He Has Been Ignoring My Calls and Texts for About A Month but I Can't Stop Calling Him. I Need Closure. What Do I Do?

Last updated on June 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Sometimes we wonder why guys do this. They like you and very enthusiastic in the beginning. They want to know a lot about you, asking so many questions, compliments and being all over sweet and nice. You fell for him, sometimes when you didn't previously. You think you just found yourself a guy who's genuinely like you.

Then when you start liking him back, giving him attention, he suddenly pulls away. No more roses and sweet good morning texts, until one day, you stop hearing from him completely.

It's like the time you have been together doesn't matter to him. You called and texted but he won't pick up or reply. It causes bad feelings to be ignored for days, weeks, even months. If you're currently in this situation, here's what you can do:

  • Stop calling and contacting

    It's not worth your time and energy to keep contacting him. You have a life to attend to, and he's not your priority. Because certainly, you aren't his priority too (proved by the way he ignores you). Besides, not contacting will make him curious and perhaps, he'll reach you out because he hasn't heard from you. When he does reach out, end things immediately. Refuse if he asks you out again. You deserve a better guy than him.

  • Accept that closure from him is not worth it

    We don't always need closure, especially from a guy who treats you like you are some kind of disposable thing. Accept that there are things in life you will never understand. The acceptance itself is the answer. A closure you need.

  • Meet a new guy

    Life's too short to be spent worrying over one flakey guy. There are still a lot of good men out there waiting to be discovered. So pull back your confidence and go out there. Meet new people and make friends. Who knows that one of it can lead to something more serious?

  • Stop dating and do a soul searching

    Sometimes, it hurts you so much that he ignores you. Especially after you trusted him enough to open yourself. Especially after you have been dating him for a long time. It left a traumatic feeling you hard to shake even after a certain period of time. You no longer trust people. He left you a deep wound that's not easy to heal.

If this is the case, take some times to focus on yourself first. Do a lot of self-care activities and stop dating for a while. Talk with friends, family, or even a therapist. Let yourself heal first.

If you're wondering why he disappears and ignoring you. These are some possible reasons:

1. He's a player and has lost interest

He likes to chase, and he likes to chase a lot of women. He treats women like a prize. Once he gets it, he will leave to seek a greater prize. He does the same thing with you. He has succeeded to get you and now he lost interest. Read more about the sign of players here.

2. He has commitment issues

When you both get too close, he's afraid and not sure where this is going. But he's a coward. Instead of communicating things like an adult, he simply shuts you off.

For guys, here's a guide to date a girl who's afraid of commitment.

3. You're too available and become needy

It's possible that you scare him off by being too needy. You seek too much attention from him. The right guy usually is okay if you want attention from him, because he would love to take care of you. If he's not, clearly he isn't the one.

If he loves you, you can ask for attention from your boyfriend whenever and wherever.

4. He could be a narcissist.

A narcissist is a selfish person with psychological issues. He's no stranger to ignoring and disappearing after he got what he wanted. Ignore him. Here's what happens if you ignore a narcissist.

In the future, to make sure this doesn't happen again, make sure to recognize the red flags. Here are signs you can check right away at the beginning of the relationship.

  • He likes you too much and too soon. He only knows you for a week and two but he already stated that you are the love of his life, the most wonderful woman he ever met. Don't buy his words. It simply doesn't make sense.
  • Putting you in the pedestal. Gestures such as giving flowers, gifts, compliments very early in the relationship is often a sign that there's something wrong in the beginning.
  • Want to get you in bed soon. A clear red flag you should recognize right away. A true gentleman prefers to build a relationship first before things get physical. Never let your guard down on this matter. Always stick to your principles.

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