonderful relationship and you’re so in love. However, it’s starting to get boring. You want to do something about it but you’re not sure what. Worry not, we’re here to tell you what to do to make your relationship fun again.


1. Find Fresh Dating Ideas

First, ask yourself Why Do I Get Bored in Relationships So Easily? Now when you've found the answer, get creative! This is how to make a boring relationship fun again.

Find fresh dating ideas using the internet, asking friends or brainstorm fun ones with your lover.

Which one do you want to try out the most? Put them all on a list and start planning the ways to do them. Trying out something fresh and fun will spice up your relationship again.

2. Go On A Double Date

go on a double date

Here’s another option to keep your relationship interesting. Go on a double date with other people. They could be your friends. You know what they say, the more the merrier.

This could turn out so unexpectedly fun and eye-opening. Who knows, maybe the two of you might look forward to going on a double date again. It’s a unique way to make your relationship feel fun.

3. Turn Into A Romantic

Are you the cold type? Not really into romance? Are you a part of the Most Romantic Zodiac Signs in Relationship?

Put aside your ego and turn into a romantic for once. It’s probably what your relationship needs right now. You have to sprinkle lots of romance to make it fun.

Don’t be scared, just think about how much this could improve your relationship with your lover. Be brave enough to try out something new. Maybe set up a candle dinner for two all by yourself or book a place where the two of you can be alone for a long time.

4. Have Frequent Dates

See this one way on how to make a boring relationship fun again needs you to have frequent dates. Be committed to this! Mind you, it also doesn’t mean that you will have to spend a ton of money.

Your dates could be simple. They don’t have to be extravagant. What matters is the two of you are with each other and have fun together on the dates. Here, we'll give you tips on What to Do with a Girl When You Have No Money that will save you.

5. Remember The First Time You Met Them

Based on what dating experts are saying, a sure way to keep a relationship fun and strong is to use your feelings. Remind yourself how you felt on the first time you met them.

Maybe even the first time you told them you love them. Really, truly feel it again. When you do this, you will remember the special bond that you share with your lover. It no longer becomes a boring relationship.

6. Spend A Night Discussing Together

Everyone is just so busy these days! Couples barely have time to talk with each other. This sure takes a toll on their relationship. You should spend a night discussing things together with your lover.

Get deep and personal with your conversations. Be real and don’t hold anything back. Don't miss out doing these Spontaneous Things to Do with Your Boyfriend in the Summer as well!

7. Ask Intimate Questions

ask intimate questions

Another thing that you can do on how to make a boring relationship fun again is to ask intimate questions.

According to a dating coach, intimate questions regarding sex life, expectations or dreams in a relationship can be a positive thing for the couples. They can understand each other better.

Sometimes the relationship gets boring because couples think they know everything about each other. The fact is that they don’t. So start asking those intimate questions already! Don’t be shy. 

8. Get To Know Each Other Again

Why do relationships get boring anyway? Most of the time, it’s because couples put less effort into it. They just feel a bit too comfortable around each other. Well, get rid of that comforting feeling. It’s time to get a little bit uncomfortable.

Pretend as if you’re trying to get to know your lover again. When you do this, the relationship starts to feel fun again because you let yourself become curious about your lover.

9. Be More Affectionate

Be very open with your lover. Show more affections. Give a lot of hugs, kisses, and support. Feed the relationship with a lot of love. Your lover will highly appreciate this and do the same with you.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that a relationship gets boring when couples don’t show affections. Understand that there are Differences Between Relationships in Your 20s and 30s. Get around to find your way out of your issues and make your relationship strong!

10. Play Games

No, we’re not talking about mind games here. When you think of how to make a boring relationship fun again, just turn to games. Play more games. There are many such as board games or card games. If you think they’re childish, stop right there.

These games are very creative and fun! You get to compete with one another which will make things very interesting. Other than that, playing games can also reveal a lot of things that you might not know about your lover.

11. Send Flirty Texts

Another idea to make the relationship fun again is to send flirty texts. You’re not sure how? Well, there are so many examples on the internet. What does your lover like?

Try to remember that when you flirt with your lover. Say something unexpected and outrageous. Your lover will get hot and bothered. Things will surely take a really fun turn when the two of you are together.

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Other Great Ways To Make The Relationship Fun Again

other great ways to make the relationship fun again

We have other ideas to make your boring relationship fun with these ways that you can do:

  • Establish a goal to reach together.
  • Do each other’s hobbies.
  • Make frequent surprises.
  • Be open with your fear so they don’t hurt the relationship.
  • Spend more time with each other.
  • Take things less seriously and have fun.
  • Cherish every moment spent together.

Do anything you can to make the relationship fun. You don’t want to lose your lover by making the relationship stale. Keep it fun and fresh!

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