Quick Ways To Make A Girl Like You Through Text

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There are certainly many ways to make a girl like you, but sometimes constant real life interactions are just not possible. What if the girl you are into lives halfway across the country? What if she’s someone you met once someplace abroad? That is why it’s important to know about the ways to make a girl like you through text first before looking for the Signs Girl Loves You.


Here Are The Top Ways To Make A Girl Like You Through Text

Herw you go the smart ways to make a girl like you through text:

1. Keep The Interaction Positive

Remember, she’s not your venting buddy and she definitely will not be happy to hear you moan about your awful day at work. Instead, keep the content of your texts positive. Make the habit of smiling whenever you text her, as this may help write positive messages for her.

2. Write Her Funny Texts

write her funny texts

There is nothing like receiving a text message which makes you laugh after a long day at work. Or after an exhausting day where you had to deal with so much nonsense and ridiculous matters. You can bet that a girl would also feel the same, and your funny texts just might make her like you more.

3. The Mandatory Good Morning And Good Night

You don’t have to text her greetings every morning and night, but be generous and send them a couple of times a week. It’s nice for her to be reminded that someone out there cares about her, even though he might not be physically present nearby.

4. Don’t Be Scared To Use Emoticons

No, don’t abuse the emoticons, but you can use them sparingly. It is definitely okay to accompany your texts with emoticons, especially smiley ones, as the effects are often similar to that of a real life smile.

5. Send Pictures, But Be Selective

When you’re telling her about an interesting thing that happened to you today, snap her a quick picture. Or if you encounter something which reminds you of her, send her a photo! But don’t send pictures too often, especially those which stimulate a sense of personal connection, if you’ve only just known her. She might feel intimidated.

6. Play Around With Your Words

Don’t ask her how her day was, but “What kind of troubles have you made today?”. This will introduce playfulness into your virtual conversation and make her fond of you.

7. Don’t Reply Too Fast

It will cause you to appear desperate and boring. Take your time in replying her texts and making her wait a few hours won’t hurt. If she texts back immediately, then it's a sure Signs of a Girl Flirting and also the Signs a Woman is Interested in Me.

8. Don’t Leave Her Waiting For Too Long

don't leave her waiting for too long

If it takes you a few days to reply to each of her text, she will most certainly feel exhausted and irritated. Be careful not to overvalue her intrigue! Instead, change up your replying time. It’s okay to instantly text back some times while allowing a few hours the next time.

9. Text Her At Night

If you can text her just before she goes to bed, that will be a great win for you. At night time when she’s winding down from her busy day is the best time to text her. She will be more likely to open up and interact more with you.

10. Text Her Every Time You Think About Her

Of course, don’t take this literally, especially if you think about her all the time. That would be vexing for her. But let it be known that you care for her and that she’s often in your mind. She will feel appreciated and might even like you back.

11. Be Candid

Even when you have only gotten to know her for some time, it is always a great idea to open up and be honest in your texts. She will know that you’re a trustworthy person whom she has no need to be wary of. Only then can she like you.

12. Pay Attention To What Kind Of Girl She Is

You have to make some effort on this aspect. Find out what kind of girl she is to be intriguing in your texts. Is she a student, office worker, a traveler or a film buff? Knowing that really does make a difference, because you will know better what things she is most interested in.

13. Show That You Care

First of all, you can do this by asking about her in a regular interval (say, around once every two days) and checking to see how she’s doing. You have to let it show that you care about her, so that she is able to return your feelings; maybe even liking you.

14. Be True To Yourself

Finally, the only real way you can make a girl like you through text is to just be yourself. Don’t ty to act like somebody else, because the façade will disappear when you actually have a face to face conversation with her. Then, you should also be aware of the Ways to Know If Girl Likes You.

More Tips To Get That Girl Over Cute Text

more tips to get that girl over cute text

Here you go about the cute ways to make a girl like you through text:

  1. Start Off Simple and Casual
  2. Send Jokes
  3. Send Sweet Emoji but Be Classy
  4. Don’t Spam Text Her When She’s Busy
  5. Know When to End the Conversation
  6. Make Her Anticipate Your Texts –By Not Texting Too Often!
  7. Don’t Flirt All the Time
  8. But Be A Little Naughty Sometimes
  9. Don’t Sit Around Waiting For Replies
  10. Know the Signs if She Returns Your Feelings

All in all, it really is not that hard to make a girl like you without having to meet her in person, but merely through texting. All you need to do is know and learn all the right strategies and have self-control so that you do not text her too honestly or recklessly. Once you follow these fail-proof ways, you can easily get any girl swooning any time you like. However, it does not hurt for you to know the Signs That She’s Not Into You.

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