30 Romantic Ways To Make A Country Boy Fall In Love With You

Last updated on April 29, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Just because we are all internet generation now, never ever underestimate country boys. Even they are not wearing a shirt and tie and go to work in high rise building, doesn't mean it's not worth to fight for his love. Try to know them more and you will soon fall for his charm. More than city boys, they make a perfect boyfriend and future husband.

They may be are not as rich as country men and don't ride a Mercy, but you can rely your life on him. Once you enjoy the tractor ride with them, you'll be falling in love head over boots. Yes, boots, because it's impossible to wear heels on the countryside. So if you already fall for him, what are the ways to make a country boy fall in love with you? Check out the most interesting ways you could ever possibly find below:


1. Sing Him A Country Song

Search for all Taylor Swift's old country songs. Pretend yourself as the princess and he's the prince charming. Those fairy tale alike lyrics could become the romantic Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush.

2. Plan For A Horse Riding Lesson

One thing you could never have in downtown area: a horse riding.There are no country boy who can't ride horse. Well, a horse riding date will never go wrong though.

3. Be Yourself

A country boy live a simple life and he is always honest. He won't ask your more neither take you for granted. In fact, he will be appreciate it if you show your true self to him. He'll fall for the real you with the Signs When Guys Fall in Love.

4. Be Nice And Playful

Not only a country boy, every boy in the world would love to be with a nice and playful girl. Imagine you and him playing jokes by the sunset after a long day of horse ride. Where else could you find the nice picture?

5. Be The One He Wants To Spend Life With

be the one he wants to spend life with

Have you ever heard an old country song, Randy Travis' " Forever and Ever, Amen"? That is literally what a country boy wants to have with his girl. You have to have the Wife Material Signs in preparation to spend forever with him.

6. Show Your Hard Work

Country boy likes an independent, hardworking girl who is willingly take off her heels. She's not afraid to be covered with dirt in mud, as it is a fun thing to him. He respects this kind of girl much, especially when she's "stubborn" in a cute way.

7. Be A Reliable Cowgirl

No girl matched perfectly with the cowboy other than the cowgirl herself! So what if you are not a cowgirl? Turn into one then. A tough and reliable cowgirl who can live perfectly on her own.

8. Dig Into His Soul

A country boy viewing this life simply, and he wants a simple love as well. He would like someone who can accept him all the way he is, discover his broken side yet choose to stay beside him. He wants a girl who love him for his weakness.

9. Enjoy Every Little Thing

Never ask for too much from a country boy. Try to enjoy every little thing that there is. A peaceful morning, sound of bird waking you up, the beautiful sunset, even the stream of the river. They have a healing power for your soul, and also good Ways to Make Him Go Crazy Over You again.

10. Be His Best Friend

If you gonna ask what a country boy would like to have from his girl, the answer is a lover who is like a best friend. Someone who will never let him down and will always be on his side no matter what. Try to listen Tim McGraw's "My Best Friend".

More Definite Ways To Make A Country Boy Love You Like A Song

more definite ways to make a country boy love you like a song
  1. Get close with his family because country folk is always family oriented.
  2. Loosen up yourself and throw some jokes.
  3. Let go of your appetite. Country boy likes to eat a lot and he likes a girl who eats a lot.
  4. Don't be afraid to get dirty and play with him in the ranch.
  5. Stay true to yourself, don't ever change for the sake of someone else.
  6. Give him his own space, even country boy doesn't like a girl who clings onto him all the time.
  7. Get along with his friends, countryside people are more sincere than city people.
  8. Respect his norms and values, never underestimate them just because you don't hold the similar thing.
  9. Be open for any adventures. Swimming in the lake, hunting, or visiting the ranch house.
  10. Sing and dance to the country music, don't put too much barrier on yourself.

Why You Should Fall In Love With Country Boys - Drawbacks

  1. He knows how enjoy his life.
  2. He doesn't need a sport car, horse riding on the lawn is fine.
  3. He can make something small becomes fun.
  4. He view this life in a positive way.
  5. He is manly, look at those tough biceps!
  6. You are going to be treated like a princess.
  7. He doesn't need extra time to dress himself.
  8. He can get ready very quickly.
  9. Look at those hat and boots! Who won't fall for it?
  10. You can play around on his big yard.

So do you need more reason why should you date him? Surely those ways to make a country boy fall in love with you is enough to make you move now. Do that enjoyably with no pressure since love is something that should make us happy, not burdensome. Believe that a country boy would never cheat on on hurt you like you ex. Oops!

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