How To Beat Your Girlfriend In An Argument - 21 Savage Ways

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The journey of love is full of obstacles, getting it and going through it is full of joy and sorrow. Do some argument with her is a natural thing in relationships. So, you do not have to worry if you argue with your girlfriend, face her and know some of the reasons.


How To Beat Your Girlfriend In An Argument

Arguing with the girlfriend does not mean your relationship will end. Arguing with a girlfriend can actually strengthen your relationship. Let's check this out.

1. Understanding Of Her

This is your golden opportunity. Both of your arguments can help you to understand what she thinks. In here, you can also see another point of view about what she really wants. This one can also be the best Ways to Deal with an Indecisive Partner.

2. Always Open Minded

Every problem that you face with your girlfriend is always openly discussed, even if it is with an argument. This is better than keep it, right?

3. Quickly Find A Solution

quickly find a solution

Arguing with a girlfriend can be a positive thing, though it's full of emotion. However, with this, you will realize that you learn to compromise in order to get a solution.

4. No Worse Suspect

Blowing out emotions by arguing clearly shows that you and she is no need to suspicious. In here, you do not need to hold a feeling. Talk it all openly.

5. The Original Character

An argument with the girlfriend will show each of your original characters. When she is wrapped in emotion you will understand what she wants. Well, if her original character is out, can you face it? You will know the Differences Between Dating A Girl or A Woman.

Your Girlfriend, Is She Selfish?

An assumption says that someone who likes to argue indicates she or he is a selfish person.Identify this following signs, and confirm the truth.

1. Not Willing To Give Up

This sign is the most striking sign. A selfish person does not want to lose under any circumstances. She does not care whether it's right or wrong, she'll never to give up.

2. Everything Should Go According To Her Plan

She always has a plan and her plan should go according to her plan, whether it works or not. You must obey her whether you like it or not. It also signifies that she is a selfish person.

3. Always See Your Weakness

Does she always see all your weakness and mistakes? 100% she is a selfish person. She is easy to find all your weakness, but her own weakness she can not see it.

4. Angry While You Hiding Something

Is she easily angry? Just because you keep a secret or you hiding something. She even blames you for that. Once again, she is indeed truly a selfish person.

5. She Felt The Most Right

Everything you do is wrong. But everything she did was right. This is very wrong, freely your relationship with her if you do not want to feel like in hell.

6. Do Not Want To Believe You

Being a perfect person, that's what she is selfish. A selfish person will always beware, and she can not trust anyone including his own partner.

7. Always Want To Win In Arguing

The last sign, if your girlfriend is selfish. She must always want to win in every argument. Whether she is wrong or not, she does not care. She just thinks to win, win and win. She can always make his own boyfriend give up.

8. Never Wanted To Apologize

never wanted to apologize

A selfish person will never admit her mistake. She always refuses to apologize and instead gets you back to say "sorry" first.

Some Zodiac Signs Are Like To Argue

This zodiac signs, is it possible that she belongs to some of this following zodiacs? Some of the following zodiacs are reportedly linked to argue with others. Look at this. See also how zodiac signs act in relationship.

1. Aries

This sheep zodiac has competitive and aggressive properties. It is no wonder she will always defend her argument even if she is wrong. This zodiac is very stubborn and she has high emotions.

2. Taurus

Like Aries, Taurus also has high persistence and stubbornness. She always attacks the other person when she in argues, even though he is her own boyfriend.

3. Cancer

This crab zodiac is easily controlled by emotions. When arguing with her, she feels that her beliefs are true. She is very determined to keep it as strong as possible.

4. Scorpio

Argumenting with Scorpio will feel like being interrogated by the investigator. Scorpio will not stop arguing until she gets the truth from you. In arguing she will show a loud expression of face and tone. Sometimes she also uses sarcasm in how to communicate.

5. Capricorn

This last zodiac felt herself is most right and she always wanted to win in every argument. Do not expect her to give in easily.

Tips To Win Your Girlfriend In An Argument

As human beings, we all have different principles. To suspend our arguments, we must have tips on how to beat her in an argument. If your argument is right, Why should we give up?

1. Keep Calm

First thing, you must do not panic and stay calm. If your emotion is up, your argument will be attacked by her. This will enlarge your problem and it will not result in a solution. How to beat your girlfriend in an argument is easy, just calm and hug her.

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2. Use Your Logic

In arguing, use your logic. In here you must show her when there is something happened because of a cause and the cause it will produce a result.

3. Know The Facts First

Learn the facts to win an argument with her. If you have accurate facts, she will not be able to knock you down. With the fact, this argument will stop by itself.

4. Serious In Listening To Her

serious in listening to her

How to beat your girlfriend in an argument? Look at her eyes and concentrate on what she says. In here, you will get the information that you need. Avoid looking for her faults. Just listen to what she complained, who knows you can give the solution for her.

5. Be Careful Of The Word That You Say

Be careful with words that you are not sure of the truth. It is better to prepare yourself for the technical questions that she throws at you. To win an argument, you can ask her back like "For example how?" or "What is the process?"

6. Stay Focus

Stay focused on your arguments, lest she diverts your arguments. If she diverts you to another matter, then she does not have a strong argument. Definitely, you are the winner.

7. Be Honest

The last thing that matters most in is that you have to be honest. How much trouble you face with her. Do not act foolishly if your relationship is broken because of a trivial argument.

The key to beating girlfriend's argument is emotion and logical thinking. Defeat your emotions first and think according to the facts that you know. So, now you are ready to beat her?

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