How to Tell Your Ex Partner That You're Pregnant

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So you broke up with your boyfriend. Post breakup is the hardest time, where you have to let go of all your feeling, acknowledging that not everything would go as you wish so you can move on. While withstanding for your sadness alone, you find a bittersweet surprise: you’re pregnant.

But, how to tell your ex partner that you’re pregnant with his baby? You surely have a mixed feeling about this one. You’re happy to find out you’re pregnant but you’re no longer with him. Okay, don’t freak out. Calm down yourself since there will be a way.

Rushing to call your ex partner won’t solve the problem just like how you expect: he might freak out as you did. So if you want to find the best solution about this, read the article below so you can get a glimpse of what is the best thing to solve this matter.

  1. Collect a Solid Evidence

The thing is, you broke up with him. Imagine how would he react if you come to him and say that you’re having his baby. There’s no way he will believe in you. You can’t blame him if he say that the baby could’ve not his. So before you met him in person, do a pregnancy test to an ob/gyn and a DNA test to solidify your proof. Also read How to Deal with Finding Out Your Girlfriend is Pregnant

If you’re not be able to take a DNA test, you may suggest this later. If you have a solid proof, he can’t deny it anymore. After the result comes out, the next thing you should do is…

  1. Calm Down Yourself

Knowing that you’re carrying your ex’s baby will stress you out because you have to find out how to tell your ex partner you’re pregnant. But being panic doesn’t help and it won’t solve anything. You can’t just go straight to him asking for a responsibility. You might overwhelmed at the moment but you have to calm down. Also read How to Tell Your Ex Boyfriend You're Pregnant with His Baby

The fact that you broke up with means he doesn’t love you anymore, or maybe you’re the one that don’t. It’s why you have to calm down so that you know what you’re going to do next.

  1. Think About What You Want

This is the most important of everything: you must know what you want. As you probably not in love with him anymore, getting back together again will not be included. If you’re not going to reconcile, so what’s next? And what about the baby? Those things needs to be sorted first.

After you are sure of what you want, you may go tell him. And you have to tell him no matter what, since it’s his baby.

  1. Consider His Situation

Panicking and freaking out are the common mistakes a girl do once she found out she’s pregnant, but she’s not with her boyfriend anymore. Without thinking much, you are rushing to tell him without consider his situation. What’d you expect from him? Also read How Do You Know if Your Ex Boyfriend Still Cares about You

He might have moved on with his life and if you show up in the wrong time, he’ll think of you as a nuisance instead of warm welcome. This is not something that you can talk over the phone or text, so meeting him in person is best.

  1. Starting to Reach Him

Most people usually cut off connection with their exes after the breakup. It’s an essential step to take so that moving on would be easier. But if you get pregnant, you have no choice but to reach out to him first. Even if you have a hard time, you must pick up your gut and tell him. Also read Reasons Not to Text Your Ex Right After a Breakup

If you no longer save his number, there are always ways to contact him. You can ask around to his friends or in case he blocks your number, you can ask them connect you with him.

  1. Ask for a Meeting

You don’t have to hesitate to ask for a meeting. You’re trying to find out how to tell your ex partner that you’re pregnant with his baby, not trying to hit on him. Go straight and tell him that you have something important to tell and you want to meet him.

This could not be easy, since he may think that you’re just making up reasons to see him. But you don’t have to tell him via text or call that you’re pregnant. He might disbelief it and you ended up being ghosted.

  1. Deal with the Problem Maturely

So the day has come and you’re going to meet him. Remind yourself not to lose control during the talk. Come with prepared speech beforehand, don’t let yourself looks fragile and miserable. Talk like a mature woman so that you have a strong position while discussing the best solution. Also read Reasons Why You Should Not Live Together Before Marriage

  1. Get Ready to Accept Whatever the Result

You may have planned everything and expect certain result from talking to your ex partner about your pregnancy. But things doesn’t always go as you expected it to be. you have prepare for the worst: the talk doesn’t go well, he doesn’t acknowledge the fact that you’re pregnant, or he simply doesn’t care. It can always happen.

Speaking about how to tell your ex partner that you’re pregnant with his baby, you may end up with your own method. Everyone has different situations and handle their problem in a way that they think is the best. Whatever you choose, the most important thing is you make decision with a cool head.

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