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22 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend is Mad at You Without Reasons

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Being mad is a normal thing for a person to feel. Even your loved ones, especially your girlfriend, can get angry from time to time. There’s nothing wrong with it as long as the cause is reasonable. But is her anger puzzling you? Then there could be something serious that she’s keeping to herself. Bottling up emotions can make your girlfriend overwhelmed with her anger. You will be the one that has to deal with it.


Reasons Why Your Girlfriend is Mad at You Without Reasons 

You need to dig deep into the roots of her anger and here are some reasons that could help you out:

1. Looking for Attention

The first reason why your girlfriend is mad at you is that she wants your attention. This may sound weird but if there doesn’t seem to be any cause for her anger then she just wants you to pay more attention to her. Deep down, she may feel that you’re not giving enough and she doesn’t really know how to express it to you. By getting mad, you’ll be more attentive since you’ll try to calm her down.

2. Jealous

Jealousy will also cause your girlfriend to become angry. She might be trying really hard to hide it. But keeping it all inside is a big mistake. Instead of making it go away, she’ll only make it worse. All those pent-up jealousy will only make her mad. A small matter could cause that jealousy, such as seeing you chatting with your friend on the phone. Also read the Signs of a Fake Girlfriend in case she displays them.

3. Holding Back on What She Wants

Women often suppress their wants and desire. They hold back on letting you know what’s really in their hearts. She gets mad when it becomes too much. She’ll also be irritated if she sees you doing nothing about it. Try to ask why she’s angry and what she wants. Find out what she needs and make her comfortable enough to tell you.

4. Fatigue

Being tired can put your girlfriend into a really bad mood. What she needs is some time to rest. Don’t annoy her too much. Give her some space to recover and gain her energy back. You may bring her some of her favourite foods and drinks so she’ll feel better.

5. Lack of Attention

This particular reason is related to the first one. A lack of attention to your girlfriend can really wind her up. Understand that what she really wants is you to give more love to her. You can start sending a good morning texts to her so she knows how much you pay attention to her. Listen to her when she tells you something and also don’t take too long to reply to her texts or calls. You can text her these Things to Say to Your Girlfriend when She is Mad at You.

6. Not Feeling Appreciated

This next reason why your girlfriend is mad at you might go unnoticed. Every girl wants to be appreciated and valued by her boyfriend. But you might either be too busy or too oblivious to the fact that she wants you to be more appreciative.

Praise her for her talents and achievements. Even if she makes mistakes or faces failure, be there for you. Don’t make her feel as if she doesn’t matter. Make her feel special when she succeeds and even when she’s not.

7. Disappointed

Nobody is perfect, every person in this world has made a mistake or two. It’s the same thing with relationships. Sometimes your girlfriend might be disappointed over something that you did. That disappointment will turn into anger.

Avoid making her upset through your mistakes. Even if you already did, apologise immediately. Acknowledge that the fault was yours and promise to not repeat it again. Watch out for the Signs that Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Love You though.

8. Bad Mood

Being in a bad mood can really mess your girlfriend’s behaviour. Most of the time, making jokes in this situation is not something that would be appreciated. A lot of girls will become even more upset if you do that. Your girlfriend might find it annoying. Try to find out what’s causing her to be mad then do some activities that can cheer her up. 

9. Getting Offended

Getting offended is often caused by the things we say. That’s why we are always advised to be careful with our words. As a boyfriend, you need to choose the things you say to your girlfriend carefully. After all, she is the person that you love and you don’t want to hurt her. Being offended can really make her be in so much pain.

10. Being Egoistical

Sometimes ego can make your girlfriend to become selfish or self-centered. You can leave her alone until she calms down. A better way to deal with this is to let her have her way. If you really love her then let her win. Push aside your own ego so that she won’t get angrier. These Ways to Tell a Woman You Love Her might calm her ego a bit.

11. A Personal Problem

Your girlfriend might be dealing with some unfinished personal matter that bothers her. This problem can make her to be upset with you, even if you’re not the one that’s causing it. If your girlfriend is not willing to share it with you yet then let it be. Once she feels calm enough, she’ll come around and talk to you about it.

12. PMS

PMSing is also one of the reasons why your girlfriend is mad at you. Her hormones are raging inside her body. They’re causing physical changes and extreme mood swings. When the period finally comes, your girlfriend might even still be very moody. During this period, your girlfriend is feeling uncomfortable so try to follow her wishes or needs. Being understanding will make her happy enough.

You should also read the Reasons Why You Should Marry the Complicated Girl as your girlfriend might be the one. 

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy Again

These are some of the best ways to make your girlfriend happy again.

  1. Hug her.
  2. Take her out on a special date.
  3. Send her a special gift with a cute card.
  4. Leave her alone for a while.
  5. Apologise even if you don’t feel you’re doing anything wrong.
  6. Compromise.
  7. Watch funny movies together.
  8. Be there when she cries.
  9. Do everything she wants you to do.
  10. Don’t joke around too much.

As long as you love your girlfriend then you are also willing to be with her when she’s unpleasant. It’s one of those tests in a relationship that will reveal how much you really love her. That’s the reasons why your girlfriend is mad at you but you know how to make here feel okay again. When everything is back to normal, she will highly appreciate your patience for her.

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